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Reader Post | By GK

As I write this I am presuming that Patrick is going to post what I sent him earlier about gang stalking.

Of course we are doing something patriotic…

You know how the Q team pointed out that they accuse others of what they themselves are doing?

I first learned of the child r*pe by the elite from Rense.com in 2003. I started writing about it back then. Suddenly I was being stalked.

I’ll post my video on the subject here.


When you are stalked, and awaken to the fact that the people around you are near you to mess with you discretely and make you look crazy, and use every other detail they can gather to drive you to suicide, or a mental institution, then it is a rare person who survives hundreds against one.

People with all the resources while you have none.

Every move I have made for the last 20 years has been me reacting to them. When I took a job trimming weed in California it was because they kept sabotaging legitimate work. When I ended up with weed in my car I was trying to survive. Period. 

When I started gambling, it was partly the safest place on Earth with hundreds of cameras and these freaks having to be aware of that.
It was also my fear about the weed in the car. I wanted to win money to release me from the need to deliver the pound I was sure was going to be my demise.

I never stopped calling out the freaks though. And I am pretty damn proud of my efforts that have been effective as even the stalkers themselves know I am a goddamn funny M–effer. I take pride in making the enemy laugh.

You may judge me regularly but you should be stalked a mile in my shoes brothers and sisters. You might have more respect, patience and empathy for me. And if you don’t eff off and die. We all die.

But I am tough and strong. At times weak but also at times playing weak. Survival requires that sort of gamesmanship.

One thing that is hard is when you can’t really trust anyone. Even those who are very nice and helpful are generally only that way as part of the game. Think about it. How many people would really embrace the problems of another if there weren’t a reason? Helping a person is one thing, but… when is it truly odd to overly help?

And when they are watching your every move, you are being judged. If I drink and drive, they see it. If I lose half my paycheck gambling, they see it. And being that they are self righteous sanctimonious pricks to ever take a job like that to begin with, they condemn you as a POS when the reality is, they should have no idea what you are doing in a free country.

If I followed them everywhere might I criticize their lives?

Especially when people like Jeffrey Epstein is running children to the local judges.

Get it? Pricks?

I hope you understand, everything you think you know about me is me playing you and God keeping score of your creepy sneaky predatory hypocrisy.


When I asked for donations it was to try and escape the stalking and be supported because I am in actuality a very functional productive creative member of society who fights for truth probably at least 10 hours a day while many of you are picking out shoes or cucumbers.
Sorry, sometimes it gets old.


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