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Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 29, 2022

(For those whose patience is wearing thin, here is a little thought experiment to take the edge off. But first, a preamble …

Despite the odd waft of fear and uncertainty that sometimes shouts out at you from odd corners of internet, you must surely by now hold the reassuring conviction in every inner file that matters that we have un-movably locked into, onto and around the positive timeline. This train, is arriving at its station.

And that being the case it is possible it, as a  highly positive timeline, is in no hurry at all to accomplish its ends, and given the opportunity, might express its position thusly:

‘If it is all the same to everyone else I am going to kick any and all sense of urgency to the side and take the thorough, methodical route to the assured finish, maximising my gains and clearing out all the remaining trash as I go …

Not so much a mad rush to the finish, more a leisurely, attentive, walk in the park where nothing is left out.

So I would advise anyone seeking dramatic change soon to temper their expectations and protect their patience from all forms of internet overstimulation while inwardly celebrating. I am here, I am very happy you found and united with me and I Will Not Let You Down! It is going to be So Great! But … respect that patience!’

Yes … Well enough about timelines and their possible approaches to their own unfolding. Let’s get on with the thought experiment so we don’t find ourselves too far ahead of the current and final, in the sense there will now be no others, optimal one … )

Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Creators … A new generation of great and innovative artists have taken to cyberspace and apps like telegram to share their unfolding genius, hanging their pictures on the electric air waiting potently in the minds of their eager and targeted audience.
These are truly committed and enterprising artists who treat their sites or channels as expanding themed exhibitions, with ever new works added daily.

One such was pleased to speak of current projects while offering examples from their channel. Here is what they had to say.

“I call this one The Big Switchover is Imminent. It is a continuation of a work I recently presented called Any Moment Now, If You Blink You Will Miss It. My next work which I really shouldn’t be talking about till it is properly ready is currently called That’s It Folks, It’s Time!

Overall I am going for that heightened sense of expectation when something you really wanted for a long time is about to happen. The actual event is nothing to me, nothing at all, it is all about that Magnificent Heightened Expectation. That is a force on which whole new worlds can be built! 

In that sense I am not one who creates, but one who materialises the conditions from which major projects can come into being in the actual sphere of life itself. I am a catalyst, devoted to my work.

Yes they are. The new voice of the people and all the signs are we will be watching this prodigious space for some time to come.


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