(Reader: A Lightworker) To Q The Storm Rider’s Statement about Biden and the COVID Vaccines


Reader Post | By A Lightworker

Q, The Storm Rider said: “My understanding is all Biden’s assets were frozen and he was given a choice of Military Tribunal, death and everything taken from his family including his future grandchild’s inheritance, or he could become the world’s most powerful mole placed in the middle of the Deep State sector.”

OK, so I understand the military tactic here of placing a mole but the rest doesn’t make sense. I was under the impression that the real Biden was arrested and executed a while ago. Some sources say he died of a stroke. Either way, we all know it’s not the real Biden who’s out there. Why would you give fake Biden (the actor) a choice? If he’s an actor and a WH puppet, don’t they just tell him what to say and do? Why would he care about the real Biden’s assets, family or going to trial for that matter if he’s not the real guy?

And if they gave the real Biden a choice, then why would they execute him? If he wasn’t executed then why replace him with an actor? Something isn’t adding up.

Some clarification about this statement would be helpful. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is questioning this.

Regarding the Covid Hoax/Vax: I’ve now heard several iterations of the poisonous vaccine.

  1. They were saline solutions which were inert (ie. non-toxic)
  2. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi claims the spike protein in the vax spreads throughout the body (vs remaining at the injection site) causing the immune system to overreact whereby killer lymphocytes then attack and invade the organs leading to death.
  3. The vax contains graphene oxide which is highly magnetic and can be controlled via 5G
  4. The vax contains graphene hydroxide which according to Dr. Andreas Noack is akin to tiny razor blades shredding the organs causing extreme pain or death when blood flow is stimulated (hence why athletes are dropping like flies during sports activity) – He died mysteriously shortly after he exposed this information so clearly there must’ve been some truth to his claims.
  5. The vaccines’ toxic side effects are causing ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) and also AIDS and cancer
  6. The latest: Vaccines contain snake venom (does snake venom have magnetic properties or cause AIDS or cancer or create rubberized blood clots or shred the organs?)

I’m not a scientist but have enough scientific understanding to ascertain that you can’t have all of these properties going on simultaneously in the same solution. So my hypothesis would be that the drug companies are either experimenting with different versions of the vaccine when they don’t accomplish their goals (ie. not killing enough people) or changing the cocktail when whistleblowers expose its questionable contents. I also read that Pfizer was experimenting with different concentrations of the poison in the vaccine to see which batch was most effective in killing people slowly so as to not appear to be a direct reaction to the jab. 

It would appear that lab scientists and physicians went through extensive testing and research in order to arrive at these conclusions so I’m not discounting any of them and while I appreciate their efforts in sharing these discoveries, part of me would like to know what is really going on here?

Are the vaccine ingredients being changed on an ongoing basis to make them deadlier or have previous versions been inaccurately identified in terms of their ingredients and side effects? OR is this all part of an elaborate misinformation plot aimed at creating more fear or to beat a dead horse, wake up the sleepers? At this point, nothing would surprise me to be honest. It’s something worth pondering. Don’t just accept everything at face value because someone says so. Question everything.


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