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Follow-up of what I said, White Hats are allowing evil to flourish, questions not answered, preserve liberties, and broken truth community

I want to thank those such as timjoebob for his nice response to me is most appreciated.  Thank you KS and timjoebob for your rants, among many others who had it with the BS psychological operations.  If more of us truly stood together by simply mass noncompliance against tyranny in your own area and hold your local tyrants accountable for crimes against humanity we wouldn’t be in the insanity draconian mess that we are in. The fact remains WE ARE BEING DESTROYED on all fronts. But of course, those who claim it’s all part of the plan, the awakening, God’s timing, and other BS lies are invoking more control and dominion for themselves.  This battle is not just good vs evil, but we the people vs the globalists.  While the same crowd within the so-called truth community pushing the hopium and the same script as usual, and having the same guests that fall in line with the same values as they do. Why don’t they invite those are in the in-between that have serious valid questions that need to be answered?  If you invite me on, I have plenty of things to say, but you won’t because I’m not in the “in-crowd” per se.  But I do appreciate others such as Mel K, who does have other variety of guests on, admits she too is tired of the B- rated movie, and is true to principle.  Not all of us are going to agree on everything, but if we can’t act like real adults and be civil and rational, then these evil doers and their minions, and other controlled operations have won.  Why those who continue to play God fails miserably.

You may want to read the following points by James Corbett: 15 Things I’ve Learned in 15 Years

1. People don’t fundamentally change when they “wake up”

2. Almost no one is actually anti-war nor actually pro-freedom

3. People want to be ruled

4. Everyone’s your best friend . . . until you say something they disagree with


5. Most people think this is a spectator sport

6. People do not rationally arrive at conclusions, they “feel” something to be true and then rationalize why their feeling is correct

7. The more you learn, the less you know

8. You should be more confident with what you do know

9. A certain section of the public is truly incapable of understanding satire or identifying sarcasm

10. The most important research is dumbed down when it becomes widespread

11. People get their “news” from headlines


12. People absolutely judge books (videos) by their cover (title and thumbnail)

13. You can’t wake someone up who’s pretending to be asleep (see How Do I Wake Up My Friends and Family? – Questions For Corbett #065)

14. Everyone thinks they are EXPERTS at breaking down video “evidence”…but they’re all wrong  (Case in point: Upon Meeting A Friend for the First Time)

15. The Library of Alexandria is on Fire

Constitutional Convention didn’t happen yet

With regards to the May 17th Constitutional Convention of States that supposedly happened, first it was 38 states, to 39, to now 34 states?  If anyone did a quick search on Qwant dot com “Constitutional Convention of 34 US States” you will find 34 states seek to have a Constitutional Convention.  Sure there may have been military flags coming out of the vehicles as the video shown by Nancy Drew, but one can’t assume this and that took place not without solid proof? Otherwise, it’s hopium and hearsay. According to  the Convention of States hasn’t taken place yet.  As they tried to have a press conference on May 6th that didn’t happen as no media, no representatives, no nothing, as you can find out on their website and look under their newsletter.  While the “Convention of States Action” needs 31 or more states to hold a convention, they only have 20 states with Ohio being the twentieth.  Please get your facts verified with more proof and evidence, would you otherwise you are discrediting yourselves? This is just one example of many of why you must take the time to question everything.

Anyone who has seen at least one or more of the “Fall of the Cabal” series on Bitchute, is worth viewing as there is a ton of verifiable information. Worth forwarding to those open to seeking the truth.  I found a website called is about a Father who lost his down syndrome daughter to the murder mill protocols in Appleton, Wisconsin. Grace wasn’t put on the ventilator; she was placed on many drugs that ended up killing her as that hospital had the murderous intent to kill her due to down syndrome and label that Covid-19.

What are you White Hats doing to prevent Mastercard from their “Smile and Pay” facial recognition and digital ID that falls in line with the great reset and the mark of the beast system of more authoritarian control?

With regards to what I wrote last week….

