(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) Just Asking as to Who’s Really in Control, the Light or the Dark?


Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

Dear White Hats:  For how long have we heard “trust the plan”, the “military are in control”, etc.  There is no doubt that the plans of the evil wicked ones of their reset are running alongside the supposed good reset that goes by many names that benefits we the people. Would like to see more evidence that the good reset is really happening on a bigger scale.

From all of the pain, the suffering, the deaths from murder mill protocols, to the mandates, the weather warfare operations, the mass exposures and distractions, the arrests, the communist and gay manifestos that fall in line with the days of Noah and Lot, and the 80% of the operations that are covert, and 20% operating in plain sight.  What is with moving the goalpost saying 60% people need to be awake to now 70%, 80%, to 85% now, what’s next 100%, do you realize you are playing God here and you know that always ends badly?  Why allow this insanity to continue?  You do realize no matter what is or isn’t revealed as you will always have those who are awake that will have the discernment thereof, to those in the middle, those who will remain asleep ignorant sheeple, and those downright evil to the core.  That’s why history and philosophies never change. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  Those who do make the change for the better do so out of consent and will power.

It’s the same psychological operations and the fear mongering that convinces the masses to submit to be experimental guinea pigs that sacrificing onto the altar Pharmakeia are no different than sacrificing onto the altar of Moloch.  Revelation 18:23 is very clear how nations are deceived through sorceries. Anything that promotes control and depopulation are promoted to the nth degree. Why voting is a suggestion box of slaves as if voting really made a difference, they wouldn’t allow us to do it.  No matter how much or how little one prepares only lasts temporarily.  More are realizing the treasures you store on Earth will only last temporarily, that would end up being stolen, spoiled, or destroyed. Why it’s important to store treasures in heaven.

Now with the good vs the evil operations thereof. Those such as the good operations group such as The Light Source (TLS) are operating in the spiritual battle in the defensive. If you want to know more about TLS, please check out the three-part Disclosure series interviewed by Jason Shurka of UNIFYD as he interviews a man named Ray who is affiliated with them, but isn’t a full member, but he feels TLS isn’t going on the offensive more to fully defeat these evil psychopaths. Ray provides insights of the spiritual battle we are in, talks about “universal awareness”, some of the operations he was in especially in the NYC operation rescuing children from the underground tunnels, and once saw a MedBed in a home owned by an evil psychopath.

So many that are suffering and/or realize their faults, so many need healing on all fronts. Some say the MedBeds are coming out later this year. Supposedly there is technology that is far superior to the MedBeds that operates with our energies/frequencies for healing and other advanced technologies.  With rebuilding our infrastructure, don’t you believe this advanced technology can help rebuild homes and homes for the homeless and the hungry?

Why allow more to suffer and die? There are countries that are already in civil war because the masses are violently rioting against politicians, just look at Sri Lanka, they are out of fuel. Why allow nations to become like Shanghai then, treated like cattle and prisoners in their homes as the evil authorities enforce the vaxx slavery passports and zero Convid with the nasal assaults and the destruction thereof?  What’s being done to destroy the weather modification weapons? For those who say “just plant your gardens because I can be self-sufficient”.  Just because you can have a garden and it goes well for you in your world, doesn’t mean that others are in your shoes. Not everyone is able to do everything. If you are able to have this and that without interference, including being spared from weather warfare, then hats off to you, but please don’t rub it in our faces just because you can do something, doesn’t mean the next person can.  Do you have plans B and C should plan A go wrong, as what is it to prevent people from coming over to your home and stealing your stuff?  You could be armed to the tee; you can’t prevent everything.  Remember the warning of storing treasures on Earth leads to being rotten, stolen, or destroyed.  While again, storing treasures in heaven is far more important.  As evil flourishes from those good men and women for refusing to hold evil doers accountable for crimes against humanity.

With the continued shortages as from the exposures thereof from these corrupt corporations without souls and those greedy individuals that keep revealing their true colors proves they will sellout for the love of $$ as in 1 Timothy 6:10 is the root of all evil.  Why allow these shortages to the point where nations can’t rebuild that serves the globalists?  Supposedly this insanity will continue up to the one world government door.

From those who claim it’s “God’s timing”, that depends on whose interpretation thereof. Is one using this and that movement for more personal gain and power for themselves and their cronies? Don’t forget those mass false prophets invoking God for their own personal gain?  No doubt one should discern the signs of the times and not lean unto one’s understanding. With that being said no one said this battle of good vs evil will be easy, as the bottom of the pot of these deep state rats will be nasty to be rid of.  Don’t you think that documenting this and that and staying on the defense isn’t working?  Long overdue to go on the offensive.


