(Reader: Mark Wagner) Who to Trust?


Reader Post | By Mark Wagner

Many here have written similar posts so I will attempt to summarize the angst that many light-bearers are experiencing.  It seems to me that the most egregious issue facing the more awakened is the constant lying from the very people who we are supposed to trust.  If the stories are even half true and the White Hats are in control of many situations, then the White Hats are Grey Hats, to be nice.  You can’t claim to be “in-control” and claim to be White Hats, and then you proceed to lie to your people, weekly for many years.  Further as has been stated before, why if the White Hats are in control, are they allowing so many to be killed, die or suffer?  Here are a few more questions that beg to be answered:

1.  Where are all the children you claim to have rescued?  Why haven’t we seen thousands of grateful parents testifying via various sources of information, that their child was returned to them?

2.  Why, if the Cabal only fears one thing (the people rising up to oppose them), are you constantly telling all people to stand down?  In the US alone, there are tens of thousands of veterans, ex-police and militia members equipped to hunt down the elites and bring them to justice.  Yes, it could get messy but do you really call what you are doing (or not doing), a clean operation?  Why don’t you enlist parties who can approach the police, give them solid evidence and ask them to stand down, while organized militia help to bring the criminal elites to justice?  Some police may join the effort, in fact.  Yes, infiltration will be a problem but you have already told the elite you are coming for them.  Wouldn’t it be better to make it happen quicker, rather than allowing the elite to make further chess moves, after you have told them what you are planning to do?

3.  Do you really believe that you must wait for more of the populace to wake-up yet unless most people hear it from an official source, they won’t believe it?  Are you so naive that you believe the parents, who both work, should be searching the internet for your “secret” story?  To put it frankly, until and unless you either take over main stream media or they cooperate with you/us, there is no reason to blame the hypnotized parties for not being awake to your efforts.  To put it nicely, your waiting until more people wake up yet doing nothing to assist in that, means it is just another excuse.

4.  We all realize that mis-direction is a part of war but it seems to many of us that the only people you are lying to, are the very people who could help in a war against evil.  It is rather comical that on the one hand you keep repeating that your existence and efforts are secret, that your plans are secret, yet every day certain people who are supposedly tied to you, are “releasing” supposed inside info, which include the names of the Alliance leaders, all of whom could receive reprisals (like parties who are still employees in the government).  Of course, the real secret part is, not one civilian can confirm any of this.So, is the earthly Alliance (whom we have no confirmation of) really working with light workers from other galactic locations?  Do the galactic light workers and soldiers really agree with the constant lying to the light-bearers here on earth?

5.  I know this note will receive resistance from parties who are totally sold on the story-line and one of the critiques will undoubtedly be, “if you were tuned-in, you wouldn’t have these doubts” but…whereas I believe that creating and maintaining a connection to source/God and increasing our love for life, God, other people, nature, etc. is most important, I don’t believe that negates the desire for truthful relationship with our partners in this war of light versus darkness.  Similar to the movie, The Matrix, some of us are seeing at least portions of the code now and unfortunately, many of the Alliance stories and plans look like the code coming from the Cabal, sorry to say.  This is why many of us are questioning the info coming from people such as Charlie Ward, Benjamin Fulford, Juan O’Savin, et.al…

6.  Lastly, for those who follow channels on Telegram, such as Trump Office, John Durham, John F. Kennedy Jr., Q News Official, The Patriot, Melania Trump, etc., if all these people and others are really White Hats fighting for the freedom of all mankind, why are they allowing or owning companies who seem like scams, on their channel?  There are constant advertisements for the Trump Gold Coin, where the sellers infer it is an investment by saying the value will sky-rocket in the near future, yet when you go to the website selling it, it clearly states that it is memorabilia only.  I am saying, there is NO investment value.  The same can be said about the Trump Gold Card, also.  Further, even the supplements they are selling, use sales techniques that must pass away in a Gesara world, for instance, trying to get people to buy 6 months worth because the product is about to be banned… they were to have been banned a few months ago, but that didn’t happen.  These things also bring into doubt the stories about the pure motives and enlightened leadership we can trust.  So, what to do when we can’t trust the “leaders” on either side?  Do we the people take up arms and arrest the elites and let Common Law courts deal with them?  Do we continue to sit tight and pray more? Do we the people openly declare, as the elites have done, war against all evil and the elites who have declared war on all of us?  Do we actively and openly recruit police, military etc. to join us as we throw 90% of the politicians out of office and into prison?  Do we take over the government and elite controlled media and arrest the editors, board members, CEOs and commentators of major media companies?  Do we the people check the bonafides of anyone claiming to be part of the Alliance?  Do we the people make contact with parties claiming to represent the galactic Alliance and make our case directly?  Can we afford to believe the various mis-leading stories and just sit tight, trusting that someone else, in this case a secret group claiming to be highly funded and equipped to win a war against the evil elite, will actually serve our interests, will actually have pure motives and can actually win against an opponent that has completely controlled earth for thousands of years?  I hope it is true, about the Alliance, but I believe that if true, the Alliance needs help from people on the ground, even if it is just to tell the truth to us and see what suggestions come forth, I have no doubt that some suggestions will be un-thought of by the Alliance…and quite helpful.  However, without a truthful forthcoming from the Alliance, we may want to ask ourselves what we must do to take matters into our own hands…?

Mark Wagner


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