Thomas Anderson: What Shall we do with all those Stupid People?



Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 15, 2022

Dear Reader

when we hear about “secret” plans of the DAVOS Group or the “New World Order”

we often hear the question, mostly used as an argument:
“What shall we do with all those stupid people?”

and then its often argumented like, the people don’t care, they are just sheep, they follow every idiot, you can easily tell them what to do

etc etc etc

and then these arguments are used to transform those “stupid people” into “useless eaters” and then the methods how to create pandemics, vaccinations, population control programs,




pro-abortion argumentation are explained and introduced and it all sounds very logic and rational.

like this here:

the “thought leader” of the Davos group…

a seemingly well educated man talking about how to rule the world and transform into something better.

I like talking to smart people.

I like great discussions in which you highlight the one and the other side and find out who might have the better or the correct arguments.




of course there are ways to “win” a discussion just with rhetorical techniques.

but to have a great discussion does not necessarily need to have a “winner”.

it can be much more satisfying to just find out how the other person thinks and finds his / her logical way through the jungle of reality,

because having a good explained example of a well-educated other human being revealing all his arguments truthfully and openly might give yourself some good impulses how and where to perhaps think over again certain topics.

well. so let me ask this again:

“What shall we do with all those stupid people?”



this MTFs had thousands of years with access to secret wisdom and knowledge to transform the Earth into (their) paradise

and all what came out as their final and best practice solution is “kill them all down to a minimum and treat the rest very badly as slaves”.





this unbelievable arrogance, with which they simply judge the life of other people. they judge without looking at the individual about exclusively everyone, who does not belong to their club. no matter how stupid he is. and, really, there are so many unbelievable examples for unbelievably stupid people in these clubs, that it becomes obvious here, that not a very well educated, wise and brutal minority rules the humanity and wants to rule even stronger, but simply a minority.

often stupid, mostly poorly educated, with access to incredible knowledge and too stupid to use it properly.

a minority that presumes to be “better” than other people.

a minority that wants to achieve a lot and does not seize the opportunities lying on the road.

a minority that could achieve much more if it finally gave others access to its secret knowledge.

a minority, which could become a majority and could dominate the universe, if finally the potential of the whole (!) humanity would be used.

how STUPID is it to want to kill 7 out of 8 billion people.

8 billion.

if you educate all of them, if you give all of them access to secret knowledge, there will surely be some hundred thousand among them, who will accomplish unbelievable things.




and if you channel THAT well, put it on the way and then use it cleverly, then you will be one of the winners, even if you wouldn’t have made it that far yourself.

Instead, these people like Hunter Biden, George Bush Jr. and Joe Biden, or in Germany Habeck and Baerbock, these lighthouses of wisdom, do nothing but suppress and kill everything that and who could actually make the world better somehow.

And all  of those are better then these.

Still mankind is sprayed with chemtrails,

still people are “vaccinated” and then perish miserably, piece by piece, mercilessly.

DAMN YOU, who presume to go to the public with group names like “Majority 12”.



ALL your actions serve only the satisfaction of your mostly oversized egos and

as a substitute for a very small…..




Step back and you may survive the storm.

The storm will come. Sooner or later.

From all directions.

And when it does, you won’t just hang.

You will be torn to pieces.


Finger by finger.

Is destroying all you’ve got?

You are NOTHING!

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