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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

A Germany, in which some things have changed. Despite high “incidence figures” (is it still allowed to write a “Z”? :-)), the mask obligation has been lifted as far as possible and also the quarantine time has been shortened. Something that has already been done in all other European countries. But if you think now that most Germans go shopping without a mask, you are wrong. On the contrary, you won’t believe what is posted on social media. “I won’t let anyone ban me from wearing a mask!” or “I’ll still continue to protect myself, how can anyone be so irresponsible?” are even milder expressions of opinion. So anyone who thought that the show had finally been grasped by the Germans simply underestimated the deep-seated fear caused by two years of mass manipulation. Only a fraction, perhaps 20 percent, breathe freely and move freely. It is exactly those who are already awakening anyway, who have only been waiting to be able to breathe freely again everywhere and to get their freedom back.

The company “government” has done a great job with its state media. Only a fraction of the former people of poets and thinkers is left, and those who remain are at a loss as to how to deal with it, how to reverse it. I’ m convinced that the Alliance is also shaken by this. I think it, too, imagined it a little bit differently. And honestly, I didn’t expect it there either. I had thought that the proportion of Germans who have realized that this is all just a show would be much higher.

So, since the “pandemic” will be over soon anyway (April showers), I suspect that the relaxations in Germany are a test by the Alliance. She simply wants to know how many are really awakening, how many have really seen through the many lies and how many are still heavily indoctrinated. It has to do that, because what use would an EBS be now, today? How many would believe what is reported there? “The Fall of the Cabal” has been published for months, there is even already a first part for children. Thirty or more years ago, films of this kind would have been a sensation and everyone would have already seen them and acted on them. But today, only those who already know about it are interested. Those who should be interested don’t watch the films. And that’s only because what can’t be, may not be. OK, I admit, if a world view is destroyed, that’s bad. It was bad for me, too, because I, who always believe in the good in people, was shocked to see how unjust, evil and brutal people can be to each other. My view of the world, still mainly shaped by parents and grandparents, was better, more beautiful, more just.

I believe that Alliance has now taken Germany as a yardstick to test how deep these fears run. Simply to find out what needs to be done now. I bet in the next few days the German media will start to spin. Covid-critical voices have already become louder and this will become even more massive as time is running out. Many strands are converging and no one on the light side still has the time to wait for the Germans to lose their fear. I’m sure you can remember Q-Drop #228, right?

USA_change of leadership
SA_change of leadership
DEU_change of leadership?
PAK_lead change?
(8, 7, 6, 5……).

I can well imagine, or guess, which countries are 8, 7, 6 and 5. Anyway, WhipLash347 also thinks Pakistan is the four. And since we are supposed to consider the mirror (mirrors are important!), in the listing of drop #228 (in the countdown), Germany would be 3, South Africa 2, and the U.S. 1. And then we know “Israel last”, so that would be Zero. The only thing that gives me pause is the question marks and the missing question marks. For me, there are no more question marks with regard to Germany, the military has long since taken over here. Still the allied military, soon, if it is made official, the German. The clone and show ensemble in Berlin is obvious for me.




And the good reports do not tear off. Now, after Argentina, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, the Lebanese government is bankrupt, and along with the government, the central bank. So if there really are still living or unarrested Rothschilds, money and assets will be tight. Because on top of that, there are all the former Commonwealth countries that have freed themselves from the Queen in the last few weeks. And I am glad that I was able to start my awakening process many years ago. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I were to miss out on all this now. Thanks to my soul, which has written this into the soul plan. Awakening at the right time, and the long “waiting time” has certainly had its purpose, I have been able to change myself and my attitude. I’ m grateful for that as well. How many scammers would I fall for today if I had started awakening later? After all, I see it in subscribers and in all alternative media.

There was an interesting announcement by Ron Giles on March 28, 2022 during a Q&A video. He said that the Alliance has basically taken over all the governments in the world. And, if we’re honest, that’s what we’ve been being shown for months. Let’s forget about all those who don’t want to see that or can’t see that. We can’t think for others, we can’t convince others, we can only be there for ourselves. This is very important at this time. We need to strengthen our certainty that this is how we feel. We have to work to strengthen our faith, we have to continue and continue to work so that our confidence grows. Do not wait, do not hope, above all do not whine! Let’s take each piece of the puzzle and put it in the right place. The drops of “Q”, the coded messages of President Trump (especially his “air Qs”), the statements of a Foreign Minister Lavrov in recent days (“All states will be sovereign without rulers, all people will be equal”), the statements of President Putin (“First comes Ukraine, then the GDR”). What more do we want? Is it not enough to strengthen our confidence? We don’t need to know when it will happen, do we? Knowing THAT it will happen should be enough.

Anyone who has had even a rudimentary involvement with logistics, or once had to plan something, can perhaps imagine how difficult it is to coordinate a worldwide change. Remember the first movie of “Independence Day,” there was a scene that said, “You want to launch a globally coordinated attack with a window of only a few minutes? That’s impossible!” And this was about an openly visible enemy. The alliance had been fighting in secret until now, and also had to make sure that not too much got out into the open. Child liberations, DUMB blasts, arrests, executions had to run covertly, for this everything new has to be prepared. Trustworthy people have to be trained on quantum computers, new medical personnel have to be trained, new currencies have had to be made. Could you imagine, with just these few issues, what that means in terms of planning and foresight? And by no means have all the issues been taken into account. Just think of the transitional supply of energy, food and water. After all, as few people as possible should come to harm.

Yes, we are all “running on fumes”, we have been disappointed, we wait, we hope, for months, for years. But did one of us think also only once rudimentarily about how difficult it is, with all support by our extraterrestrial friends, to convert a complete change of a planet coordinated? No, we think only of ourselves, at best still of our environment. Despite all this, and with all due respect to the alliance, the show is getting boring. A Health Minister Lauterbach rushes from camera to camera, the programmed text is always the same, he is only replaced by Foreign Minister actress Baerbock and Vice Chancellor actor Habeck with equally boring texts. Now and then we get the chancellor actor in front of a microphone, but these texts are also always the same. A little more imagination and action in the last act would be desirable for us who have been waiting longer.

Please, dear alliance, don’t be angry with me, but like me it goes still many other awakened ones. We support you with our visions of what we want to have. I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart! Until the finale then our motto is:

Only observe, don‘t absorb!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!




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