6,000 Years of Darkness vs. Months to Victory


Operation Disclosure | By Bruce Haines, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 4, 2022

6,000 yrs. of Darkness vs. Months to Victory

I am writing this as one of everyone who is watching and waiting for the Alliance to make the public move to bring the criminals of the Deep State to justice.  I am reading the dissatisfaction and the anger and the demands that Trump and the White Hats pull the trigger and get on with it. 

Part of me sees that angle and understands it. 

Those of us in the know and woke think we understand how deep the swamp is and how complicated this process is, but do not really understand at all.  We tend to minimize that angle in our mind which is a shame because there are things going on behind the scenes that we know absolutely nothing about.  It is easy to throw stones at the White Hats and say they are moving too slowly.  But all of us have no clue what they are facing and the complexity of trying to end this dark period of our species, especially when the other inhabitants of this world are aggressive and malevolent Reptilians, who would just as soon eat us and not give a second thought to us as a sentient species.  They have been in control for so long, they are not going to easily give up the power and control they have enjoyed for centuries. 

The Alliance is trying to remove 6,000 years of debt-slavery and in doing so have lost THOUSANDS of our best military fighting soldiers in the DUMBS as they strive to free children and women whose existence is horrifying beyond what the senses of most of us can handle. 

Yes, I’m tired of waiting and I’ve been living on the road for a year and half as I came out of retirement from a beach in another quiet country believing “the trigger” would have been pulled long ago.  My best friend, who I came up to help was murdered via the Remdesivir/ventilator route – a dreamer and lover of peace and all that is good in each of us – gone way too soon just as thousands have perished in this battle of good vs. evil.  So I have a lot invested personally and am not going anywhere until we conclude this war. 


The bottom line IMO is this:  6,000+ years of hell are going to be removed at the end of the day in a few more months depending on when you say the real efforts started.  I put that date back to the days of the original Q group of generals who came together after the assassination of JFK and continues with DJT and the world Alliance.  Make it 60 years of so.  That’s 1% of the time we’ve been slaves. 

720 months to freedom vs. 6,000 years of terror.  Pretty remarkable progress in my book. 

The freedom of mankind is a final one-shot “in” or “out” affair. If we count starting in 2016 when Trump could really start battling this deep state, that is a tiny percentage of the time we’ve been under the Deep State control and yet we are on the brink of taking the whole evil Deep State down for good.

In my mind, that tiny percentage of time needed to get rid of the huge history of evil is an amazingly cheap price.  Yes, lives are being lost.  Lives will always be lost in a state of war.  The lost human lives through this Deep State reign of terror is being added to daily, but so is the eventual end and destruction of the Deep State.

I would have preferred public action by the Alliance had already happened.  I thought that months and months ago.  But I don’t know the details and challenges being dealt with every second of every day by those in the thick of the battle – the military, the White Hats, and especially Donald Trump and his family.  The constant pressure and attack on this man and his family and his closest allies can only be anything but mind-numbing and terrible to endure. 

If anyone believes Trump is dragging his feet for his own ego, I will argue instead that he is holding back to save more lives that he may have seen in a timeline scenario – a real possibility given his connection with the benevolent Galactic Allies and his knowledge through his uncle of time travel – something that Nikola Tesla (by all the articles and evidence piling up) had cracked and made possible.

My last word is to have faith.  Those who have given up, I get that.  Really I do.  I just don’t come from a place of quitting when so much is on the line. I suspect that when the Alliance finally does get down to the military move and the exposure to the public of all that has to be revealed, when that happens, a bunch of you who have decided it was all not real, who may have bailed on the Alliance, on Trump or the GCR, will be running as hard as you can as you scramble off the curb and try to jump back onto the bus as it pulls away from the Deep State and those left who refuse to wake up.


And after you take another seat on this Freedom Bus, you’ll be glad you did.  My guess is even if the seats are all taken, you’ll be happy to stand and hold on for the ride – it will be worth it. 

The path to freedom is never easy and never free.  I’m just grateful to be alive to see it in action and will remain faithful to The Alliance and DJT for as long as it takes.  I have faith in them.   

Light and Love,

Bruce Haines