Helping Freedom Win: Kim Goguen’s War Against We the People


Anyone who is trying to divide We the People in our attempts to rise up against and put down the cabal is suspect. Kim Goguen is one of those people.

  • Who is she to constantly criticize Trump and try to divide the patriots? I find it very suspect to be this divisive.
  • In today’s interview with Chris Rice she said something of the order of she knows Trump’s children, as if this proves the claims she’s made about Trump.
  • She says she’s doing interviews, like this one, to expose the lies, but then she doesn’t expose any lies.

We the People Need Unity, Not Divisiveness

Any good minion of Satan can shout “he’s lying”. Or they can make huge claims of how they’re helping the people to unite”, when they’re really trying to divide.

But in the end, you will not be able to lead anything but sheep to the slaughter house if you concentrate on convincing people that they can do it all themselves in a world such as exists today. It’s like telling the Israelites that Moses is no good, just stay where you are and don’t go that way.

Why am I So Hard on Kim?

Let’s say Kim really did rule the world financially and otherwise, this would never be allowed and accepted by “We the People”. We are independent and free by the authority of God, and no other.

  • Kim claims to get her orders from “source”, meaning god (lower-case “g”), and was given the job when (and because) she turned 40 in 2012.
  • She has machines to help her “know” everything that’s going on everywhere on the planet. What does that sound like?
  • Kim says she has been working toward uniting patriots, yet her constant attempts to cut down the only person who has come along with the power and ability to really unite the patriots, fix the media, and eject the cabal.
  • Her idea of us (We the People) taking our power back is to just do it. Yeah, that’s not going to work. Each of us has a part to play in doing such a feat, like Trump’s roll is the kingpin. And, you absolutely should not be going around trying to knock out the kingpin (unless you want the movement to fail).
  • As I said it is very suspicious.

Why am I So Pro-Trump?

  • Trump has never claimed to be a perfect person, but he does claim to love us, and I believe he does. He also loves freedom and liberty for all, and surrounds himself with like-minded, freedom-loving, God-loving people.
  • Trump is the only one who knows the swamp well enough to effectively drain it.
  • This is a very big job, and it’s going to take empowering all of the patriots to carry it out.
  • Trump is doing a great job of bringing patriots together under a common cause of fixing elections and electing actual patriots into key roles (governors, congress, sec. of state, etc.). He’s super proactive in this area. People need this help to weed out the RINOs.  It’s a vital role to help find true patriots to elect.
  • Kim acts like this is nothing, i.e., his achievements are menial and he has no future.
  • Behind the scenes Trump is working to bring down the deep state. I suppose Kim thinks it’s her doing this.
  • Many patriots, such as Kash Patel and Durham are front line warriors, and Trump was fully a front line warrior for four years, but Trump’s role right now is more covert. It’s just the way it has to be right now.
  • Kim and Chris both discuss Trump’s rallies and popularity as if it’s some kind of unexplainable cultish craze. What they fail to notice is that Trump is in fact very, very helpful to We the People. We need help to know who to trust and weed out RINOs.
  • At the Trump rallies Trump endorses candidates for various offices who are patriots. He brings them to the mic, so we can see and hear them for ourselves.
  • Kim tries to negate this type of thing, along with anything else whatsoever that Trump has done or is doing. She lumps him into the category of cabal, even implies he’s Satanic, and as usual has no proof about this assessment.

Helping Freedom Win

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