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Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 14, 2022

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There are Rothschild oligarchs in Ukraine running the show as in Russia. Rothschild controls the Ukraine and appears to be losing control of Russia. So Lord Jacob has ordered the Russian oligarchs to be sanctioned. Lord Jacob has his trillion stolen dollars from Russia and this may be the end of his ability to drain Russia. Zelensky is the protege of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky who reports to Lord Jacob.

Rothschild and the US controlled Russia through the oligarchs until now. Rothschild and the US are losing Russia which the US regards as a strategic disaster as they see the alliance now between Russia and China becoming a Pact of Steel as with Mao and Stalin. If the US controls Russia through the oligarchs as they did, they had the ability to cut off the Russian oil and natural gas with other natural resources to China and the US fleet could stop the oil tankers from going to China. This meant the US controlled China and the world as Britannia for nearly four hundred years by their control of the sea. What the US has now done is exposed in Russia the treasonous oligarchs and those who love Russia will certainly ally themselves with China who supports them. The US policy has awakened Russia from their sleep and has caused the US and Rothschild to lose Russia that Lord Jacob Rothschild and US had lock, stock and barrel. The US is subordinate to the Rothschilds.

Actually, in 2014 the US spent five billion dollars to overthrow the elected Ukrainian government based on the Brzezinski plan. Why was Yanokovych elected? The Russians in the Ukraine such as in Donbas and Luhansk voted as a block for a Russian favorable candidate Victor Yanokovych as they are Russians. Much of the Ukraine from the Dnieper east is Russian. The reason the Minsk accords were not followed through as agreed is that if they had semi-autonomy, and voted in the elections, and Zelensky would not win the election. The Ukraine would have turned back to Russia. That was not part of the US plan and the US ditched the Minsk accords.




President Obama had called Vladimir Putin during the Kiev crisis in 2014 to ask him not to shoot the demonstrators and he as President would guarantee that the Ukraine would stay in the Russian column. Since Obama could not lift his hand or foot without permission, Putin was being set up by the deep state. Putin then lost the Ukraine. Brzezinski could not have conceived such weakness by Putin as he was trying to force Russia to invade the Ukraine as in Afghanistan. Then, the US would set up a civil war as in Afghanistan. It was thought to be easy then to draw Putin in as the Ukraine did not have 8 years for the US to train and build up their army as now.

As long as the US controlled the oligarchs in Russia, what did the US need the Ukraine for? It didn’t. The Strausians as Jake Sullivan, Antony Blinken and Victoria Nuland were proteges of Brzezinski. When he saw my report that the Russians had sealed their air space with advanced missiles, he created the 2014 Kiev coup to start a civil war as he did in Afghanistan to draw the Russians in as part of his effort to overthrow the communists. Now he wanted to overthrow the Oligarch Government. It was totally unnecessary as Lord Jacob Rothschild controlled Russia and the US was Lord Jacob’s subordinate. It just did not make any sense.

Brzezinski expected to see the Russian troops come in as with Afghanistan to drain them. He even ordered the collapse of oil prices in 2014 as he did in 1985. Then, there would be world boycotts and he thought he could bring down the Russia government, but Russia did not come in. Then he started the Syrian war and they did come in as the US goal here was to create a pipeline from Qatar to Europe to end Russia’s income from Gazprom in Nord Stream One and eventually Nord Stream Two. But the same general just assigned to the Ukraine went to Syria and defeated the Brzezinski move at little cost to Russia as Iran furnished the ground troops and Russia largely the air power.

Israel secretly turned against Russia in fury as they wanted Syria neutralized. That is why the US agents of Israel in the Congress turned against Russia under Israeli orders. Israel and Rothschild are one. The US feared that Russia was growing stronger and stronger as an exporter of oil and natural gas, and China was turning away from importing their oil and natural gas by sea alone and developing with Russia their oil and natural gas as a strategic alternative to free itself from US control. Thus, the US was losing control of China. But this was not so as the US and Lord Jacob had control of the oligarchs. Here we see the plans of the US overreach themselves and today the US finds themselves in a worse position than before as the oligarchs are losing their grip on Russia and Russia and China are more strongly allied than ever. The US appears to be suffering from an advance case of extreme paranoia.