As I questioned what’s really going on, please show more proof that the real good reset is happening, as we are seeing the bad, no more BS B- rated movie and other psychological operations. How does anyone know that’s accurate? Be careful of what’s being presented. Evil flourishes when good men and women refuse to hold evil doers accountable for crimes against humanity. Allowing the evil doers to further destroy and other BS of the % of the awakening process, I brought up you will always have those who are awake, in the middle, stupid/ignorant, or evil. What’s with those who claim the bank representatives and tellers know how to operative the QFS and had the training? Doesn’t that take many weeks? Inquiring minds want to know?


Preparedness only lasts temporary

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for everything. Am sick and tired of those who assume everyone can have a garden like they do and have this and that without weather warfare nor gestapo interference. In reality, not everyone can, no matter how much or how little one prepares lasts temporary. Why I’m saying this again as it’s very clear in the Bible of beware storing treasures on Earth that can be stolen, rotten, or destroyed.  Why it’s important to store treasures in heaven. Just so you know not everyone can do everything.  Why I ask about the 100 years of stored food in the DUMBS, if that is the case, proof?  Where is it now because people are starving worldwide?  If the White Hats had the 100 years of storable food from the DUMBS, while at the same time destroying them, where’s the food stored that the evil doers can’t get their hands on?  And how did the white hats and other groups get the food out while at the same time destroy the DUMBS?

That’s why I’m asking again what’s really being done to destroy these weather warfare operations by these evil doers? For those who aren’t aware of what weather weapons are please check out Carol from “Neverlosetruth kafka 3” on Youtube and “Neverlosetruth” Odysee.  Carol has helped so many wake up to the reality we are in, gives it to us straight, and truly does show and tell of both the good and the evil, and the importance on working on yourself.  You may want to check out the video that Carol did with regards to those trying to rebuild from the fires and floods, as the state are demanding their big $$ back with strings attached or face homelessness, yet no relief for these people as why you can’t trust the government nor any group that say one thing and do another.  For those who claim as of last year with the mass weather warfare operations that caused the mass drought, the DEW fires, mass floods, etc. Weren’t we told last year “These are the last cards of the deep state”, really? Then, why are you good guys are allowing these evil psychopaths to continue their operations, while you record, sit on the side-lines, and assume with the certain % goal-post of people must wake up before you do anything?  More of the food supply are being destroyed from train derailment to the food processing plants, but that’s okay we’ve got 100 years of food stored in the DUMBS that we are destroying, right?  Nice job with your psychological operations and lowering the vibrations, playing God always ends badly.

FF events and what Gun confiscation leads to?

KS’s rant of the “So Called White Hats vs. Uvalde Police” was spot on. With the latest False Flag event Uvalde, Texas was allowed to happen by the evil doers for their gun/people control.  As this is the same playbook from Sandy Hook and Parkland.  That’s on top of the Buffalo Top Supermarket shooting that took out the ex-cop, who was an inventor of the Hydrogen water powered car.  After Ulvade FF event was another in Tulsa, Oklahoma of another mkultra graduate who shot the neurosurgeon and blamed him for his back pain and anyone who stood in his way, as he murdered three others of another doctor, a receptionist, and patient, before killing himself.  All of these events are part of the Fascist/Marxist playbook of shortages, removal of liberties and free speech, followed by gun confiscation, where did we see that before, hmmm?  As cowardly order follower thugs in costume who serve corporations, the tyrannical government allowed a mkultra graduate psychopath to murder twenty-one people within the hour.  Nothing on the autopsies, no blood, and so many holes with this story. How could Ramos, the shooter was able to afford over $5000 in weapons, the ammo, tactical gear, and $70,000 car on a supposed high-speed chase into a ditch by the school?  How did the officers know the shooter shot his grandmother, followed by high-speed chase, and why didn’t they follow him into the school? But of course, of the conformist/order follower mentality the officers obeyed tyrannical orders to stand down and not respond to a real threat.  While their corrupt Police Chief who donated $$ to Beto O’Dorke’s campaign, falls in line with removing AR-15’s and other guns that tramples the 2nd amendment.  Apparently, two months ago in the same town at the high school there was an active shooter drill. One of the teachers who died in the shooting, her husband was the trainer in that drill two months prior.  Shame on those officers who handcuffed the parents, as they body slammed, pepper sprayed, and tasered them instead of the shooter.  For those who claim these are the last Deep State cards as we’ve been hearing for years?  There’s no excuse for continued suffering, death, and destruction, as ignorance is beyond no defense.

