Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 22, 2022

If a Vegas-level hypnotist can get (some) people to believe what he says and act accordingly on command, I wonder what a round-the-clock media cycle can do to the general public?

Hypnosis Act

Could probably get (some) people to obsessively mask up on command, even after the lead TV scientist said from the start masking doesn’t work and is actually bad for their health.  

Could probably get (some) people to irrationally hate the only political figure in ages that actually worked to reform the corrupt-to-the-gills government system from within, and then whole-heartedly support a lifelong criminal politician who can barely form a coherent sentence and is the laughing stock of the sane world.

Could definitely get (some) people to pretend that the most obvious stolen election in world history didn’t happen right under their noses and then get subsequently swept under the rug as if it never happened at the snap of a media finger.

Could surely get (some) people to line up for multiple experimental vaccine jabs even though the survival rate of the lab-manufactured disease is/was the same as the flu, which it miraculously replaced, while the side effects of the self-same jab are playing out worse than the media-hyped pseudo-plague itself.


Hypnotism doesn’t work the same on everyone. I’ve been to one of these shows myself. It never takes with some and others come out of it mid-way through. Still others go almost immediately into a deep trance. There are varying levels of suggestibility.

I know there are those that will say this is all fake and acting, but there are thousands of similar videos like this. Hypnotism works. The human mind is incredibly suggestible. That’s why advertising  is one of the biggest businesses in the world.

I think in the classrooms of tomorrow, ‘Mind Control in the 20th & 21st Century’ will be an important course to take. The advent of modern technology, with radio, television, the internet and social media, has, as you can imagine, taken the dark arts of mind control to a quantum level.

Whoever controls the media can steer (some) of humanity in whichever direction they wish, while yet others, previously under mass suggestion, will awaken from the conditioning and slap the stopwatch out of the hypnotist’s hand.

This is all in good fun in an entertainer’s school show, but do you really want to turn your psyche over to the banking forces behind the platforms of big tech and the corporate media? You can’t possibly trust that they have your best interests in mind.

Yuval Noah Harari, advisor to the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, has stated that the human mind is hackable and that freewill as we know it is a thing of the past. Harari says he does believe in intelligent design, but “not the intelligent design of some God above the clouds, but our intelligent design.” He speaks further of the importance of merging man with artificial intelligence, which our technocrat overlords would be in charge of, quite naturally. You will own nothing and be happy!

Why does the old economic guard, who incidentally all seem to be deeply into transhumanism, all agree on one thing in the political world: President Donald Trump is Public Enemy #1?


Is it because Trump does believe in the importance of human freewill, free speech, as well as economic freedom, and states that these freedoms originate from God and not the State? You remember those ideals, don’t you? The founding fathers of the United States based a country on that very cornerstone. And they also warned that private central banks would attempt to usurp and subvert that freedom for their own tyrannical ends.

It’s interesting to see how some are in a tizzy at even the concept that a figure like Elon Musk might return universal free speech to one of the social media platforms, namely Twitter. It’s like (some) people are afraid to lose even a single one of the popular forms of narrative control. Twitter doesn’t have as many users as Instagram, Facebook or Tik-Tok, but it is the main breaking-news-oriented social media outlet, and thus the fight to maintain it as a forum which can censor a sitting President. I myself was banned from Twitter on the same day as Donald Trump, which I consider a badge of honor. It will be interesting to see if Trump, or myself, actually return to Twitter, but like the Donald said as he left the White House in DC for the Winter White House in Mar-a-Lago:

“We will be back, in some form…”

Oh, yes, we will.

Late Nite Talk Show hosts and other TV News Entertainers do themselves perform a kind of low-key version of hypnosis. They echo the narratives which their corporate check-writers provide, and (some) people subsequently dance to their tunes, thinking it’s all just obvious common sense. They clap and cheer on signal, without noticing those commands are also on placards in the hands of a gum-chewing stage manager in the wings.

It’s not that hard to imagine that one could be led astray, if a guy in a bad suit, with a microphone and some hypnotic suggestion is all it takes to get a bunch of school kids to smell either sewage or roses at the snap of a finger.

For those playing at home, Biden is the horrendous stench in the room and Trump is the sweet smell of success soon to replace him, in case you haven’t snapped out of the media spell yet.  

Their con job will soon be over.




Parting the Washington Sea


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