(Reader: Martha Thacker) Semi-Conductors


Reader Post | By Martha Thacker

The technology and manufacturing of semi conductors is American. It was sent to Taiwan, I suppose, due to NAFTA. So switching back to American should be no big deal, right? Unless, it was part of the American take down plan.

Tariff’s on Chinese goods certainly did not help matters since Walmart/Chinese goods have taken over US. I am a Trump supporter and also watch pedophilia news closely since my father was one. When Mike Pence was chosen for VP, did not hold it against Trump. …….knew (1) Pence was a violent pedophile (2) Trump was certainly not in total control. As time went on and major pedophiles were prosecuted and sent to prison, I was even more sure of my hypothesis. 

Proof of the pedophile question was certain for me since (1) I wrote freely of my father being one on FB and in a group of prominent doctors who were also, in Durham NC. (was banned from FB right before ‘ol joe was announced president) The group consisted of several prominent doctors and one lawyer in town. Strange since my father was the town drunk and dirt poor. One of the doctors, an obstetrician , was noted for delivering babies under hypnosis. To this day, I am extremely easily hypnotized. Remember a sleep over at this particular doctor’s house and all the children playing in their underwear with the parents in the room watching. I was repulsed by all of it.

After going to summer camp, and accepting Jesus as my Savior, I went home and told my mother of the abuse. Age 12. I was told later that I busted this group up. Did not believe that one little girl could do that. UNLESS, the hypnotism did not work and I could recognize my abusers. After this several contorted situations came up in my life and my brother’s to make us look like thieves. I would stake my life on my brother not being one ….or myself…One of the people setting up a situation was a very wealthy uncle. 

Duke hospital and university in Durham , NC is evil. A paralegal in Durham told me years ago that they had a huge team of lawyers just for the lawsuits. The Durham/ Raleigh research triangle park  is also home of many big pharma HQs. One being Burroughs Wellcome out of GB. The one in GB has ties to Tavistock. Even though NC is a very wide state, 3 very large state mental hospitals were located right in the middle , with the Big Pharma HQs……..also  Ft Bragg, which is a leading military base in psy ops. One of them has since closed it’s doors after Raegan ‘s war on the mentally ill.

Hope this information will help fitting the pieces of the puzzle to possibly the greatest psy op of all time. The American people thinking “scientists and doctors” are somehow better than we are and  know more about our bodies than we do ourselves.

Sincerely, Martha Thacker



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