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Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 8, 2022

With today’s knowledge and information, I foresee the order of developments.

The FIAT Dollar and the Euro are doomed to disappear.

Lobstr and Stellar, are linked to the QFS and ISO20022 so value covered.

Coins that are not value covered will disappear so will the Batavian Coin, which is the reason to buy them back for a higher value than what they were purchased for.

Thus you are going to receive back XLM representing silver.

The QFS seems to have been parallel to the old system for some time, so the owners of the Batavian Coin should be known.




People who bought the Batavian Coin directly through me are known to me directly.

Please make print screen of your Wallet and the number of Batavian Coin, if I buy them back it will never be able to be more like 50 billion.

Without your help it would not have gone for all I have already prepared to start.

It is stated that April 9 or 10 everything would be handled by [P] in [redacted], which will be the start ok the rest of the globalists to start arresting.

Recall that the QFS has frozen their accounts, they can’t move.

By Easter the 17th of April everything would be over, and GESARA a fact.

So the 3 days of darkness followed by 10 of announcements are still in the timeline we can expect.




It would also be preceded by the EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System) with announcements from Trump and possibly [P].

The Banks need to be closed 3 days to convert to the QFS, now Easter seems to be an opportunity to do this, from Friday 15 April , 15:00 to Monday 18 April (remember the crucifixion of Jesus from then on it became biblically dark) would then be an opportunity to implement it all over the world.

So I personally don’t think it will be ready the 17th of April, because it wouldn’t fit in the days until then in terms of time, the banks will be closed in the western world.

From the 15th or 17th at the resurrection until the end of the month the 30th of April does fit into the timeline of days of darkness and announcements.

So expect the death announcement from the Queen on Friday the 15th or the 18th of April at 3:00 pm.

During that time we can expect to exchange the T4b funds, where we are going to be paid out the value in XLM if I understand correctly.

I will commit myself and also during the exchange the buy back of the Batavian Coin to be performed automatically by the QFS, then everyone will be well endowed right away.

People who still have money in their account:

A) The QFS has all the info about all bank accounts and their balance of every account holder.
B) Banks that are not ISO20022 certified will lose their banking status.
C) The account holders’ balances will be guaranteed by the QFS.
D) The relevant account number of customers of banks that collapse have been ported and secured by the QFD.
E) According to Trump’s expropriation Executive Order, accounts of tyrants and their institutions will be frozen.
F) The Politicians and their crime cartel are thus checkmate and have no way to go.
G) When the EBS goes into effect and martial law kicks in I expect the mass arrest of the globalists and their entourage, also doctors and people who performed the vaccinations will not escape the dance for their contributions in the GENOCIDE against humanity.
H) It has always been said that it must be safe to make the transition to the new world and be able to receive the funds.

When the info website comes that T4b can make his appointment, it seems to me not inconceivable that Lobstr can play a role in this to be able to make the exchange appointment.




How large or small the amounts are to receive does not matter to the recovery collective.

It is about the intention and not about who has the most in funds to shape the transition together.

This was also my intention for the Christmas campaign with the giving away of Zim bills to make people aware and point out the opportunity to participate in the recovery for humanity and nature.

The intention is to get people to actively participate in the job at hand.

Motivate rather than dictate, this must also be the key to a new governance structure for the future.

When we are sovereign, no politicians will have the power to enslave the people in the name of their patrons.

There will be a new form of government, with the Law of the Land, the birthright of every human being, with the US Constitution of 1776 applying to the whole world.

Then within 120 days there will be new elections, which I suspect must be regional, for we no longer need rulers when we are sovereign.

Nationwide, people will be appointed from the local new government who will do their jobs to fill out the agenda of the people.

The whole corrupt Judiciary of today will be dropped and a new one will be arranged at the local level.




The new Judiciary must never again be the maintenance of corrupt politics.

All the presidents of the judiciary in the country I have sent a letter by registered mail, only one has responded and taken it to heart, he is thus ignoring the law mat article 162 of Criminal Procedure that if he is a knowledge bearer of crime from the government he must take action.

In fact the old system has already lost, all the crimes of the globalists are coming into the light, every criminal will be exposed, there is no doubt about that.

With the takeover of the MSM the curtain falls on the lies of the globalists and their entourage.

Klaus Schwab and his committee of 300 with all the young world leaders are now really coming to suffer themselves.

The old Fiat money system is DEAD, no one wants to use the Dollar or Euro anymore on an international level, NESARA and GESARA have been introduced by none other than [P], in cooperation with Donald J Trump and the other Brics countries.

The IMF, has been replaced by the AIIB and has replaced the SWIFT system with the CIPS protocol through the QFS.

So don’t pin yourselves down on date but on the facts that are now going to come, and can be expected very soon.

The human traffickers and Genocide perpetrators are being culled like infected cattle.

[P]’s statement, you can’t re-educate them, you must exterminate them, this promises hot days ahead for the self appointed Elite and globalists.




Don’t forget that Trump is in charge of and its affiliated armies around the world.

Even though we website of the UPU is now a propaganda in progress of the globalists the Army is on the side of the people, not on the side of corrupt politics.

Anyone with a good memory knows that [P] has warned, if Trump does not stop the pedo globalists he will, we see this with the culling of the Nazis and the rolling up of the Bio-Labs in the [redacted].

Mark Rutte has declared war on [P] and Russia, which is not a smart move, because [P] is now going to realize and celebrate the end of the second world war.

The Netherlands as a province of Germany are under the SHAEF legislation of the Allies.

The company of the Netherlands which includes the judiciary and all ministries are technically bankrupt and have robbed the population of their right to exist as a Human being.

The State and Kingdom of the Netherlands had already disappeared from May 13, 1940.

All documents of the Fake Netherlands NV state are forgeries and have no value, also all contracts made on behalf of the bankrupt Netherlands NV have no legal value or validity.

My thanks for this, for our own post-war Nazis acting on behalf of the oligarchy of Stadtholder Willy the superfluous, for we will then be rid of the following institutions, the UN, NATO, EU, EC, WHO, ECB which can no longer produce money, they can, but it has no value anymore because the new QFS system will no longer accept it as warden backed money, just like the Oil Dollar is DEAD at the moment.

All Globalists I wish well with their COVID infection and healing cure, be it by vaccination, the noose or the bullet, Covid disappears like snow in the sun.




Regards Rinus


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