Turn him Loose


Operation Disclosure | By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

June 2, 2022


I doubt that there’s been a precedent where the President has recommended a General, or an Admiral, for a double promotion in a single occurrence, but we are living in unprecedented times, I say place two more stars on Major Gen. 

Angle’s shoulders, and turn him loose!

It’s appropriate that I begin this article with a disclaimer. What we know, or what we believe we know, can only come to us a few possible ways. We can be told something by a trusted source, (one that has consistently proven to be honest and trustworthy), we can be an eye witness, or we can read it from various sources, and use the discernment that comes from petitioning God, to reveal the truth to us. I always attempt to view both sides of any issue, and pray for the discernment to know which side of an issue is true. I will never knowingly lie in anything I say, or write. If it turns out that I write something that proves to be untrue it’s because I had the wool pulled over my eyes. Please bring anything you feel is not true to my attention, and if what you say proves to be correct, I will immediately apologies and retract what I had written. 

This holds true for any previous or future articles. 

The following information was copied and pasted from todays Restored Republic article, I italicized it, to enable for you to see where the material begins and ends:

  • The leisurely speed at which Deep State arrests have been taking place has begun to slow discord among the White Hat commanders responsible for bringing to justice the traitors and pedophiles who for decades have wrought havoc on the American people, according to multiple White Hat sources in the military community.
  • An adjunct in Gen. David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News that at least two of the general’s colleagues have bemoaned the sluggish pace, calling upon Gen. Berger to formulate a new plan of action to hasten the demise of Deep State criminals. “There was a meeting last week, and a couple of Gen. Berger’s key allies didn’t hide their frustration about the slowness of nabbing and grabbing Deep Staters who’ve been at-large far too long,” our source said.
  • The most vocal was U.S. Army Major Gen. Richard E. Angle, commander of the 1st Special Forces Group. A constitutionalist and supporter of President Donald J. Trump, Gen. Angle earned his commission in 1991, fought in Bosnia and Kosovo, and commanded troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the aftermath of the 2020 stolen election, he vowed to support Gen. Berger and the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps mission to restore order to America. His input, our source said, was instrumental in the arrests of Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and George W. Bush.
  • But the current velocity of Deep State apprehensions,or lack thereof, has obviously imbued in Gen. Angle feelings of ambivalence toward the overall success of the mission. “While we’re sitting on our hands, the U.S. is rapidly becoming the United States of Venezuela. Every day, right now, thousands and thousands of Americans are pushed into poverty. No, we’re not the cause, but we have a responsibility to stop it. We vowed to. And what are we doing? Pursuing an arrest here, a capture there. We move like sloths, and it’s hindering instead of helping the cause,” Gen. Engle told Gen. Berger.
  • When Gen. Berger solicited suggestions, Gen. Angle had the answer at his fingertips. “Mass arrests, without delay or hesitation,” Gen. Angle went on. “Cherry-picking doesn’t work. We single out a person and they cover it up with technology, cosmetics, and lookalikes. If 50 Senators and 200 Representatives disappear overnight, they won’t know what hit them, and they won’t have time to react. The time for inaction must be over, or this is all for naught.”
  • His impassioned soliloquy drew praise from Adm. Eric T. Olson, U.S. Navy, retired. Although no longer active-duty, Adm. Olson, whose distinguished military career spanned 38 years, has been an advisor to active-duty White Hat Commanders. Adm. Olson, 70, has seen the United States tumble from greatness into a country ruled by despots and illegal regimes. “With respect, Gen. Berger, Americans, real Americans, have grown impatient. We’ve been listless, lethargic, and almost catatonic in solving this dilemma. At this moment in time, 725 patriots present at the Capitol on Jan 6 are unlawfully sitting in jail. This is unacceptable.
  • “You’re sitting on 234 closed cases of Deep Staters yet to be arrested, 400 active cases, and several thousand pending investigations,” Adm. Olson said.
  • A third proponent for mass arrests chimed in. Col. J.D. Keirsey of the 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Benning, said he had 2,500 troops standing ready to arrest traitors. He went as far as to impugn JAG’s credibility, saying that Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall and his staff were prosecuting select “high value targets” but absolutely ignoring Deep State underlings who are equally complicit in the destruction of America’s society. “We’ve taken an oath, sir, to protect America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The Insurrection Act allows us to operate with impunity, and we haven’t availed ourselves of that privilege. There’s no time left for indecisiveness; that threshold is gone.
  • We’re in tailspin, and our efforts, and God knows they are just, have had an insignificant impact on the Deep State’s takeover of society,” Col. Keirsey said. General David H. Berger, however, had a counter argument. The military, he said, needed implicit and overt support from the true Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, before White Hats could even fathom simultaneously arresting a broad swath of Congress. “These are nice thoughts, gentlemen, but unless President Trump, and his civilian loyalists, stops stalling and takes the podium to tell this nation what’s really going on—well, your ideas, though noble, would be catastrophic. I’ve spoken to him several times, recommended he stop pussyfooting. Yes, the Insurrection Act, which he signed, gives us authority, but can you imagine the ramifications of 200 or more Congressmen simply vanishing overnight? Half the country would be happy, sure, but the other half would be screaming. It could incite a second Civil War, and the last thing we want is blood on the streets,” Gen. Berger said.
  • Trump must tell Americans at his frequent rallies that he is still the lawful president. Trump’s ambiguous language, Gen. Berger insisted, damaged not only his reputation but also the reputations of those working on his behalf. “On one hand, Trump says Biden stole the election; on the other hand, he’s referring to Biden as President Biden. Every time Trump calls Biden President Biden, it makes our job more difficult,” Gen. Berger said.
  • Our source said the meeting ended peacefully but without a solution, with the White Hat commanders agreeing to meet again after Memorial Day weekend.