Look up this on Breitbart dot com: “Woman with Pistol Stops Man Firing at Graduation Party Crowd with AR-15.”  You won’t see this on fakestream media!  On the New York Post had two articles, one on Ms. Gomez who was handcuffed for attempting to rescue her children, convinced an Uvalde police officer to uncuff her, while others were distracted, she jumped the fenced and rescued her children.  The other being a border patrol officer who rushed into Uvalde school with barber’s shotgun to save daughter and wife.  Makes you wonder why didn’t this officer bring his own gun?  This officer convinced a group of other officers to go in that school and rescue as many kids as they could, while the other cowardly officers stood and did nothing as they followed tyrannical orders.  How many inconsistencies are we supposed to accept?

Why guns saves lives and why the 2nd Amendment Shall not be infringed!!  Don’t allow these evil psychopaths to continue not only the shortages, infringement of our liberties, including gun confiscation. Because this has happened before as the same communist/marxist playbook for control and depopulation agenda sells big. The police are not required to protect citizens. We are!!!  Another shoutout to Brian Young of HighImpactFlix/Here’s the Deal/GreaseMonkey videos, who does excellent work on many areas, no BS and true to principle, he was in Houston, Texas for the NRA convention.  Just so you know the NRA isn’t for the 2nd amendment as they are for extreme background checks and are bought by the gun lobby.  You will always have ignorant and stupid people who are against the guns, don’t trust the government, but want them to take the guns away via gun confiscation.  As these ignorant masses believe by taking the guns away via gun control will solve the problem of gun violence.  The more laws the less freedoms.  The right to keep to bear arms against tyrannical government and other evil doers within our communities shall not be infringed. As the only way to stop these evil ones are good guy or gal with guns stop evil doers with guns.  An armed society is a polite society.

With gun confiscation, you have people willingly gave up their liberties in the days of Hitler and Stalin, that led to total enslavement and genocide.  Why history and philosophies rhyme, as the ignorant masses don’t have any concept of “what this leads to” as they have no common sense with discernment.  Amazing how both fake Justin Castro/Trudeau and fake Biden are calling for banning handguns?  If anyone has taken the time to at least review one presentation from Yuri Bezemov of “Ideological Subversion” of the four steps of (demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and normalization) to transform America into full Fascism that it takes decades of conditioning and control. There will be ignorant/stupid people who may listen to what you may have to say in order get them to wake them up, but then not perceive anything you just said and revert back to their programming. Because they won’t take the time to question nor research everything. This has been going on since the beginning of time. You can’t wake up everyone, accept that, and the only one you can change are yourself.

Please take the time to read these two articles.  The Mass Shooting and Liberal Utopian Society by Andrew Isker

Men Without Chests: The Cult of Safety Demands the Blood of Children


Broken Truth community

You want to know why most of us can’t agree on everything because we all have different opinions, but if we can’t agree on removing these evil doers and their minions from society. Including not revert to the same draconian measures as before.  The masses will still seek someone to rule over them no matter if they are awake or not.  People will sell out for greed and material everything, and for the love of $$, destroy one another, while animals to the fish and insects are being destroyed thanks to compliance to tyrants commandments and doctrines of poisoning our world.  Why are you white hats allowing this insanity to continue until there is nothing left to rebuild and everything and everyone is destroyed?  Most of us are done with your psychological operations of “what would’ve been” by the evil doers are so BS, okay?

Supposedly you want people to rise their vibrations to 5th Dimension, isn’t that New Age thinking?  Some say that 5D is all part of awakening that leads to ascension, but most won’t understand what that means and throughout our lives we are still working on ourselves and no one is perfect by any means.  Part of the New Age groups claim to connect with yourself as they get into these chakras and connecting with the kundalini spirit that leads to demonic possession.  Look up Bridget Nelson on youtube as you will see that she demonically possessed when you look at her eyes, who claims to have ten alien children in some other dimension, and she admits that she making big $$ off the New Age and leading people towards it as some cult following. I tried commenting in response to her comment in the description section by preaching the word of God, divination and witchcraft are forbidden, why New Age leads to demonic possession as this goes against our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Provided scripture references as she must question and test the spirits as whether they are with God or the Devil? She ended up deleting my comments. Why I’m bringing this up because you need to beware these people do exist and are in the so-called Truth community. These same people who say one thing and do another. The same goes with those who do Tarot card reading also practice divination as some channels that do this via livestreams will only take questions that people donate $$ to them via superchat. Not everything that comes from the tarot card reading from your own energy does come true either?  For the love of $$ is the root of all evil. One cannot serve both God and the Devil.

