(Reader: Thomas Smith) The Ugly Truth, Part 2


Reader Post | By Thomas Smith

I hope you are realizing that is difficult to see and except the truth if you put your fears aside and do a little research many things will come TO light. No one is telling you what to believe or not to believe. That is for you to decide don’t even let your friends, family, workers or political leaders tell you what to believe in doing so they now have control over you and it becomes easier and easier to believe what they say and do what they tell to do weather it is right or wrong this is only for you to decide. once you give up your freedom to decide its a long hard difficult road to get your freedom back and i say freedom because when you let someone decide what you should think you are no longer in control they are and you are their servant weather you like or not. why do you hate someone you’ve never met there can only be one answer someone is telling that  for a simple term they are bad and you should dislike them or even hate them. quit a few years ago there was song the name escapes me but i never for got the words “once there was a man that I didn’t much care for one day i decided to call him and ask him he was like that and after a lengthy discussion he is now a good friend of mine” a lesson that would do us all good. It is hard for many people to show kindness when i was young i was one of those. a wise man once said to me try a little kindness a hundred years from no will ever know the difference” and that has stuck with me ever since my early 20’s. there is more good in life than there is evil we have just blinded our selves to it. If it is truth and righteousness you look for only believe in what you yourself have proven to be true and righteous not the belief of others it is easy to be lead down a path of false truths and false righteousness of others. Beware of those who say they are looking out for you for own good its likely they have alternative motives other than your well being. Now for some ugly truth.

1. Our government leaders are looking out only for their own good at your expense they have stolen trillions of dollars that belong to us.

2. Our government is planning your demise they are going to take every thing from you including your life.

3. They plan on starving you with planed food shortages killing you with toxic vaccines sending you to war to cover up their failures

4. 400000 children go missing in the U.S. every year and they hide it from you

5. They keep 6000 cures of diseases from you and sell you toxic drugs that only cover the illness not cure it

6. Walmart involved in human trafficking (unconfirmed claim)

7. McDonald’s puts human meat in their hamburgers (unconfirmed claim)

8. They don’t teach cursive in school because they don’t want them to be able to read the constitution written in cursive

9. They like the fact that you don’t do your own research it benefits them and firmly puts you under their control


please post this anywhere it can be posted to the public I have banned almost everywhere lets wake them up.

An ardent patriot 
Respectfully yours
Thomas Smith


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