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Reader Post | By timjoebob

Yeah! Right! This little swaray of taking down the most evil empire in the annuls of history in the entire universe is no small task. Yeah, we get it. But, some of us know how this is going to play out now that we know for a fact that the Hats are going to play this by the book. The play book has been exposed. They are using the Dept of Justice play book. More accurately, the Dept of Injustice. They’re using a broken system to fix a broken system. They’re using the slowest system ever devised by mankind to try and stop the fastest growing cancer of evil, vile, insidious, dastardly group of entities ever to exist in the universe. Yeah, this going to be epic alright.

This is why this will go right down to the wire…all the way to 2030. Make no mistake. The wheels of injustice grind exeedingly slow…agonizingly slow…exceedingly slow. That’s the same injustice system that got us where we are today. The same system has been in play for hundreds of years…the same corrupt system. The same system is going to kill billions of people…by the book. This is being done by the book…a book written by and for the system…not for the people. The whole system is Maritime Law…a corrupt system from day one. This is supposed to be by the book? You’ve got to be joking. This is the Hats strategy? And I thought ‘I’ was crazy and deranged. Wow! Compared to these delusional entities, I’m a freaking genius.

Since the Constitution is supposed to be the Law of the Land, I find it fascinating that intelligent people are so far off the mark that it boggles the mind. The DoJ has proven to be corrupt to the core. Period. The Supreme Court is corrupt. Politicians are corrupt. Lawyers, attorneys and law enforcement are corrupt. The entire system is corrupt to the core and we’re supposed to trust that justice will be served? Are you serious? Really?

The patriot military is the only way to fix this. There is no other way. The military good guys who love this country have to do it. The DoJ should be dismantled and rebuilt to serve the Constitution and the people…not a maritime nightmare from hell. Get rid of the BAR. Get rid of the Queen. Get rid of so-called royalty, the biggest scam next to organized religion. God did not create religion, man did, and it has been used against the people of the world to create division. This is a known fact. Get over it. If you can survive that lie, you can survive the rest.

If the 2020 election isn’t set straight then we might as well just party hardy until we’re dead. “We got this” is just empty words built on lies built on hopium built on bs.

Fix the 2020 election. Force MSM to report truthful content or be destroyed. Period. No exceptions.

A tangled, mangled, knarly cesspool of crap is what we’re dealing with here.


I’m a skeptic who wants to be a beacon of light but find myself drowning in the cesspool of planet Psycho. Everyone who writes articles that attempt to make people feel better is just that…an attempt. Nothing is going to change unless we the people make a change, and that change starts within. The outside world is going to continue to be insane. All we can do is take care of our little space we call home. The big boys are going to do big boy things that are outside of our control and pay grade.

As long as The Branch Covidian Death Cult is alive and well, there will never be peace…ever.

That’s a fact. And as long as the alphabet agencies exist, it will be business as usual.

That is a fact.

By the book is a pathetic course of action when the entire system is corrupt to the core.





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