In addition, our liberties are being stripped by those within our own communities, call it treason from within.  As the order followers/sheeple continue to obey the tyrant’s commandments and doctrines. As they claim they are following orders, it is what it is, etc. As more are losing their liberties, livelihoods, and autonomy.  Two such examples that can be found on the free thought project dot com, one of a South Carolina blind paraplegic woman despite paying her taxes, a county clerical error led to authorities seizing her home and throwing her out on the street with the clothes barely enough to keep her warm. As she rolled into heated parking garages just to stay alive. To this day, even though she is homeless is still waiting for justice. While the county declared her insane, even though she was never proven to be in the first place. The county therefore seized her home, destroyed everything she had including her parents ashes, and the home was destroyed, leaving the land empty. The other a Pennsylvania Amish farmer selling clean meat with no issues for the communities, his crime was being self-sustainable and not FDA approved to put poisons in his meat for further control and government kickbacks. The Farmer’s meat was seized and owes $250,000 and jail time for noncompliance.  Civil asset forfeiture and protecting and serving the crap out of you are still in effect.

That’s in addition to just surviving as they don’t know if they will be able to have their next meal before going homeless.  Many are suffering and are being destroyed.  The more laws, the less freedoms in the land of the fee and the home of the slave. Speaking of which, how come Biden/Brandon was able to send $40 billion to Ukraine?  I thought the District of Criminals were broke, but are able to magically spend Trillions and continue agendas and bankers wars?  What’s really going on then?  To those who believe that speaking up against tyrannical county and school board members will solve anything, depends where you are.  Do what you can to pull your children out of the prison indoctrination centers, as there are plenty of homeschooling and micro schooling options out there.  Why allow the abuse and insanity to continue?  If so and so have really been arrested and next thing you know they really haven’t or a double/clone replaced them, why allow the theater to continue?  More of us are very tired of the BS lies, as lies destroy and subjugate one another.  Playing God always ends badly.  Speak the truth and live honestly, and reveal where your true loyalties lie, because one cannot serve both God and the Devil.  Anything else to add it entirely up to you.  If you can’t be honest as what is true, but are in fact using this for your own benefit, then you have chosen your side as a hypocrite and serve the father of lies.  Again, the only way these evil doers are truly stopped for good, are mass noncompliance and through force remove the evil psychopaths from society. What happened to obeying God rather than Men?

If you seriously want us involved to end the plans of the evil psychopaths, force is necessary. Mass noncompliance is only part one of how to end this insanity. At the same time, you will have those conformists/order followers that won’t bother to question nor research everything as they’ve been conditioned to obey the commandments and doctrines of tyrants. That’s why the conformists will remain ignorant no matter what is presented because they refuse to change themselves. Change isn’t easy and it is hard to accept change.  If you quit alcohol, smoking, other addictions, etc. it comes from your own will power, morals, principle, and consistency to quit bad habits and discipline yourself to stay clean.  Others may need more compassion and help in combating their bad habits. Not everyone can be helped is a reality as well.

The real pandemic is not only sin and fear, but cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, and mass formation psychosis. If any good news that came out of this journey called life is figuring out the patterns, the psychological operations, and discerning the good and the bad, common sense with discernment, morals, principle, learning from mistakes, self-awareness, and helping one another.  None of us are perfect, only the true Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is perfect.  More are waking up to the plans of the wicked ones and are standing against these draconian mandates.

With that being said, what is really being done to stop the World Homicide Organization Plandemic treaty that gives them control over nations as that suits the great reset? “Neither statute nor treaty can override the Constitution.”  Refers to Marbury vs. Madison (1803) “All laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.”  This whole system is based on consent, the more you give your power and consent to the commandments and doctrines of tyrants are why this insanity continues. Mass noncompliance is part one of how to end this.

Why I’m asking some of these questions and sharing some perspectives is because more of us had enough of this B- rated movie. I applaud and praise all of those truly defeating the plans of the evil wicked ones.   Remember that playing God always ends badly. Just asking some needed questions that would be nice to have some answers.  It’s hard to wake those who won’t take the time to question nor research everything, even saying mass noncompliance is the only way to end the tyranny thereof gets some silence. But in these people’s conformists minds they feel compelled to go along with the insanity and will remain ignorant.  This battle of good vs evil is very draining on all of us on the physical, psychological, and mental level.  Why truth is the only thing that matters, including the truth about ourselves and one does what they can in the time they have?  More need this insanity and B- rated movie to end and let’s get the real good people’s reset that truly benefits we the people to happen ASAP. If you can’t be honest and truthful, while continue with these psychological warfare mind-games you will lose more people, because playing God always ends badly.  Not everyone will agree on everything, but if we can’t truly come together against the forces of these evil doers, we won’t have a future. I for one prefer dangerous freedoms over peaceful slavery anyday. Just asking where does one go from here, who is really in control? 


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