(Reader: timjoebob) Kinetic Power


Reader Post | By timjoebob

Whomever is controlling the order followers who are actually, physically doing the biding of the order givers are the ones we the people have to be willing to fight to the death against.

Order givers are weak and cowardly. Real men and women fight their own battles and help their neighbors fight the good fight against tyranny.

Kinetic power is everything in this war, whether it comes in the form of jack booted thugs in costumes assuming their authority over everyone by use of force to serve and protect the crap of you while wielding clubs, guns, pepper spray, tasers, etc etc etc, or by other means like DEW’s, or the good old tried and true bombs, bullets, and bullshit…or by means of psychological mind-screw via the MSM, the jab and boosters, TV and movies… but, eventually, everything goes kinetic because it must.

So the question I pose to everyone is: what are you going to do when it goes kinetic in your neck of the woods?

With the Alliance/White Hats in control of everything, as per what many are claiming, then I automatically assume that they must be the ones responsible for the entire debacle on planet Psycho or, at the very least, they are totally complicit in genocide. What am I supposed to think? From what I read and hear, the Alliance/White Hats are supposed to be good guys. But…….c’mon man. Who’s zoomin’ who? Obviously, the Constitution is completely null and void because if the true good guys were actually in control then it’s their sworn oath and duty to uphold the Law of the Land and that is not being done. I’m correct on this. Good guys don’t murder people just because they’re following a plan. A good guy would not do that. A bad guy would. They are following orders from someone.

Kinetic power comes from the military. Who’s side will the real, authentic military be on when push comes to shove? We need the good guy’s military to get this done. If 150,000,000 armed American patriots get completely fed up with this bs, you will witness the largest private army assembled across America. We still have our guns, bitches. So, if jack booted thugs are not careful, they’ll be pushing up daisies instead of collecting mercenary money extorted from the citizens of the land.

Who’s side will law enforcement be on? They serve the State.


Pressure cookers become kinetic when they get too overwhelmed. People are like pressure cookers. KABOOM!!!

Kinetic power. Who really has it?

You decide. You decide to follow oders or mandates issued by tyrants and traitors or you don’t. Comply or don’t, but be prepared to go kinetic because, eventually, everything does.



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