The Russian Oligarchs are the Enemies of the People of Russia


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 25, 2022



The New York Times had a reporter during the Vietnam War named R. W. Apple whose coverage of the Vietnam War was superior to the CIA presidential briefings.  The Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee J. W. Fulbright used to say that Apple’s reports were superior to all classified briefings because they were true.  The media coverage today is not what it was then but is mostly propaganda.  The problem with the CIA briefings then was that they were doctored. For example, I knew the CIA fellow who compiled the infiltration estimates of the Vietcong into South Vietnam and he told me that President Johnson personally ordered General Westmoreland that they be falsified to show much lower numbers as it would not sit well with the American public.  In other words, we could not control the infiltration despite having 549,000 troops in the country.  My CIA friend predicted the Tet Offensive but it was not allowed to seep out.  When the Tet Offensive happened that blew apart the US commitment to South Vietnam as the lies exploded in Johnson’s face.

Scott Ritter’s courage and honesty over the fake WMD justifications for the Iraq invasion by the US recommends him as an honest military analyst and therefore the tapes below are well worth listening to on what is really happening in the Ukraine. Scott is too kind to Putin who completely mishandled the Ukraine situation costing many more Russian lives than necessary. First, he should have moved in troops after the US engineered the Maidan revolution in 2014 against an elected government but he was warned off by the oligarchs of Lord Jacob Rothschild. Then he let them build up for eight years the Ukrainian Army to nearly a million NATO trained and armed force to be integrated with NATO after the Ukraine joined NATO as planned. Still Putin did not move even though shelling of the Donbas and Luhansk were slowly killing 15,000 Russian citizens there over eight years. Finally, the US could not tolerate the any more delay as Germany was going to activate Nord Stream Two and this had to be stopped or it would lead to a German-Russian-Chinese alliance. England means nothing and Germany actually won World War Two in that it now controls the EU having conquered Europe economically instead of militarily. The US wanted this. This was the CIA plan in their opposition to Russia as the Shah of Iran was our anchor in the Middle East. The US feared that they would lose Germany to Russia over Nord Stream Two and thus engineered the Ukraine intervention by Russia by starting massive shelling of the Donbas which even Putin could not overlook with the military and intelligence services looking over his shoulder. And it worked. Germany dumped Nord Stream Two and now wants to end Nord Stream One and end all European interaction with Russia in preparation for World War Three. Germany is even remilitarizing.

So the US ordered massive Ukrainian shelling of the Donbas and Luhansk where already about 15,000 Russian Ukrainians were already dead on Putin’s conscience as he turned his head away as he reported to the oligarchs who made him. It is totally false that Putin put Lord Jacob Rothschild and his oligarchs in their place in 1999-2000 telling them he ran the country not them. He did not do that. That was just a public relations stunt. They still robbed the country blind and he still answered to Lord Jacob. Half the profits of Russian business is siphoned out of the country as a form of highway robbery each year. The transfer of the stolen money is engineered by the Russian Central Bank that not only handles this stolen money each year in its transfer to Lord Jacob in London but also under orders from Lord Jacob holds back Russian growth to 1% per year for the last 20 years of Putin’s being the Rothschild’s frontman. Why? It was to keep Russia weak. 

Lord Jacob Rothschild controls the Russian Central Bank and not Putin.  It is elementary world history that he who controls the central bank controls the country. 


GIVE me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” So said Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

Russian intel and the Russian army were not going to tolerate the massacre of Russians in the Donbas and Luhansk and Putin was forced to move troops into the Ukraine. He later fired 150 intelligence agents for thinking that the Ukrainians would be a pushover when they finally came in after a million man military build up with NATO training and equipment. But the 150 are just scapegoats for Putin’s own incompetence and cowardice in not moving in 2014 at Maidan. It is not widely known but the puppet Obama had promised Putin that if he did not shoot the demonstrators at Maiden then Obama would see to it that Russia remained in control of the Ukraine which Putin should have known was a lie based on elementary KGB training.  I am sure he did know but walked away from the Russian people in the Ukraine anyway. He tries to do as little as possible even now and even his most loyal friend and supporter Ramzan Kadyran was shocked. He said about a month ago Putin can’t continue to undermine the army as he is doing. He has to let them alone.  In other words, even though he was forced to authorize the invasion of Russian troops he tried to handcuff them under orders from Lord Jacob.

The blatant truth is Russia is run by corrupt oligarchs and either their stolen assets must confiscated and they are to be arrested for crimes against the State or Putin has to resign. My Russian sources say Russia needs a Moscow Treason Trials series as in 1936 to 1939 of the Trotskyites.  After all if they own most of the country who then runs it? Who is Putin kidding? The cited evidence is damning.

I may add that I brought Putin hundreds of billions of dollars to reroute all his natural gas and oil to China away from the EU in 2019 predicting that the Ukraine would blow up in a military brawl and that the US would cut Russia out of SWIFT-CHIPS. I did not even receive a thank you. By now those new pipelines could have been ready to start but they were never built. My predictions were covered by the Russian press who attended my speech at the Peace Conference at the Duma on 7-2-2019 is in footnote one.

David Lifschultz



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