(Reader: Miron) Understanding the Faux in this False Space of Fake Vibrations


Reader Post | by Miron

We all live in a hypocritical society by design of the Powers That be 
You most here are Americans , many saddened by what they see, if they understand Truth Transparency & Justice…which has been Usurped by their respective governments, openly witnessed but SOMEHOW  reconciled by weaponized costs, to make the be a Ron and a happy customer,  while 7billion fight the fight within a handicapped system by DESIGN. 
THEREFORE IAM asking the PTB,The plan of prosperity is completely lacking Today in the 7billion who have no monies to OUTSPEAK OR EVEN TRANSMIT.
this has continued for decades ..

As this American century is ONE PROPAGANDA,  THAT’S remove the Oneness of us all As obvious in everything transmitted by USA UK Swiss Illuminati 

Why is China and Russia the backbone of Sovereignty?Why haven’t you woken up ?
PTB why has this plan , only subsidized the 1% Cabal
PTB why is humanity audited , while your commission MERCENARIES Zero AUDIT. 

Is this just another Hollywood movie ?

WHY is Humanity always played by Kissinger Vietnam tape like fake wars,  Who get Every Ron G to happily wage war for USA for decades through FAKE LIES….IRAQ LIBYA SYRIA NEO CONS GAMES…NOW RUSSIA.  WHY ARE YOU PLACING MISSILES on your opponents door….Georgia Chechnia more games.

Do truthful GODS PEOPLE have to suffer more generations to stand Against all your crimes Against Humanity?
Some wear bomb suits to show this DISGUST 
YOU ALL have never appreciated this suffering AS YOU ARE ALL FAUX

Everything USA is Fiat…why ???
Why haven’t humanitarians come out openly to protect this Enslavement???
Bought by every generation…who votes bidens Obama Clinton’s must say something of Truth by their Fruit
Unfortunately you most don’t understand what suffering is, as you’ve stolen a toilet paper press of Unworthiness BUT TALK GOD…SELF before Truth or no truth as its all politics…Atheism at its heart.
Trump patriot movement is another self SPAC…CHINA VIRUS is an Illuminati trick for the Reset …we’d Klaus Swab

Seek Justice seek Truth 
Be open to give your CONTRACT RATES TO THE HURT….not your selves
PTB machinations are truly Surprising and Uterlly Absent here where INTEREST RATE ARE 15%
WHIPSAW347…PLEASE STOP CAUSING guru Intel to create Unconsciousness through battering…..we all see hour half position statements that make hope gor those who don’t understand all this volatility that YOU ARE AGITATING TOWARD…USA HAS CAUSED THIS CURRENT EVERYTHING,  you cannot protect the 99% deep state government to sell good USA or are you a propaganda tools to whipsaw us into nothing ness like most your statements of Fake propaganda to subvert the TRUTH, I typically call this POSITIONING AS IN THE IRAQ DINAR positioned before all the rest….why ??Who profits ???Mercenaries selling a fake USA UK Swiss position .

120 billion dollars gets printed this month for Central Banks to buy for free, why ? Unaudited reserve currency USA dollars why ?
Weapons sales and TV in every country WHY? Did Assad in Syria get a chance to speak to every parliament??Why is USA such a deceitful Dominant force BUT ITS POPULACE ACTUALLY KNOWS ZERO TRUTH ONLY LIES
And we are censored into listening there fakeness…powerlessly being starved??
7 billion live to tell this tale of GOD , ONLY FAITH TRANSMUTS ALL EVIL..LIVE AMERICA, 
we the 7billion see all…I won’t allow a Ron Operation LEGACY AS IM BIGGER THAN A JOE , who’s joed us for this American century of complete Enslavement and Unpunished Crimes Against Humanity 
Love Light & Grace
IAM hoping iso200222 will be implemented by 1 January 2023 WHEN THE ACTUAL PAIN OF GOLD BACKED VS FIAT WILL TAKE PLACE between Jan and March 2023
Lies and positioning of Mercenaries is mostly what I see.
This Easter is for an inner journey to see the Satan’s for who they are…
Maybe the 7 billion will understand that humans with weapons and power only serve self 


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