Zelensky was brought in to provoke Russia by saying he was going to obtain nuclear weapons, and started killing the Russians in the Donbas and Luhansk using artillery to force Russia to invade the Ukraine which was the Brzezinski plan all along. They forced Russia to save these Russians though Putin hesitated and hesitated as he did not want to do this but his hand was forced by the military and intelligence services. The Russian intervention gave the US the pretext to organize the whole world against Russia but could not gain the support of 70% of the world’s population. This is turning into a giant debacle. The new inflation from commodity shortages is combined with a monetary inflation connected with lockdowns for which over five trillion dollars of highly inflationary Federal Reserve Credit was created. It seemed the US had found the panacea of all mankind in fiat money.

Federal Reserve Board – Recent balance sheet trends

And the real inflation rate is over 17%:




Alternate Inflation Charts

Poland had the Ukraine in 1922-23 from the Dnieper west. It is made up of Hungarians, Poles and other minorities. It is not Russian. The histories give the impression that the Ukrainians loved the Germans because they did not want to be part of Russia, but it was the Polish rule that they hated and the German Army in 1941 was shocked that they were greeted as liberators in the western Ukraine. But they were not greeted as liberators in the Eastern Ukraine. You might have expected that the Eastern Ukraine would have greeted the Germans as liberators if the account of the Holodomor were true, but they did not greet the Germans as liberators which agrees with Molotov’s comments that this Holodomor did not take place in his “Molotov Remembers” interviews in his 90s. He had visited the areas at the time. It was Rothschild propaganda as Stalin had executed all Baron Eduard de Rothschild’s Trotskyite allies that he had created in the Russian Revolution in the Moscow Treason Trials.

I proposed several years ago the compromise that the western Ukraine becomes part of Poland and Polish Prussia returns to the Germans. Russia retakes the Eastern Ukraine. Poland does want the western Ukraine. Stalin had taken the western Ukraine at the close of World War Two from Poland, and gave Poland Prussia forcing the Prussians out of Prussia into Germany. Part of Eastern Prussia Russia retained. Many Germans died in the march to Germany. Stalin achieved his goal of destroying the Prussian military caste that was so effective in World War Two as they lost their income from their estates and had to seek other employment as a military wage does not attract top talent as we see in the US with Austin and Milley. When Russia freed the peasants it destroyed their military estate owners and ruined their army officer corps for the same reason. And the peasants were ruined as now they were landless and had no income. Lenin gained their support by offering them land. The Tsar did not know what he was doing and destroyed himself.

I suggested to the Polish leadership that they take back the western Ukraine and give Germany back Eastern Prussia but the Poles said they would not give up the port of Danzig that had been 99% German that started World War Two. Poland would not give up that port in 1939 and would not give it up now.

The US entered World War Two with England to side with Russia as they were afraid of Germany taking over Russia and joining hands with Japan. That would give them their natural resources and be independent of the sea. That would have created too great a power against Anglo-Saxon interests. The Anglo-Saxon control of the sea meant that Germany was a vassal as they could not grow without the imported oil by sea and other natural resources as they are today. All of Europe is a US vassal today and that vassalage is assured if Russian natural resources are permanently redirected to China which is the US goal. Hitler’s primary goal in the invasion of Russia was their oil. The US lost World War Two in the sense that China and Russia became allies under Mao and Stalin, and united most of the Eurasian land mass. That is what started the Cold War and the policy of containment. The US won the Cold War but is now losing everything by its irrational policies.

The oligarchs were the enemy of Russia as they would not let Russia grow through control of their central bank aside from looting the whole country taking their profits out of Russia each year with the central bank cooperation. This was Rothschild-US policy. This is why Lavrov and Putin always call the US and European leaders their colleagues. Lavrov did it recently despite a war going on. Putin has Abramovitch, who created him, attending the peace talks with the Ukraine. You can’t make this stuff up. It is unbelievable that an enemy of Russia and robber of its wealth Abramovitch is attending peace talks. Russia is going to free themselves of the traitorous oligarchs and reinforce its alliance with China. That will be the net result of the US bungling into this crisis.

David Lifschultz


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