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Submitted on April 10, 2022

News Flash

from Thomas Anderson´s Telegram Chanel

EU Parliament approves total Russian energy ban

German Chancelor reveals accidently that sanctions against Russia were planned way before the war in Ukraine began

helicopter with foreign combatants shot down in Ukraine

French fighters among them.

video of the nano razor blades made of graphene-hydroxide inside all vaccines

which was discovered by Dr. Andreas Novak

Only hours after I had his video on my channel he was attacked and killed.

Europe: U.S. Sources expect complete economical collapse within months

you want to know what data your mobile phone records?
you will be surprised…

even when its in flight mode it collects data like “got out of car, walking, enters building” etc

pyramids bigger and older than Egyptian pyramids

now revealed..


new law allows the genetic mixture of human and animals cells for new lifeforms

the so blamed “[redacted]” missile that killed many people seems to come from [redacted] forces…

head of command / commander of NATO land forces in Europe,

General Cloutier

was captured by [redacted] forces in [redacted].

Several attempts to get him out by ship and other ways failed.

having a NATO general giving orders in [redacted] makes it quite easy for [redacted] to find new arguments…


NOW CONFIRMED: U.S. Maj. Gen. Roger L. Cloutier was captured by [redacted] as he attempted to flee [redacted] after giving military instructions to [redacted] and mercenary troops. 

I had previously reported this as a rumor. Now it is no longer a rumor. It is bad. An overt act of war that the United States expected to go unpunished. Based on a summary of earlier reports posted here, you can imagine how he was caught.

[redacted] forces cut off all escape routes on the ground, “trapping the high command of [redacted] forces,” which ultimately was not [redacted] at all. The West probably commanded the war in [redacted] most of the time. To avoid being caught, Western forces then tried to free their people by helicopter. [redacted] successfully shot down the helicopters. As the [redacted] advanced, military leaders from several countries, supplied by American intelligence, sought refuge in a steel mill that American intelligence knew [redacted] wanted to avoid destroying at all costs. The steel mill was an excellent place to fight from, which was an advantage because it was very easy to defend.

The American and Western forces kept sending helicopters, but they were shot down before they reached the steel plant. Then the [redacted] changed their tactics. The tactical change was that they allowed the helicopters to reach the steel plant and land in open areas on the steel plant site, only to shoot them down when they tried to leave. Over time, they allowed 8 helicopters to land and pick up people from the steel mill. 2 of them escaped, but General Cloutier was found in one of the six planes shot down.

THIS IS BAD NEWS, because it proves beyond doubt that the US is really waging war in [redacted], and on [redacted] soil. [redacted] can now rightly do whatever it wants to retaliate.

FOR CLARIFICATION: The Pentagon commanded the war in [redacted] early on. The Pentagon ordered the use of [redacted] civilians as human shields. I doubt the Pentagon ordered the killing of refugees, but even the use of human shields, especially when ordered from abroad, is only a gray area away from that. The United States can rightly be held responsible for the atrocities in [redacted].

After the capture of the American general, the American media and intelligence have been running the lie factory at full speed, and Big Tech got involved, openly declaring that they would demonetize any media source that did not broadcast the lies in full. Now all we hear about is how the [redacted] supposedly gleefully r*ped and m*rdered countless civilians.

So now we will see how well [redacted] responds to being slandered like this, AND how well [redacted] responds to being attacked for something it never did.”

China now has started to bring troops and military cargo planes to Europe…

Energy collapse ahead…


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