It’s no wonder why we can’t all agree on how to permanently destroy these evil doers and their minions.  This spiritual warfare of good vs evil, along with the battle of we the people vs the globalists.  Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit as we are made in the image of God, with an immune system.  God is within us, which is why while we have time on this plane of existence, we do what we can to improve things in a positive way, preserve our liberties, and hold evil doers accountable for crimes against humanity.  We are all are held accountable of what we do in this life.  That’s why anything that promotes control and depopulation are promoted to the nth degree.

Why do you allow this insanity to continue? What you are really doing to help those such as this elderly man from the revenue generation by the state? Gov’t to Steal Elderly Man’s House Over $573K They Fined Him for Working on Car in His Back Yard   With the increased cost of living, more are going bankrupt, going homeless, and being destroyed as a result of greed and other insanity thereof.  What you are White Hats doing about this, don’t you feel people have suffered enough?  Supposedly you’ve been at this for fifteen years and in reality, things are getting worse, not better.

It’s all about bloodlines and control. Trump is complicit with fueling the crisis that we are in as a Dictator.  Please read this by John Whitehead:  America, Meet Your New Dictator-in-Chief: The President’s Secret, Unchecked Powers   “All of the imperial powers amassed by Barack Obama and George W. Bush—to kill American citizens without due process, to detain suspects indefinitely, to strip Americans of their citizenship rights, to carry out mass surveillance on Americans without probable cause, to suspend laws during wartime, to disregard laws with which he might disagree, to conduct secret wars and convene secret courts, to sanction torture, to sidestep the legislatures and courts with executive orders and signing statements, to direct the military to operate beyond the reach of the law, to operate a shadow government, and to act as a dictator and a tyrant, above the law and beyond any real accountability—were inherited by Donald Trump and passed along to Joe Biden.”

Some positive updates: On Jason Shurka channel on youtube, you may want to check out the interview of Dr. Sandra Rose Michael on the MedBeds.  Apparently, at these centers are $50 per hour. This Dr. Michael wants to get this technology in everyone’s homes and they have a wide variety of other merchandise. You’ll find the $100 Medallion has 28% electricity in a study conducted as the other technology from blankets to hats, shirts, to tents, and others who claim this and this will protect you against 5G, in reality lasts temporarily. The only solution is to remove the 4-5G that are causing the EMF’s that continue to destroy the lives of humans and animals.  Speaking of which, you may want to check out Benjamin Fulford interview with Nino Rodriguez that is about 25 minutes that is packed full of information as Fulford is frustrated with the White Hats and again stated again what they should really be doing and going to in the US and this would’ve been over very quickly. Don’t trust Elon Musk though, he’s a trojan horse and con man, double or not.

WHO Plandemic treaty explained & did not pass

With regards to the World Homicide Organization plandemic treaty I did hear a few updates, one can look at Lifesitenews dot com and look up “World Health Organization temporarily withdraws controversial US amendments to proposed treaty”.  And also, the plandemic treaty does include the vaxx slavery passports. Even though the amendments by the US have been withdrawn temporarily, doesn’t mean anything.  These evil doers and their minions are desperate. It’s the masses who keep complying with the commandments and doctrines of tyrants are why this insanity continues.  Because we’ve all been conditioned at some point of all lives to go along with what the whirled/world says none of us are innocent nor perfect. It’s a question of why are you in our communities tolerating these evil ones in your communities then?  Why allow children to be brainwashed in the prison indoctrination centers?

