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Although it’s a very confusing time, there are a few essentials that MUST happen before we can do anything.  Regardless if you follow the Giles model, the Holly Model, the Fleming model, the MarkZ model, Bruce model, or the XRP/XLM model..  (Not sure which one will end up being the correct one if any of them at all) We obviously have so much to try and figure out here.  Very frustrating!  We need to talk about something else while we are sitting here watching the second hand tic by with no exchange in sight in the foreseeable immediate future. 


B’s fake D.C. crap has to go!.  He is a criminal!  The evidence is there.  Why is he not being held for any questioning in the public eyes?  They are asking.  HRC..same question.  She clearly was caught interfering in her own election illegally!

(Not including the “oh lets wake up the sleepers scenario.. that’s done..past if you’re not seeing by now you never will…  no hope for you sorry!

Why is it that President Trump’s all over this midterm event if there’s not supposed to be one?  I was under the impression that the U.S. co. was null and kaput?  Have not really had any validation in “reality” that anything like The 120 restored Republic Elections are supposed to bring.  No Event has happened. Where does this fit into the D.C. farce that it is as we know it?  D.C. needs to be completely burned to the ground.  If we do have the midterms and those boxes are again used.  

There needs to be a patriot in person at those boxes 24/7 verifying what goes in them!  That’s what will be happening in Atlanta.  We will NOT have a 2000 MULES SCENARIO HERE IN ATLANTA.  STACY ABRAMS WILL ALSO BE SERVED NOTICE THAT HER “bONDED” STATUS AS A PUBLIC SERVICE IS IN SERIOUS JEOPARDY OF BEING SCRUTINIZED VERY CLOSELY.  YOU MIGHT WANNA WATCH YOUR ACTIONS FROM HERE ON OUT GAL!!

There has been a great effort to find volunteers to man these boxes and patrol them every single hour they plan on stuffing them if used.  I suggest that those of you in the other states Arizona etc.  take heed and do the same.


We refuse to put up with these shenanigans any longer.  I am sick of them.  

I am hoping that this farce ends before we have to do our part.  None of these D.C. elections should be taking place in the first place.  The Republic needs to start stepping up to the obligations they have put forth in all areas.  Not just the QFS but politically,  These people must go.  I warn the white hats and the earth alliance.  You guys keep saying “trust the plan and The best is yet to come ” etc and continue to do very little publically about this.  We patriots will.  There are many militias forming with that idea first and foremost as an objective and will gladly die for TO END THIS RIDICULOUSNESS.



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