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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots! Good morning on the first day of CEST!

Well, here we have it again, the CEST. A senseless institution, which should be abolished by decision of the “EU Parliament” of 2019, but there were with “the authorities” yes other problems 2020 and 2021. We had yes “pandemic”, who cares about the time?

It is difficult to give people something that would make them happy and that would not harm them. That’s why people don’t trust anyone anymore. They go along with everything, but are secretly upset about it and vent their anger on others. Always at the one who is forced by the media to be the bad guy. Everything is already strange and cleverly threaded. And just it is driven on the point. Success thereby? ZERO!

At the time again a point has come, where doubts spread everywhere. This is energy, which is probably used by the remaining cabal. Because they stand with the back to the wall and want to destroy if possible still much if they go down then already. For me a fact. That’s how they are: they would rather break everything before the good guys can use it for something better. And honestly: With the example of CEST, even I ask myself who is really in control. The Alliance, the Alliance-controlled clones and actors, or a lingering remnant of the cabal? Or does allowing the time change again serve a wake-up process for people to see that decisions they made themselves are not being honored? I notice that no one cares. Most of the fellow human beings go along with it again dutifully, they have already forgotten it again. Why? It was not in the media!!!

For me, that’s still something I don’t understand about the plan. The media, better the MSM. Even BILD in Germany, which was highly praised in the last months, is again participating in the mainstream, falsifying pictures, videos and reports, buying interview partners who make contra-Russian statements in front of the camera and suppressing all reports and documents that show the truth. No, they too are engaged in a smear campaign against Russians and especially against Putin. Let’s face it, folks, how is this for awakening? When a media that is beginning to be critical of the system falls back into the mainstream. The only logical explanation for me is that they want to rebuild trust through this, which they have lost through the critical reporting of the last month. Unfortunately, BILD has never had a good reputation, even though almost everyone reads it. So now they want to regain trust so that they can soon reach more people with the truth. Another incomprehensible act of the show. At least incomprehensible for many patriots.

There our trust, our faith is again put to a very hard test. March is soon around, and again one-, two-, three- and four-year deltas have not occurred. The Ides of March have passed and so have all the other prophesied dates. How many BOOM weeks have we had? Four? Well, it has gone BOOM at various points around the world in the last few weeks. Underwater, underground, and also in Ukraine. Even audible gunfire could be recorded and released at night in Europe. And “Q”, after all, did not write in his drops what he meant by BOOM weeks or where they would take place.

Nick Fleming wrote something on March 25 in his article “Judgement is coming” that sums up the mood at the moment among the Patriots. And we’ve had that kind of mood many times in recent months. Only now it’s crescendoing, more massively than before. He wrote on the subject of Trump rallies:

If his “Important Announcement” is about anything other than, “The Storm is Upon Us,” and true disclosure; the People will not be listening to Donald Trump further. This is a time for Spring Cleaning and getting rid of garbage and useless things.

If this is one more rally, like all the rest, with double-speak and “plausible-deniability” then, it’s a waste of time. Words carry immense weight when spoken by a Hero of the People. This is one hero that has the stage and the time to speak TRUTH is right now.

Judgment, redemption and restoration are coming along with new possibilities. The time for coming clean is here now and there’s no time to waste. It’s time for every person in any position of authority to make their peace and make things right with the world.“

Take Germany, for example. What haven’t we already been promised here, times from the constantly taking place RV, the constantly already taking place payouts of the bondholders? In November (2021) the FRG is at the end! Proof was completed on 21.12.21! The alliance troops have long been here and are just waiting for the military to take over! Bitcoin goes from ZERO, as well as all other unregulated Coins! And what was really? They just get to keep going! Media, buffoon squad as “government” and millions of cabal stooges still allowed to wield power in an injustice system, an occupation construct. Say, how long does it actually last, moreover with a quantum computer system and an alliance, which knows all, until one catches 5 million, because of me also 10 million, stooges? Until you can catch everyone who consciously participates in the system in order to enrich themselves or consciously participates in order to harm?

How many more victims must there be in the world? Oh yes, I know, we suspect that these victims have decided too consciously before their incarnation. That they sacrifice themselves for the sake of all good souls, so that the whole planet can be liberated. But, again honestly, how long can and may a show last before it becomes boring or achieves exactly the opposite?

Before now again some think, I would give up or would have a bad day, would be full of doubts, would lose my faith. Or interpret the article in such a way that I would lose my faith (yes, it has happened, unfortunately some think they must also dictate my feelings), I stand rock solid to the plan. For me there is no other exit than the way to the golden age, to the new world. But I may be allowed to criticize or to express my lack of understanding. Above all, because I myself am in a situation, where I would rather yesterday than today, at least financial means for the waiting time well could use. There were rumors and assumptions that at least the IQD, i.e. the Iraqi dinar, would be preferred. That would have been really nice, I have many contacts who would have kept their heads above water a few weeks and months longer and better. But again, that has come out as meaningless chatter, like so much of the conjecture we hear.

In my eyes, that’s the point. All these predictions that have never come true for years are causing us to have doubts about the RV and the conversion process. They keep us from visualizing our exchange, from creating it, so to speak. They keep us on an up and down ride between hope and disappointment. And honestly, most of us fall for them again every damn day. It doesn’t matter if it’s U.S. or German “sources,” they keep us from scooping the exchange.

So the only thing I could blame myself for is getting way too wrapped up in this forecasting process again, be it RV, be it liberating Germany, be it QFS, instead of just observing. Not taking your own advice is not smart, what do you think? The good thing is that I recognize it myself, and that’s why writing articles is very important (even for me). Because often, while writing, a swing happens, or new, especially different thoughts come in. My task, my post, is not to pull you down, but to give you all new courage. Don’t give up, don’t surrender, hang in there, hold the line!

We don’t understand the plan, we have no knowledge of how strong and how powerful the resistance of remaining cabal still is, we don’t know if there were problems in negotiations (uniting 209 nations is not a piece of cake) or why all this is still dragging on. So, in a nutshell, we know nothing. Also means that we should take with a grain of salt anyone who tries to make us believe they know something. No matter what the topic. In the final, the game is played even more unfairly, as we know from many sports. And we are in the final. That’s why once again a massive disinformation front is building up against us patriots.

So please, at least try, OBSERVE only. The large family of the patriots should lose as few members as possible so shortly before the goal! Take yourselves out, if everything becomes too much for you! Deal with your plans, projects, desires and dreams, if you notice that doubts come up. If you don’t like something in channels, go into observation mode. You can still go out. I do it the same way, and I give many second chances, believe me. Only when I observe that channels or groups are doing me more harm than good, then I say bye-bye. We are all agitated these days and weeks. High energy influxes with physical and psychological symptoms, a private environment that seems to be going crazy, and we ourselves are also on the verge of insanity.

Therefore, take time for yourself, try to go into nature and recharge your batteries. In Germany, we have had beautiful weather and rising temperatures for days. Take time out. No channel, no group suffers if you take a few hours or days out. It is good for you, that’s why you should do it. And the observer position at high altitude also gives you a better picture.

Nothing can stop the coming change, and it cannot go on for much longer the way it is going now. That’s what I’m observing, there’s just too much destruction going on for that. The time it takes I also observe and each day that passes brings us closer to the goal. Even if it seems to be a phrase that I also have to tell myself again and again: Just observe, don’t absorb!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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