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Reader Post | By timjoebob

This is really something else. It’s as if Alex Jones never existed. Who in the hell do you think coined the ‘information war’ slogan, Mickey Mouse? Jones has been screaming, ranting and raving for close to 2 decades or longer about this.

I will not let this go without giving my own little rant…and it boils right down to what I’ve been ranting about since discovering Jones at least 15 yrs ago. MSM!!! For crying out loud people, if you’re standing on the railroad tracks and you see the freight train barreling down on you, don’t you think you should DO SOMETHING? …..like move? Oh, hell no! We have to politicize everything. Let’s do the old cloak-and-dagger spy vs spy bs.

“Oh, I know, let’s make a game out of it.”

Like I’ve said a thousand times before. Nothing has changed since ancient times. You have ‘players’ and then you have NPC’S…that would be us. We are all expendable.

Now, you can gush all over the stars of the game like 107 and the like, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this go. By, the so-called Alliance, allowing MSM to control the narrative worldwide is straight up supporting them. Period. End of discussion on that. I won’t waste 2 seconds on a debate on that. What really pisses me off is allowing censorship of truth across the MSM. The truth should have been allowed to be heard across MSM, too. Whoever controls MSM should have been dealt with from day 1. Period. No excuses. The MSM could still spew their bs because of the 1st Amendment…but so should the truth be spoken out on MSM because of the 1st Amendment, too. But, since the Alliance allowed the Constitution to be trampled on and torn to pieces we no longer have a Constitution that means anything. It’s just a memory. We now live in The Un-united Divided Commi-States of Ameri-China. Well done guys and gals. You really know how to read a script.

Why is it that the ‘good’ is always playing catch up to the ‘bad’? Script. It’s a damned game. It’s a play. It’s a stage play. People die for real in this game. I stand firm and unwavering on this: we would already be way ahead on this time line if people would have had access to the truth across MSM worldwide and the whole Agenda 2030 trans humanism crap would have been nipped in the bud. But, no! It appears to me that both sides love an audience. There have to be star players (actors) on both sides. What a tangled web of deceit and lies the world has become all because of a ‘stage play’. Planet Psycho is the stage…life is the play. Like wind up toys of the old days, just wind it up and watch it run into walls and anything in its path…mindless wandering around until the spring inside has no more force. Perfect.

The so-called Alliance, no doubt, is doing good things, but they sure as hell dropped the ball on MSM. Period. And I could care less what anyone says about it…especially the ‘players’ who are so popular about being ‘in the know’. They think we’re all stupid and can’t connect dots. I beg to differ. Now, all of a sudden, we find out “it’s a war on information’?



I’m out.



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