(Reader: Linda Lazarides) Proof that Viruses Do Not Exist


Reader Post | By Linda Lazarides, Naturopathic Writer and Teacher

As we learn the true extent of the horrendous crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the satanist cults, the “covid vaccine” agenda has slipped from the limelight. But people are still dying and suffering horrendous side effects because governments have not withdrawn the products.

As we know, the Illuminati’s rule is, if we don’t object, we are implying consent.

I have not found any action group which is spearheading a letter-writing campaign to their parliamentary representatives, stating “We do not comply. Withdraw the covid “vaccines” now and destroy all the vials.”

Perhaps this hesitancy is because so many groups are infiltrated by deep state shills who appear to be militant protestors but in fact are blocking and sabotaging our efforts in subtle ways.

One of these ways is to make us hesitant that perhaps Covid-19 really is a dangerous virus and the “vaccines” really are protective against it for most people. Yes, that is the official narrative and the reason given why it is not withdrawn.

I am urging you right now to ditch the shills and get angry, not hesitant. They are laughing at you. Deep state know that this virus does not exist. What do you think Covid means?

C=Latin for 100
ovid=Latin for sheep
Covid=100 sheep

Get those pens out and start writing to all the politicians, that you do NOT COMPLY.  Here is more information about the existence of viruses: https://linlaz.substack.com/p/do-viruses-exist

The poison graphene oxide has been found in face masks, hand sanitizer, chemtrail remains, “covid vaccines” and the saline used for all vaccine products (patent KR20210028062A). When injected into test animals or inhaled, or gets on your eyes, it produces all the symptoms that have been reported for “Covid-19”. It is a hexagonal (6-sided) molecule. It cuts up your small blood vessels and airways, and you will find it on page 666 of a past issue of Science magazine.

If you are not sure what to put in your letter:

Dear Parliamentary Representative

It is time for our government to stop pushing fake vaccines that are harming and killing people. You and I both know they are not vaccines. They never were, and even the manufacturers are not claiming them to be vaccines.

You and I also know that the PCR tests are fake, and the so-called Covid “case” statistics are either graphene poisoning or completely unrelated conditions.

If you were doing your job you would be demanding the withdrawal of these products on the grounds of the deaths, paralysis, intense distress and anxiety, and countless disabilities they are causing.

Please tell your Illiuminati masters that we the people:

Do NOT ACCEPT these fake vaccines. That you must immediately STOP administering them to children. That each and every vial must be immediately destroyed.

Please believe that when the media lies and this communist coup that has taken place in our government, are finally brought to an end, there will be no leniency for those who did not oppose the crimes against humanity.


If you have had personal experience of vaccine bereavement or injury, be sure to include that information too.

When writing, use snail mail. It wastes their time, as they have to answer by the same method, and the physical presence of the paper has a psychological effect too.

If you don’t get a response within a week, write again. If you get an unsatisfactory response, write again, and again. This is a very powerful weapon. In the UK it was used to stop a European Union directive which was intended to ban the sale of above-RDA vitamin supplements. We know now that this directive was likely a cabal project.



Blessings to everyone


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