(Reader: Jeff W) Who is to Blame?


Reader Post | By Jeff W

Well.. looks like WE have some huge responsibilities to pass down to our children.  And it’s a lesson that  will be hammered into the heads of every generation to come (if we have a future).  

We must never ever again have a single law, bill, rule enacted again without full written consent of the people.  There MUST be limits and revisions to all constitutions that will reflect the mistakes that we fell for.  Every state must re-examine their own constitutions and dump every single one of the elected bodies there now.  Everything must be restarted without party or contributors and lobbyists. Book deals jILL REALLY..


The amendments all must be re-examined and added to to reflect the loop holes these assholes have used.  Every single one of them must go to every state in every county and in every city.  FLUSH THE CRAP. 

I don’t trust a single thing coming from any of these people under the “government”  . They don’t deserve to be trusted.  NONE OF THEM.  I know I’m a Georgian having to deal with this Stacy Abrams bussdhit and Kemps crap.  If a single one of them has taken contributions from any politically leaning company organization or group.. SEE YA!  GOTTA GO! STACY!  Most of them should be put behind bars.  

These people who serve us are Bonded.. go after their bonds and put them out of their positions.. They have gone far past the scope of their positions.  They do not represent us.  

Why am I still hearing things about 22 and 24 Elections..  There shouldn’t be any.  These people need to be held accountable publically NOW.  Not next week, a month from now, when  NOT when 67% wake up… NOW.

If they have the evidence for any crime and it proves that.. LETS HAVE IT.  

I think this silent consent by ignorance is a crock of sh*t and I no longer buy into any of it.  

I’m honestly tired of defending the Alliance Position without anything to back it up. And just where are they anyway.  Everything done, you say,  Nick Fleming.. I bet it was long ago.  We are losing the trust in the Alliance… some of us..and in the validity of this RV.  The GCR must happen.  But so much smoke has been blown up our asses as far as the ZIM and probably this lucrative V. Bilovares sleeper.  The Lobstr scams…. who can keep up and honestly this wears you down year after year..  Who knows what’s left or right, up or down any more.  I seriously doubt we will see anything this week.  Let’s just tell it like it is.. If the Alliance doesn’t get sh*t and get off the pot.  Nothing will ever happen.  Just as black and white as that.  There is no longer a gray here.  You said so yourself.  ALL IS DONE.

Ultimately WE (as a people on this planet) are responsible for allowing this to happen.  WE ARE!  And it’s too bad we were conned and we consented by default because of ignorance.  We should have known better after the first time they tried to take over the country publically.. Smedley Butler knew.  Honestly it was way before when we lost it all!.  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE TO ME.  AND IF I HAD THE MEANS… One man can certainly make a difference for the better of all.  Look at the assholes like Soros who’ve used their means to destroy.. ONE MAN! 

OUR America the beautiful turned out to be the biggest lie of them all just like every other one we’ve brought into put out there by these criminals.  America lasted for how long?   July 1776-1863 maybe.  Less than a hundred years of freedom.  Tenn we screwed up trusting the people we placed in office not knowing who exactly they were.  Secret societies and Masonry.  NO MORE of that.  Every single “secret Society on this planet needs to be purged immediately.

Alright Alliance I’m done saying my truth here.  So what are you going to do sitting on your hands.. Get up and get cracking NOW!  We are tired of this behind the scenes BS.. tIME TO MAKE A SCENE!


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