(Reader: Rambo) Is this it? – Part 2


Reader Post | By Rambo

Part 1: “Is this it?” by Rambo – 4.3.22

Last night I pontificated about how I see what is about to take place in the never ending quest of actual Freedom, Liberty and Justice.  If you would all be so kind as to allow me to interject a few more points of interest, I think that you may get a kick out of it.  This is very therapeutic for me, so I thank you.

In my first post I failed to mention a couple of items.  The first is that within the Geopolitical environment, one of the items we need to be looking for is the announcement that the Queen is dead.  Now, in my world, she is already dead and has been for a couple of years already.  That is a long story, so let’s keep it short.  What happens when the Queen dies is that U.K.’s MSM is taken over and there is a 10 day mourning period.  This is the TRIGGER we’re looking for as it will allow for the Whitehats to shut down and initiate the Emergency Broadcast System which I mentioned in my first post.  When the announcement comes of the Queen “dying”, I’d run to the store as fast as possible, if you’ve not already prepared, and get some extra food.  Just saying.

Secondly, just to clarify, I don’t think that it would be wise to think that just because there is a great event happening on Easter, that these Deep State freaks aren’t going to push this thing out for as long as possible, “Q” has always said, “Done in 30”.  Does that mean, done in 30 days?  Not sure, maybe.  My GUESS is that from the point of Queen Elizabeth being announced dead, till the end of all the nonsense, will be 30 days.  That’s what makes the most sense because we can’t have everyone not being able to survive.  I think that the Military will set up places to go get some food during this time so people don’t starve, but I’d get prepared yourselves.

Lastly, this 30 day period is going to be NUTS!!  “Q” has called it the “Fake WW3 Nuclear Scare Event”, and with that name, you know it’s going to freak a lot of people out.  Don’t be worried when you see a lot of their Satanic Building taken out in D.C. and around the world with “Rods of God”, Directed Energy Weaponry.  D.C. will actually become a swamp when the Whitehats flood it with the Potomac River.  Bird sanctuary anyone?  This will be the last part before we open the doors and come out into our new reality and start our mental and physical reconstruction/awakening process.  

This thing is so much bigger than this, these are just the cliff notes.  It’s way deeper than you can even imagine.  But this will allow for you to understand what may be about to start.

Ok, really cool stuff.  But who knows, I could be so off base and maybe actual nukes start flying and we all die.  Just joking.  But seriously, this is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in human history, I would definitely go get some extra supplies, like really soon, and again, watch for the Queen announcement, that is the TRIGGER!!


Remember this, “It’s Biblical” – “Q”…..God wins.



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