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I am Sierra. I am an ambassador for the Galactic Federation of Light. There are many Galactic Federation representatives on Earth right now. We came to help humanity ascend to the Fifth Dimension. Beloved Gaia is already well on her way in her Ascension. I will share with you my personal Ascension journey and my thoughts on global events. Welcome. Where We Go One We Go All!

Source: Stargate Newsletter | By Sierra

Project Looking Glass: The Event/Checkmate

I have posted this video before, but it is timely to re-post it. Bill Wood is an insider involved with Project Looking Glass, the future-viewing technology hijacked from a captured UFO by the [D]eep [S]tate. In the video, Bill Wood is interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot (it’s an old video).

Bill talks about The Event (from 25 minutes)…

There is an inevitable event…it has been forecast, it has been predicted…If I had to give it a name I would say it’s the Awakening process. It’s an evolution of consciousness that cannot, will not – and no matter what decisions or possibilities are injected into the equation – eventually it all resolves down to us all learning the TRUTH, and becoming aware of this MASSIVE dam of lies that has been built to keep us from knowing the MASSIVE volume of information that we should otherwise possess.

Bill describes the chess game between the dark forces and the Light (from 30′ 30″). The Light wins. CHECKMATE.

Two master chess players sitting at the board – one of them looks down at the board and sees that he is in Checkmate in seven moves. And he looks across at his opponent and he knows that his opponent sees it too. So there’s no getting out of it. At this point, the loser can only prolong the game. Both players know the game is OVER. Based on the rules of the game, the bad guys have already lost, the good guys have already WON. Yes, there are moves left on the table, but those moves are being FORCED by the player that is going to win.

Q and the Alliance have referred to the chess game analogy. We are in the final stages of the chess match, probably down to the last move. The [D]eep [S]tate knows they have run out of options. It’s over. But they are dragging out the last move for as long as possible. 

Keep your eye on the prize, Light Warriors. CHECKMATE. Any day now.

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Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light

Source: Stargate Newsletter | By Sierra

April 06, 2022

Durham. Durham. Durham

There are several fearless Light Warriors I would love to meet after the dust settles, including James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, and Lara Logan. These are REAL journalists, reporting the TRUTH, as I was trained to do 50 years ago at journalism school. We were taught there is always an alternative perspective to a story. What is someone hiding…?? When is the last time you saw the OTHER side of an MSM story – presented so that you can make up your own mind…??

Lara Logan reminds us to look HERE, not there. The [D]eep [S]tate MSM is working frantically to prevent you from focusing on the truth about the crumbling [s]atanic empire.

This meme is a FACT. Humanity has been saved by the Alliance, including President Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping. 

Richard Grenell (White Hat) on the Durham Report. He condemns the MSM as enemy of the USA people for promoting the Hillary [C]linton/FBI Russian hoax collusion against President Trump.

An interesting short segment from Jesse Watters at Fox News, discussing the Durham bombshell news about the Hillary [C]linton/FBI collusion. The correspondent says to Jesse at the end, ‘You might want to grab your popcorn for the show..’ Straight out of Q. BOOM. I have always liked Watters, along with Tucker Carlson.

Alliance code here – Adam Schiff (remember him…) has ‘tested positive for [C]OVID’. Note how these ‘arrest announcements’ are all worded the same. The [D]eep [S]tate players are falling like skittles in a bowling alley. STRIKE.

It still seems that Elon Musk is sporting a White Hat these days. But who knows…? Double/triple agents everywhere. This is a war. If this message is true, and his motives are of the Light, then I say, ‘Go for it, Elon…! We Are With You…’

If you have not seen this little clip of [B]iden and [O]bama recently at the fake White House, here it is. Priceless. Enjoy.

I make no apologies for including this video link – an insider talks openly about his experiences of sadistic rituals in Pedowood. This is the TRUTH behind the movie set facade. Pass it on.

The triple-jabbed have lost 80% of their immunity according to new official government data. This information is important for encouraging people not to have the booster shot.

More uplifting words from PepeLivesMatter. These inspirational messages are reassuring – we Light Warriors need regular reminders that there is DIVINE PURPOSE to what we are enduring/experiencing on a daily basis.

Some are disheartened at how their evil agenda continues to be unveiled in such blatant fashion.

Some become discouraged at how they expose themselves at every turn. This is not the time to be disheartened but rather uplifted.

Put on your spiritual armor Patriots.

All of these evils were happening behind the scenes this entire time. Under your very nose. Only now as the light shines on them…as they come out in the open can they be defeated and the awakening occur.

This exposure brings us to the precipice of victory.

The world will see the truth and the truth will set us free.

Victory is on the horizon.

Finally, I agree with the sentiments in this message from Relentless Truth.

For most Americans Covid has now faded into the depths of their memory banks as if it was nothing but a bad dream.

Only the remnants of dirty face coverings and lingering vaccine side effects remain.

Daily updated Covid death tolls have been replaced with daily updated war casualties.

Whether or not you thought Covid was real, fake, scary or exaggerated…we all agreed on one thing.

We wanted it to be over.

It was a large scale traumatic event which our brains were begging to move on from.

And that’s EXACTLY what they were hoping for when they realized it wasn’t going to lead to ultimate control over humanity like they had planned.

Fauci, Gates, Trudeau and all of the other tyrants quietly slithered back into the shadows while the drums of war provided them cover.

They truly believe they got away with it.

We CANNOT let that happen.

I absolutely agree. We CANNOT let life go ‘back to normal’, as if nothing happened. My friend Emma and I were discussing this yesterday. We decided that we don’t WANT to get used to seeing people wearing masks – EVER. We will NEVER be okay with it. It might trigger us every time, but if that is life for a Light Warrior in this bizarre pantomime, so be it. We acknowledged that we are both suffering from PTSD. EVERY Light Warrior is suffering from it, to some extent. We are living through a war, with AWARENESS, unlike many people around us.

Stay close to each other. Support each other. We Light Warriors are experiencing something that will never be understood by the unaware.

Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light


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