(Reader: Frederick Warner Harvey) This is What they to the One’s they Mark for Destruction


Reader Post | By Frederick Warner Harvey

The ones we are suffering under are STUPID – somewhat. About life they know little. About earthly (already created) things, they are MASTER’s. They use humans, and  promise them anything, to get the smart work done. They use money, wealth, and they use the ultimate reward, earthly “power” over other men (mostly humans) to achieve what they seek. All in the name of doing what God gave them to do, defending the hard stuff, or things “in earth”.

Unlike humans, they have no imagination, and have trouble inventing technology. However they are Masters of manipulating, combining, and even improving what God with Humans have “created”.  I think it is because they are the guardians of the “hard stuff”, the 3rd Dimension. Humans are a bit more “up” than they are. Some like Einstein are way UP. (Did you know they found his brain twice as dense as the average human?)

If You give “them” our inventions, you sign you own death warrant. Fauci et al is the evidence. Gone bananas with “power”.

They believe they will vanquish us because on the net they can still see who we are when we communicate. So, online orders go astray. Your 5G signal coming out of your home router 24/7 whether you choose 5G or not, increases in power – contributing from inside your home to the neighborhood EMF smog. Mail is mis-delivered. Money disappears from personal accounts, your machine crashes every  6 weeks, and so on, you are isolated and erased.

One reason I love Judy’s Norman Choir every day is that is an indicator of how much power over the net they still have.  When I click that button I get “Waiting to be approved”, or “Video no longer available.” But I have learned (because I am HUMAN) that if I click again, I get it coming in eventually. It is always there, it is just that I am blocked again and again for the crime of “speaking out loud”.

They are losing their net power as the White Hat Americans, of which I am one, are slugging along with the rest of the “targeted people” under the blanket of suppression the DA and MK are spreading and find a way to to be closer to God, the power greater than we are, who invented the place in which we live and gave us  the best set of rules to lead us to life and to success on the planet. (Or should I say “in the planet”, as in “in earth so on earth”. Get it? T be able to life, and to be of better service to others.

Join us. ALL ONE. We may be bloodied, but NEVER bowed, except to our Lord.  America is God’s footstool here on the planet. We need to keep that in mind. We also need to understand that those who keep us “physical” are allowing us to be in this school that we humans call “life, with “hard stuff” hitting us when we go “off the path”.


You will ONLY “know” the issue if you are fighting and taking the wounds. “True knowledge requires a “knower”. (One who actually experiences truth, pain, joy.)

Think about the words here. This is not theory with me. It is coming from what I have experienced in about 79 years now..

May God bless all of us.



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