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Reader Post | by GK

I get it.

Denial is the default position to maintain one’s sanity.

Most have to deny the world is run by truly evil people who delight in inflicting brutality both physical and mental. The mental torture never ends. The trolling, the heckling, the taunting, the practical jokes, the inside gaming… Playing with your life like a cat tortures a mouse.

And whatever words I just used to try and conjure up a literal description of reality, they fail miserably because we are in denial as to save our sanity.

Like being hit in the head with a crumpled up piece of paper. Plink. Hey who threw that? It didn’t hurt. 

But what does hurt?

Denial says evil is not happening. Depopulation agenda? Shut up. Seriously, you don’t believe that do you? Georgia Guidestones? The internet has warped your brain.

Then in the same breath we see the Neanderthal sport of boxing has now lost the gloves and added kicking and wrestling and women doing it too. What’s next, adding hungry Grizzlies to the cage?

I find it is the stories from the past that are the easiest to attach humor to. Childhood trends in school being ripe for parody.

There was a jello craze. We all had dry jello stashes and ate the fruit flavored sugar while the teacher struggled to impart nonsense to sugar addicts mainlining this fruity crack with tongues glistening purple, red, green…

Then there was a trend that combined the rubber band as the means to launch paper folded over so many times that it became a dangerous painful projectile. We would bend the folded paper over the out stretched rubber band and shoot it like an arrow across the classroom to targets of every variety. Those we liked and those we didn’t. And man those little bullets hurt. THWACK. Off the face.

And we didn’t feel badly about direct hits. Maybe the ones that hit the eyeball that brought the school nurse into the picture we sort of felt bad about. Especially when we got a detention. But mostly we belly laughed.

Kids are little bored silly mischievous devils. Well, before muzzles and Paxil. 

And what is funnier than a direct hit? Causing pain from a distance? Or hitting the wrong person as these projectiles were often like the curveballs that THWACK baseball batters. Accidentally hitting the teacher? 100 unofficial points and a detention.

Which is also kind of funny about baseball when you think about it. Not so much the violence of knowing a 100 mile an hour projectile could disable a player for the entire season but the odd way male ego tries not to display pain. Shaking off what we know is making them want to cry and then running down to first base with a brave face. 

That reminds me of David Wright who we called David Wrong. 99.9% of us learned to hide our pain and anguish but David cried like a 5 year old girl every time physical or emotional abuse even slightly glanced him. And of course making him cry was so easy we all…well… made him cry….often. It was too easy. Often accidental.

I once beaned him in little league and he cried for two innings. Honestly I swear to God it was unintentional,

In the days of baseball like in the 1950s and 60s, beanballs were purposely part of the game. Pitchers were bullied by teammates to purposely smack players who were either guilty of the same or just annoying to someone. 

Players still do this but not in such a tribal mean angry retaliatory way. Also probably Paxil. 

Now players sort of have a more peaceful approach but boys will be boys and it still can happen as purposeful events. Most know it just leads to bad things.  Escalation, fights, fines and a waste of the peace and prosperity of the game.

I say all this to put an emphasis on trends that can often be devilish with an inexplicable delight in being naughty and destructive. Is this simply people or is it the Archons? The invisible demons on our shoulders? And many of us do lean toward the shoulder the angel is on.
But why do so many thrive on the suffering of others? I have heard the loosh argument. This I would like to see proven factual scientific proof of. It’s one of these internet explanations people pass around with no proof whatsoever. None I have ever seen. Like invisible archons. I think all these concepts can be traced to Gene Roddenberry.

Kim Goguen said the Will Smith slap of Chris Rock was a Pfizer commercial because the pharmaceutical giant has a pill for the hair condition Jada Pinket suffers from. And they literally were the official sponsors of the Academy Awards.

All part of the humiliation rituals and jumping through hoops for the privileges of celebrity. It also serves the undermining of honesty in every way. If the slap was just a PR event then we as a species accept mind rape, violence and deception as just a clever PR campaign. Inspiring more spectacle as promotional material.

We as a society seem to let lies off the hook pretty easily. They do leave a mark.

Serious mental marks that warp society.

Sort of reminds me of that guy who would coo in a sing songy voice to Grizzly bears until a Grizzly finally ate him. We aren’t unlike him when it comes to our elite rulers. Our sing songy denial is always asking for it.

Kill me kill me, kill me or at least administer as much pain, misery and humiliation as possible.

And again tomorrow?

Please sir, can I have some more?


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