(Reader: Maverick’s Ghost) Old Boss/New Boss: Chapter Three


Reader Post | By Maverick’s Ghost

If you can believe that John F. Kennedy Jr. faked his own death in order to secretly avenge the death of his father by bringing down the entire Deep State…

If you can believe that John F. Kennedy, Sr. also faked his own death in order to secretly take down the Deep State and install his Druzian Bloodline Family into all leading positions within the American establishment…



…then it will come as no surprise to you that the ultimate goal of this self-perceived superior bloodline family of Trumps and Kennedys and Flynns and such was to eventually rule the entire world from seven royal thrones. They were going to make themselves Kings and Queens, dividing the world into seven kingdoms. Donald Trump was to be the King of Kings, and he’s already campaigning for the position following Biden’s referral to him as “the great MAGA king.”

Isn’t that nice of them? After all, they’ve got all that special Druzian blood coursing through their veins. Right? And they did have to fake their deaths and hide their children away for most of their lives. They even had to fake the deaths of some of their children. Like Patrick Bouvier Kennedy who is now masquerading as Michael Brian Protzman of “Negative 48” fame, still dishing out the Gematria to his worshipful followers.

Even Arabella, who was supposedly stillborn at around 28 weeks into the pregnancy, is still alive.


Here are a few others, all within the Druze family bloodline, who are now poised to take their public positions in shaping the new Druze Dynasty future narrative.

Jim/Rush faked his death twice.

So are you still with me here? Centuries ago it came about that a few families began to believe they were the direct descendants of Jesus and his lover Mary Magdalene, and that this entitled them to rule this world. But some competing sects of the day didn’t like this idea and so they set out to eliminate them, thus the Druze had to go into hiding. They found various clever ways to keep themselves and their progeny hidden away and they only married among themselves to keep the bloodline pure.

There were times throughout history when the Druze seemed to all but disappear, but the network was always in place and constantly positioning themselves for the final “coup” that would place them in power. General Mike Flynn’s infamous whiteboard diagrammed the entire operation that would be set in motion upon the return of JFK, Jr.

It is mainly via Patrick Bouvier Kennedy/Michael Brian Protzman/“Negative 48” that we are able to track the Druzian coup operation. Protzman communicates the plan to his followers through one of his Telegram accounts. Here is the most recent post from May 16, 2022:

We have captured a number of Protzman’s posts that paint a clear picture of the massive Druzian operation. We provide many of them now in no particular order.

In conclusion, as crazy as everything sounds it is difficult to deny the evidence presented in the three chapters of this post series. The hardest part for me personally is imagining that Trump would do that to our country and eventually to the world. But this plan has been in the works for far more than a thousand years and it’s clear how much patience and effort went into getting to this point of final execution. I do believe the Druzian Dynasty would have been much more benevolent than the 13 prior bloodline families, however, this country and the world will not be ruled over by Kings and Queens who believe their family bloodline is somehow special. We already tried that and it didn’t work. It’s evil to the core. And this certainly isn’t God’s will for our species and our planet.


A word to the wise: seek your reward in the Kingdom of Heaven. The circus is over on our home planet Earth.

P.S. Stay tuned for Chapter Four.


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