In the first copied paragraph above, I hope the word slow was a typographical error which should have been “show” instead. Also, the General’s name was said to be Engle at one point, in this case I’m going with the name as being Major General Angle, as that was the spelling in the majority of the uses. What Major Gen. Angle had to say about the current plan, has to be one of the best things I’ve read on this site. I’m certain many of you feel the same way, but I certainly couldn’t agree more with what Major Gen. Angle had to say, the same goes for what retired Admiral Olson, and Col. Keirsey. also had to say. I particularly like the fact that both the Major Gen. Angle, and Col. Keirsey, are Special Forces Officers. Having the greatest respect for all special force units around the world, especially ours, these guys are known for receiving orders, prepping for their mission, completing their mission and getting out of Dodge, there’s no taking coffee breaks, or hanging around to visit the the sites once they achieve their mission, There is no pussyfooting like Gen. Berger said, indicating that was what Trump is doing.

If more men are needed to make arrests, there are many veterans you could deputize to make arrests, even though I’m now older now, I’d still be willing to help out. I can’t run well any more,

and I’m not as quick and agile as I once was, so I’d have to be able to shoot any suspect that tries to flee. I’d even furnish the zip ties. lol

The frustration of many, particularly contributors to this site, are saying enough is enough. Everyday, many people die through the inaction and/or the belaboring of “The Plan.” Again, I want to place blame where it is due. If everything I believe to be true, is true, Joe Biden is a worthless, degenerate, pedophile. The same holds true for the vast majority of the 535 people in Congress.

BUT, it isn’t Joe Biden calling the shots, it’s the White Hats. Biden, and many others are mere actors playing their parts. Biden didn’t close the pipeline, the White Hats did. Joe Biden didn’t pull our military out of Ukraine, leaving behind American citizens, and $85 billion in military equipment, the White Hats did. Joe Biden, din’t open the southern border, the White Hats did. Why are we seeing so many mass shootings, whether they are real, or false flags, (I’m thinking mostly the later)? It’s another attempt to take away our 2nd Amendment rights,  and again the attempts will fail. Whose watch is ths 

coming under, Bidens? No, he was doing the bidding of the White Hats. Biden pushes the killer vaccines, or does he? No, he just does what he is told. The manufactured food crises, again the White Hats.

Let me add another paragraph. This one comes from the Restored Republic report dated 5-26-2022:       

Does this include President Trump, and Donald Jr.? Both have been pushing the vaccines. Donald Jr. even pleaded with the people saying, please take the vaccines and the boosters.

We know Biden was allowed to assume the fake presidency, so his supporters would blame him for the destruction of America which he would appear to cause, and consequently wake up many of sleepers, getting them to tune into the White Hat plan. Enough is enough, there’s been too much collateral damage. 

We were told that Trump went to the CIA the morning of his inauguration in 2017, and said it was all about the children. So now a new question arises. What about the children that have died and are dying, resulting from being born to a mother that has taken the killer vaccine. And all the children and adults that have been rescued from the tunnels, where is one iota of proof.

I’ve read an article several weeks ago indicating what we have is one cabal trying to replace the one that has been in control for hundreds of years. That’s not in keeping with God’s plan, and only bad, very bad things, can come from that scenario.

Readers, please keep/put your faith and trust in God, and always remember, we win.

God bless each of you!
Wayne Miller


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