Thomas Anderson: Is Germany and are Others Already Legally in War with Russia? A View on the Legal Side


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 16, 2022

Dear Reader

to take a look on the legal side of this question it is necessary to take a look on international law.

sources:              land war

see war


both links are in german language and you can use an online translator for any language.

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when you take a look at the page for the land war please read especially article 9

Alle Beschränkungen oder Verbote, die von einer neutralen Macht in Ansehung der in den Artikeln 7,8 erwähnten Gegenstände angeordnet werden, sind von ihr auf die Kriegführenden gleichmäßig anzuwenden.

Die neutrale Macht hat darüber zu wachen, daß die gleiche Verpflichtung von den Gesellschaften oder Privatpersonen eingehalten wird, in deren Eigentum sich Telegraphen- oder Fernsprechleitungen oder Anlagen für drahtlose Telegraphie befinden.

All restrictions or prohibitions ordered by a neutral power in respect of the objects mentioned in Articles 7,8 shall be applied by it equally to the belligerents.

The neutral power shall see that the same obligation is observed by the companies or individuals in whose property telegraph or telephone lines or installations for wireless telegraphy are located.



delivering arms and ammunition might not be the problem legally.

because if you would deliver arms to Ukraine if ordered by them, would lot be any legal problem according to this law text,

and if arms would (!) also be delivered to Russia (if ordered) the principle of neutrality would not be harmed.

BUT the text is very clear about all measures “shall be applied by it equally to the belligerents”.

that means, sanctions against Russia, no matter from which country they come or from which country they are performed or supported,

make this country a belligerent. Because neutrality, according to this bill, would only be maintained by applying the sanctions to both Ukraine and Russia.

But since the sanctions in any case in the current situation are applied only to Russia and in contrast to this the Ukraine is supported (no matter with what), the legal situation in this case is very clear.

ALL countries that support sanctions against Russia are, legally speaking, belligerents.



Why? Because they are not neutral.

but it does not end here.

Ein Neutraler kann sich auf seine Neutralität nicht berufen:
a) wenn er feindliche Handlungen gegen einen Kriegführenden begeht;
b) wenn er Handlungen zugunsten eines Kriegführenden begeht, insbesondere wenn er freiwillig Kriegsdienste in der bewaffneten Macht einer der Parteien nimmt.
In einem solchen Falle darf der Neutrale von dem Kriegführenden, dem gegenüber er die Neutralität außer acht gelassen hat, nicht strenger behandelt werden, als ein Angehöriger des anderen kriegführenden Staates wegen der gleichen Tat behandelt werden kann.

A neutral may not invoke his neutrality:

(a) if he commits acts of hostility against a belligerent;

(b) when he commits acts in favour of a belligerent, especially when he voluntarily takes war service in the armed force of one of the parties.

In such a case the neutral may not be treated more severely by the belligerent towards whom he has disregarded neutrality than a national of the other belligerent State may be treated for the same act.


IF (!) it is true that NATO General Cloutier was captured on site in Ukraine

IF (!) it is true that NATO troops form France and / or Germany and / or England are in an underground bunker in Mariupol


IF (!) it is true that NATO officers support Ukrainian forces and deliver consultancy services to them

then according to this next paragraph of the law make that certain country also not neutral.

all in all I would say, legally seen, we are in the midst of World War because all countries which support sanctions against Russia are not neutral and therefore in a state of war, even if not declared.

Of course you could argue about that, however Russia could also argue and possibly win that discussion simply be reading out loud this law text.


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