(Reader: Maverick’s Ghost) Old Boss/New Boss: Chapter Four – JFK Jr. is Juan O Savin


Reader Post | By Maverick’s Ghost

John F. Kennedy, Jr. is the widely known “intel provider” who calls himself Juan O Savin.

The widely known “intel provider” who calls himself Juan O Savin is the decidedly not dead John F. Kennedy, Jr.

And the decidedly not dead John F. Kennedy, Jr. has to this day every intention of installing his Druzian Dynasty as the royal leadership over this country – which will no longer be “one nation under God” but rather one nation under Gematria.

And the problem with Gematria is that it is the language of Satanism.

Oh yes, the Druze clan is made up of Satan worshipers (reference: and Some among the Dynasty have flipped to the Light, we understand, abandoning the notion of a Druzian overlord in favor of a loving Heavenly Father who wishes to free His children from enslavement and darkness.

But not John F. Kennedy, Jr. He can’t move beyond the personal belief that he is entitled to be king of the world, it’s literally in his blood. He does not possess the ability to humbly accept that the world outside his fairytale bubble of privilege has awakened. And we are not going to be ruled over by some spoiled upstart who has never sacrificed a single thing in his entire life. Dude, do you have any idea how sick we are of hearing about your stupid cars? No one cares how many Bentleys you have. Or how many boats. Or vacation homes.

And oh by the way, no one wants to hear about Osiris’s lost penis ever again. Or the cubes on Melania’s dress, or that stupid corn equation. We know what you’re doing. We know that’s just you trying your best to cast spells on us so we’ll fall for your most fervent desire that Satan grants you with a “near death experience” for all of us so we become vulnerable to whatever your takeover plans are. We know.


And heads up to David Nino Rodriguez. ‘Juan O Savin’ is playing you. And you’re falling for it. And by you continuing to fall for it, and him continuing to get away with it, the White Hat’s hands are tied and the rest of us continue to languish in limbo Hell. Nino, listen, you’re not the first heavyweight that guy has used to forward his private agenda. He has done this many times, to many people, over many years. Check out this call he did with Doug Hagmann of The Official Hagmann Report  back on Sept. 10, 2013 where he’s trying to lay down the “official” narrative regarding Benghazi:

See? Same old BS.

The internet is littered with calls he’s done and “presentations” (his word) he’s recorded covering everything from 9/11 to Adam and Eve in his effort to build his replacement narrative. Check out this archive channel featuring some his previous work:

Remember, John F. Kennedy, Jr. is all about overlaying his ideal narrative, wherein his special bloodline family runs the show (The Jesus Strand 1; The Jesus Strand 2, atop the current narrative wherein those 13 other special bloodline families run the show. Allow me to assure you Mr. Man of Many Disguises has popped up on your radar in a variety of ways in recent decades.

Believe it or not even this has been rumored:


So now that we know what he’s up to the question becomes, how do we convince John F. Kennedy, Jr. to give up his egomaniacal fantasy and step out of the way so the warriors of our Armed Services can finish their job and liberate our great Republic?

I have a suggestion. I’m sure Jr. is too wrapped up in himself to be able to come to this on his own so I’ll make it simple for him. Aside from a handful of people who have been following this post series most people are good with, or at least curious about, the idea that John F. Kennedy, Jr. is valiantly participating in the Deep State swamp draining. Those who know are further delighted with the belief that JFK Jr. is Q. Right now, immediately right now, would be an excellent time for Jr. to step out of the shadows and jump on his white steed and ride into battle with his Z sword raised high.

And then spend the rest of his life being loved and adored by the entire world as a brilliant hero and a man of God.

Or he can persist with his pipe dream and we will persist with our exposure of his selfish child plans, and I can assure you that after today’s post it’s going to get really ugly and some really good people are going to be hurt.

It’s just that simple.

Choose quickly and choose wisely, kido. You’re not going to win this.


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