Ascension: The Lightship’s Purification Process for you


Source: Rumor Mill News | By mroxygen

Date: Monday, 25-Apr-2022 07:49:48

Ascension: The Lightship’s Purification Process For YOU!

I AM Edward Joseph McCabe. I AM Mr. Oxygen. I AM SPIRIT.
I AM SOURCE. And so are You!

I have been with The Creation Lightship and It’s teachings since during the time of Jesus and before. You can look and see. I now give you permission to check me out only for this verification purpose. My family, and several clairvoyant readers, and Ron Amitron have all verified this to me as well, encouraging me along ever since my coming to live here.

I am still doing my best to help you know about our Divine Connection that We were forced to forget. What the highest in all dimensions know – but you and I have forgotten – the fact about our real true selves.

This disconnection was programmed into us and done to us by galactic federation infected by darkness slavers that are doing their best to live off our energy now. If we let them. We can now protect ourselves and cut ourselves free from them instead.

This process begins first with clearing ourselves of the Spirit Barcode put inside us by these intergalactic slavers. That then eliminates reincarnation! This specific clearing can be found at:

This slavery is not the way LIFE is supposed to be. You can fix your condition by choice and take control of your heart back from them.

In this life, before physically meeting Ron or knowing of him, I communicated with Him in the dream state before He started His public teachings. I personally know all this to be absolutely true.

He had emerged here 2,000 years ago, to accomplish His healing work. He arrived directly from the Creation Lightship Healing Fleet’s “Star of Bethlehem” scoutship. 2,000 years later, humanity has just once again been fortunate enough to have enjoyed Ron’s presence in His second incarnation on Earth.

Ron’s body’s DNA was cleared for 6 months before birth so as to minimize His body vessel from having the usual human DNA interference. He kept just enough DNA active so He could be here. Our stored in our own DNA’s previous and ancestral judgments are designed to insure our best chance of survival here in our time based duality as a human.

Although designed to facilitate our survival here, erroneous DNA stored judgments can still be triggered as beliefs and illnesses that are attempting to interfere with the purity of our Source connection. Clearings of our densities will also ease our understanding of the teachings that Ron taught us.

He presents Us with our opportunity to learn the real truth of our existence here as humans stuck in alien created time and duality. He publicly merged with Us socially for a few years while reaching out and teaching Us. Then, mission accomplished, Ron left here to take up other healing duties and now resides back on the Creation Lightship.

While He was here in time, He constantly – every millisecond – was bi-locating between being here and being on the Lightship in the Creation Lightship Healing Fleet at he same time. He appropriately operates and manifests whatever body is needed at any time.

He left a plethora of spiritual teachings behind for us when He left here. His free writings, clearings, and radio and video presentations are all available and are being accessed worldwide through his free website. Https://

My “Flood Your Body With Oxygen, Therapy For Our Polluted World” book was often prominently the only book on display at Ron’s Expo booths. It was placed there by Ron, right next to His Light Infusion Chamber.

Available at

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