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Reader Post | By Sam Smith Elias

The Battle for Earth

The universe was created to be in perfect harmony by our Creator who is perfect Love. He built the universe upon perfect Love. This Love, that we all desire, is quite unlike what we think of as love. It is completely selfless love for another no strings nor conditions attached. It expects nothing in return from creation. It is given completely with out conditions, merely for the joy of creating opportunity. This Love is eternal and never varies in degree but is always full hearted from the Creator, the Lover to the beloved. It wants the absolute best for the beloved, which includes eternal life. This is the primary motive of our Creator who took chaos and turned it into a completely harmonious, sim-bionic Universe with everything from the inanimate to the living, resonating in Love for all without consideration for ones self.

At Creation, the Author of life surveyed the Earth as His work progressed and He knew in His heart that for Love to be fully expressed He needed to conceive of and create a being that had the capacity to Love as He loved, completely, selflessly. He would then be able to pour out His Love without restrictions through this being to His Earthly creation, as a perfect physical representation of Himself, The Spirit of Love. Our Creator purposed in His heart to make this being the caretaker and king of the Earth upon which he lived. So He took upon Himself physical form and stepped out of the spirit realm on to the Earth. He knelt down and as the creatures of the Earth watched inquisitively He formed a man, made in His own image. Actually it was a body of clay, from the newly created Earth, that He shaped. He laid out every system of the human anatomy in the clay form, all of the organs, vessels, bones, nerves and DNA were carefully formed. Everything this body would need to live forever, He formed. Then He stood and looked at His latest and greatest creation, giving the creatures of Earth a chance to see their kings form. The Creator then once again knelt down beside the form, leaned over and put His divine lips upon the forms lips and breathed into its lungs, Life, and Adam entered his Earthly container. And Father whispered welcome home son. Adams eyes opened and he saw the radiant smile of his Father and Creator and His eyes of eternity, Life and Love smiling back at him. As Father stood up and took Adam’s hand to help him up Earth’s creation looked on with amazement then realization, then as Adam was introduced to them, divine, harmonious pandemonium broke out all around the globe. They had been given the son of perfect Love to lead and protect them.

This was the condition of the Earth at the completion of Creation. The Earth and all creation upon the Earth were in perfect, selfless harmony. Everything that anyone and anything required was abundantly supplied by our Creator. Every need was fulfilled before it was perceived. Each creature; rock, plant, animal, and human gleefully found its joy and purpose in supplying who or what ever had need from its own resources. Each joy filled creature responded with songs of thanks to their “Father” their Creator. These songs were all presented in harmony as each creature supplied the sounds of it’s own “voice”, whether it be the wind whistling, or the birds singing, or the whales and porpoises sounding. It all blended in to a beautiful orchestra rising to the heavens aimed at Father’s heart.

Father had created the unseen angels to participate in and assist the physical creation. He had created three archangels to coordinate the angelic activities; Gabriel, Micheal and Lucifer. Gabriel was the conduit through which Father’s presence flowed to Earth’s creation, Lucifer was the conduit through which creation’s response flowed back to Father’s heart. This was a heart to heart flow of Love and Life, Father to creation and creation to Father. The circle of eternal life. This was designed to last forever and ever. Micheal was the heavenly caretaker of the Universe.

The requirement for Love to be Love, it must not be coerced. It must be given with out obligation or expectation and freely given, so there must be the opportunity to not give, that is, an other choice. Thus Father, when He planted the Garden of Eden had to include the alternative to the Tree of Life, that is, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This gave mankind a free will choice to continue walking with the Author of Eternal Life or to walk alone without the relationship with their Father and have an alternative source of Knowledge. The cost was that they would disconnect from the flow of Live and Love that Father is, and be on their own and thus die over time.

Meanwhile, in the heavens, Lucifer had decided to keep some of creations love and thanks to their Creator, for himself. Father had given the archangels free will also. This action disrupted the flow of Love and Life to creation by side tracking some of it from returning to it’s source and harmony was broken. So for the sake of creation Father had no choice but to remove Lucifer from his position and Lucifer and all of the angels that he lead, a third of the created angels, left Heaven to be on their own. They left the circle of Life and Love and became the opposite; the circle of Hatred and Death.




Lucifer and his angels decided to extract revenge by taking over the Earth as their kingdom, supplanting Adam and Eve on the Earth. Adam, Eve and the Earth were living under Father’s Love and Life and were untouchable to Lucifer and his fallen angels. He could not extract revenge from his Creator directly. So he devised a plan to convince Adam and Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, knowing that if he succeeded it would do the greatest damage to Father possible, it would break His heart. He, Father, would have to be true to His word and break His relationship with son and daughter and creation on Earth and they would all end up serving Lucifer as the king of Hatred, Death and Lies. Lucifer then had a path to undoing everything Father had created on Earth by perversion followed by destruction. He wanted no remnant of the Creator in his kingdom. Everything that Father created was to be contaminated, perverted, inverted, and destroyed by using lies and deception. Mankind and Creation on Earth was in need of a Savior.

Once he succeeded by deceiving Eve and then Adam through lies by challenging what Father had spoken, he began his operation to pervert all life on Earth. After he had captured the King and Queen of Earth and as a consequence all of the creation of Earth, he began his perversion of Truth and the destruction Life. Lucifer and his angels provided mankind with technology which were not needed before the fall. He and his fallen angels decided to pervert and destroy human DNA by interbreeding with human women. The resulting hybrid being were called nephlium, which were neither human nor fallen angel, but demi-gods. This was of course not sufficient so he began to do the same with all of the creatures on Earth to destroy their DNA as well. So we see the beings of ancient Egypt as well as aliens, werewolves, bigfoot, etc. the whole Cryptid world. This operation has not been completed. The purpose of the Flood of old was to remove the corrupted DNA and to restore the human and animal DNA. This is also the case of the promised land, to remove the corrupted DNA. Lucifer will take any form, use any lie, use any technology to deceive and/or destroy mankind, to accomplish his goal.

Lucifer has not succeeded to corrupting the whole of Earth’s creation. There are still those who have rediscovered their roots and their Creator and are reestablishing their walk with their Father, through His Son, Yeshua who was send to Earth by Father to demonstrate His Love for His creation and to provide a way back to reestablish the Circle of Life flow. The Son never yielded to Lucifer’s lies and deceit but remained faithful to Father’s words, always carrying out His instruction perfectly. Then becoming the perfect sacrifice for all of the sins of all mankind past, present and future, so every man can once again chose Father and Life and be restored to Adam’s position.

This is where we find ourselves today. In the middle of the greatest battle on Earth for the souls of mankind. We are straddling two kingdoms: the World’s and Heaven’s, in two realms; the physical and the spiritual. This is a supernatural battle that takes place in the spiritual realm for control of the physical realm and its restoration or destruction. Father has build into every human’s heart a question that is designed to lead us back to Him: Does anyone Love me more than they Love themselves? This is the compass that points north for all of us, to the Son who points to our Father who does.


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