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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Today is Memorial Day. An American day of remembrance for all those who lost their lives for their homeland. The Cyber Protection Brigade posted this on Twitter on a very nice meme:

“Let us not forget the brave men and women,
who gave their lives in defense of our nation.”

Actually, this should be a worldwide day of remembrance, and I think it will be when this war that is going on around the world right now is finally over and good has finally won. I mean, of course, the show of war, because in my opinion, everything has progressed much further behind the scenes than we are being shown. I do wonder from time to time why we are not allowed to experience a partial success now and then, but then I remember that there are plenty of these partial successes if we look properly.

Funny enough, I had the idea for this article the day before yesterday and I started it the day before yesterday. Without really knowing that Memorial Day was today. The universe delivers, seems like my connection to the spiritual world has gotten better. And I also read in the meantime that in America it is called Memorial Weekend. Wow, a whole weekend commemorating fallen people. But let’s be honest, do we do that? Do all Americans go along with it? Or maybe on this weekend and on this day, do we hang out the flag because our neighbors do it?

No, no, don’t get mad, OK? It was a bit provocative question, I know that Americans have a much higher national pride than we Germans. We had to hide it, lost it over generations. And only in the last few years, this has changed again, there are more patriots in Germany again, even if they are still divided and scattered or let gatekeepers lead them by the nose into dead ends. That will change when facts have been established, the truth has been proclaimed, and at some point we too will be able to say with pride again that we are Germans.

I had the thought to write about the many millions of people who have lost their lives in the many wars in our world. Many wars are now so long ago that we have almost forgotten them. And if we believe the latest information about our false history, many wars did not even take place, at least the ones that are supposed to have existed a few centuries ago. The more I thought about the topic, the more I started to skid. At what point did the Khazarian mafia have its fingers in the pie? Were the wars of independence in America and, for example, the French Revolution still “real” wars? Well, since we will soon return to the Constitution of 1776, I will assume that these wars with their dead were still unmanipulated wars. And the fallen really still died for a good cause, if that can be a good thing at all. But if they were to see today what we have made of this world, what we have allowed to happen, they would, rightly, be totally outraged.


Speaking of ancestors: Are not the people who now live in America, apart from the indigenous people, the Native Americans, descendants of Europeans? Isn’t French, German, Dutch spoken in many areas of North America and Canada? And don’t many people in the Americas have African ancestors? Folks, we are all ONE, aren’t we? And we are fighting each other, fighting each other across countries and within one country at that. Haven’t we learned anything, although days like today actually remind us all the time? I admit that I have not dealt with the many victims for most of my life, not even on memorial days. In Germany, the national pride has been aberzogen and the holiday “Day of German Unity” is also based on a lie, because there is no German unity yet, there are still a few lands missing.

My eyes were opened when I read the book “The Adventures of Werner Holt”. There I first became aware of what it means to want to fight heroically for your fatherland, and then to realize that you have been wasted. How many men, women and children have died in wars, thinking they were fighting for a good cause, and yet have only become victims of something with which an inhuman elite could line their pockets. Because they supported both sides and could make money in each case. A lot of money. And basically brothers always fought against brothers, sisters against sisters, because basically we all have only one family tree (if the Bible is right in this respect). We have all seen and been shown in many movies how bad war is. Whether that was “North and South” (Torches in the Storm) in regards to the Civil War, or “Platoon”, “Apocalypse Now” on the Vietnam War, or the more recent film adaptations for countless wars. Do we watch this just for “entertainment,” to glorify weapons, or perhaps we learn from it as well?

With the knowledge of today, I learn from it. I don’t want to have or participate in something like that again. And I don’t want to see or otherwise witness any more wars in the world. And I know that there won’t be anything like that again either. At the moment, there is a massive cleanup worldwide or the cleanup that has happened is being completed. And so slowly in the media wars the end is heralded. We must also slowly prepare ourselves for the coming times and can no longer be distracted by actors and clones, by any false flag actions. I don’t think there is much time left before the big bang comes. The one that we are all waiting for and that will shake others so much that they will finally wake up.

I’ m a German patriot, I often think of all the fallen compatriots who basically gave their lives for something that wasn’t right. In the first and second world war, but especially in the last 70 years, where they served a company and died for it. But I also remember all the others who actually had to die innocently, innocently because they were lied to and gave their lives to wrong ideals.

I always celebrate the 4th of July, it is the Independence Day of all of us. It was the first step in the right direction, but we gave too much leeway to the wrong people. And thus allowed far too much and for too long.

Today I again remember all the fallen men and women, as you do, just a few thousand miles apart. Maybe someday your Memorial Day will become Memorial Day for all of us. I wouldn’t mind, we will remember much more often and much more intensely in the new world all the sacrifices that made it possible for us to get here. Where we are now. On the right side, the bright side! As patriots who can love their fatherland again, who can be proud of their nation again.

So have a nice MEMORIAL DAY!


And don’t get burned at the barbecue, OK?


WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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