Two other shoutouts to Peggy Hall of , whose done excellent work on waking up people of our liberties with resources, on bitchute she did a video proving the plandemic treaty has no jurisdiction on the federal to the state level.  The other such out Brandon Sibley called TheBigSib on youtube who does studies not just your deep truths not just the Bible, but yourself and understanding what words mean of the used of feigned words make merchandise, legal information, and is very humble as well.  Look up his latest video that can be found on youtube and on odysee titled “Pick up your cross” by TheBigSib. Go after the 57 min. to 1 hr. 7 min. mark. Regarding the WHO plandemic treaty.  He said “Neither statute nor treaty can override the Constitution.”  Refers to Marbury vs. Madison (1803) “All laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.”  This whole system is based on consent, the more you give your power and consent to the commandments and doctrines of tyrants are why this insanity continues. Mass noncompliance is part one of how to end this.


But as reported by NeverLoseTruth 3 Kafka, “A Battle Won: WHO Global Pandemic Treaty Did Not Pass”.  The WHO Plandemic Treaty failed as this is a battle won. Is this a win, we shall we?    This is just the first round, but we must remain vigilant and be frosty against these evil doers. God is in control.

Summary and lesser of two evils are fueling evil, no more BS

I’m just a young woman who has trial and tribulations and I have had made many mistakes and learned from them.  There is so much that I need to work on myself, learn, and recognize that I have faults, am not perfect, suffer in chronic pain all over and am to be luck to walk before I become paralyzed from spinal stenosis, while people still judge me to this day that I don’t operate like them.  This happens within my immediate family.  It’s hard for me to know whom to trust and whose loyal anymore?  Why I keep saying what I’m saying are things that need to be said for those who don’t like that can go find something else to do.  Because we are being destroyed on many fronts.  Am livid of those who know better who continue to allow this insanity to continue.  By allowing the evil doers to have their Project Bluebeam/fake alien/demon invasion, because you have no idea of whom you inviting?  People are struggling and are dying from multiple causes and need the help as that time is NOW, not this it’s “God’s timing” and other BS.  We don’t have another year or two years and other excuses just so you can keep your fame, hypocrisy, narcissism, and hopium drive.

If it is true that you the White Hats and other groups truly did and are continuing taking down these evil doers, then hat’s off to you and God Bless!!  I’ve seen others comment as I did on Charlie Ward’s site before that was changed to where you can’t comment at all, so you would have to comment on other social media accounts such as Gab and Telegram.  The conditioned brainwashed sheeple won’t believe it unless it’s on the TV, reveal all of it on the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) and go from there.  What are really doing to take over the fakestream media then?  All I keep hearing are crickets. Forget the tap water drip reference, you will have those who won’t be able to tolerate anything as they remain in their cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, and mass psychosis.  Again, no matter what is or isn’t revealed you will have those who are awake and get it, those in the middle, those ignorant/stupid, and those who are evil.  Anything else is another form of conditioning and control that benefits your gravy train, because playing God always ends badly!  The lesser of two evils are fueling evil.

I don’t appreciate those who claim these are the final cards of the dark state, when they are not as you claim you are allowing these evil doers to keep doing this right up to the great reset door, WTF? Please excuse me for my rant as I’ve had it and is no good measure to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.  If you real white hats and other groups off world or not really want to stay true to principle and really want more people in our communities to stop the evil doers in our communities, be honest and truthful, no more BS psychological warfare, while looking for some 100 % of the masses to wake up before you do anything.  Enough is enough.  Get off your high castle White Hats and stop blaming us for all of the suffering you have caused from the destruction, manufactured diseases, starvation, homeless, weather warfare, etc. as the lesser of two evils are still fueling evil.  In case you haven’t noticed, the real hard-working men and women are doing the work, the living and dying here, while you white hats are sitting in your castles dictating and assume what works for you works for everyone else, as you are allowing these evil doers and their minions continuing their agendas, while claiming you are in control? Do you serve your god Satan then? Inquiring minds would like to know.  It’s either put up and own up, or shut up?  One cannot serve both God and the Devil, okay?

Just people so and so is awake, they don’t change, as there are plenty of people who want to be ruled.  Otherwise, keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result are signs of insanity and you’ve exposed your true colors.  No good measure to be adjusted to a profoundly sick society.  I’m still waiting for a response, as I am not alone in this.  I prefer dangerous freedoms and we need more of the brushfires of freedom in the minds of men and women.  What’s next?  Because there is time to change the plan so more people don’t have to be destroyed via lose their homes, their liberties and their lives, there is always a better way and you know better.  Tell me where I’m wrong?


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