Kat Anonup Update: Reply to West Texas Girl, QTSR NESARA, Positive for Covid, Whopping Schumann, Kim Clement on SCOTUS, and Gene Decode


To the wonderful person who is posting my anonup posts on IDC, thank you & God bless you unceasingly. Truly appreciated.

Q The Storm Rider continues with his assurances that NESARA / GESARA are INCOMING!!

Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

Q The Storm Rider
DC TOP ELITES start dumping Stock
BILLIONS of Ukraine $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Funneling into DELAWARE corporations coming to HALT!
As DISCOVER card & VISA falls (several companies in Delaware going under)
along with the implosion of the FIAT SYSTEM.
Nancy PELOSI & DC Elites dumping Stock!
The connections between Ukraine money laundering scheme
& Delaware corporations & Capitol Hill Elites—Stock is FALLING

that officially began in October is now coming into an unfamiliar time frame

The FAKE/FALSE market reports have done their jobs
giving HOPIUM to tens of Millions of Sleeping sheep
Who are about to wake up a COLLAPSE

Alex Jones is fear MONGERING in his podcast
Because he’s going to lose BILLIONS with his investors & they can’t PULL
What Alex Jones isn’t telling his listeners is that when everything [COLLAPSEs]
the American dollar
The REAL origins of the American COIN (precious metals) is coming back

Unknown to most around the WORLD
The U.S. military that confiscated the VATICAN gold
& tunnels in Switzerland with over 650++ military carriers
carrying the Gold has already been divided into MAJOR COUNTRIES
UK. EU. CANADA (has silver backed)

but the rest of the world was given GOLD




Dear West Texas Girl ~ Regarding your question, I posted that Britney Spears had been MK Ultra’d and WAS ALSO A DISNEY ACTOR AS A KID AS WAS Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Tom Hanks. 

Is that clearer? Tom Hanks worked for Disney is all I was saying. 

According to Gene Decode and Colleen and Charlie Freak, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, main suppliers of adrenochrome to Pedowood, were executed in March 2020 in Australia, where they were trying to get to the Antarctica D.U.M.B and off-Earth.

This is one of Britney’s posts, FYI, that I made into a GIF:

This is a GIF I made to show that Britney is working with Q Team:


4-7-22 news.

The deep state demon list of those “Testing positive for Covid-19” is growing. Adding to JuliansRum’s list is Mittens Romney and Skull & Bones Kerry.

Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

Holy Mamacita, Patriots!
You’re doing AMAZING Lightwork!

When the Schumann blasts higher hzs
more demons test positive for Covid.

I figure a Blackout means Global Militaries are on Special Ops.
God bless them & all White Hats.


Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

Don’t worry about woman-confused Judge Ketanji Jackson.
She won’t be seated for MANY reasons
the CCP SCOTUS going down in flames being one of them.

Here’s the AMAZING Kim Clement to tell you why
in the language all Anons speak — Spirit.

Pepe Lives Matter posted this video clip

Kim Clement 2014 vid transcript
“The Supreme Court — TWO shall step down
for the embarrassment of what shall take place.
[CJ Roberts pedo/Epstein/$ laundering/FISA judges, etc.]
For I wish to place in the highest court in the land
They shall attempt to put others in
to reach their endeavors.
But God says hear me tonight. Hear me today.
I have this whole thing planned out according to my will.
For it is now time for me to restore
the fortunes of Zion.
The fortunes to those that had it once
you are going to get it back.
This is my promise, says the Lord of Hosts.
Give him a shout.”



Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

Gene Decode
“Trump’s Space Force was soft disclosure.
James Rink & you/Jaco & the things I’ve already done
for it to be secret 
you’ve got to have your head in the ground.
You can travel the world & see statues & cave drawings..
It’s kind of obvious if you watched the Q boards in 2017. 
Over the Colorado area I live & I grew up in 
every single night for 3 months 
when that was being posted on the Q board 
about Corona & Big Bird, etc.
at the exact same time we had thunderstorms 
with no rain, no hail, no snow 
& lightning constantly but no thunder —
I grew up here & we didn’t ever have that. 
That’s called ‘railcanons’ 
& other type of plasma & energy weapons going on
[The galactic war]..
Interestingly enough the shapes of the clouds 
were either saucer or cigar shapes
sometimes triangles.”

Michael Jaco
“In our Solar System, we have life on & inside 
ALL the planets 
& we have bases in other Solar Systems that we travel to.”


With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance Unceasing,

This is Kat, over & out,




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