(Reader: “Doc” P) Have the Masses Forgotten 6 June 1944?



Reader Post | By “Doc” P

I was driving today to Litchfield, IL, on the Lords Mission to build a new Church in Gillespie, IL. Listening to the radio, I had hoped that some Mention of D-Day in remembrance would be made. Not one! The story today was how LeBron James has made a great legacy by becoming a Billionaire today.  Greed has taken the headlines above sacrifice.  It is not a legacy to become a billionaire it is the profound greed and self centered actions that allow such a feat for the man has clearly not understood Gods work.  But such attitude is praised and endorsed because of a gift and talent given by the Lord but not used to the Glory of God.  This is the scene of todays societal decay and failure to abide by simple rules of humanity and the reason we are where we are in todays world.  Quit changing and misinterpreting the word of god to fit the perverted lifestyles that are not endorsed by his teachings but change your lives to fit the truth.

Today many sons, fathers, and brothers stormed the beaches of Normandy in France.  The year was 1944 and much of Europe had fallen under a dark shadow casted by the Nazis.  These soldiers stormed the beaches knowing they would face certain injury or death and were filled with fear.  That is what courage is defined as, doing what is right, while scared and knowing the certain outcome and doing it anyways. 

Thousands were killed doing what needed to be done, I can only hope that their great sacrifice on the altar of freedom was not in vain, that their sacrifice only delayed the inevitable.  I pray that true Patriots understand their gift and ultimate sacrifices for the Liberty to forget their deeds and actions.  Not only for those that gave their lives in preservation of this great nation but for those that continued to suffer a life long from the memories of this day.  Those that silently suffered till their time to go to fiddlers green.

This Nation under God is indivisible, as long as good people stand up and call out those that do unholy and ungodly acts to their fellow man.  The lord has had a plan for us all since the beginning of time, and although I may be as many impatient to see it come to fruition, he reminds me daily that his plan will proceed at his time.

So continue to hate your neighbor, continue to commit pedophilia and trafficking, continue to believe your government three letter agencies as they commit genocide on the people of the world, and continue to be silent about it all. You can expect that this suffering we are experiencing will only worsen. 

If though you can find a way to have patience and turn to God in prayer, have unconditional love for the unloved, unconditional obedience to obey his word without making it fit your sins, have unconditional faith that he is the light and the way, and dedicate your life towards the betterment of fellow man with unconditional joy to the glory of God, we may actually have a chance at redemption as a species.

LeBron James reminds me of the man that saved so much gold to take with him to heaven, only to be ridiculed for dragging road patch to the golden city.  Service to others is the true fortune for any person, and the selfless deeds done are those that leave a legacy, not the fact of becoming a billionaire while ignoring those of misfortune. Maybe LeBron should remember, your greed and fortune will not be judged positively when you stand before God, not how many baskets you made, or how many deals you signed.  It will be the souls you saved, the services given to those less fortunate, and the lives saved through love that will be judged upon.




This is for every person that has forgotten what humanity and compassion mean. 

God bless you all, and God bless those that fought on D-Day in Normandy, France 1944.  May their souls find peace with the love of god and the bonds of brotherhood.

“Doc” P


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