Earth Alliance and Patriot News for March 24, 2022


Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 24, 2022

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for March 24th, 2022

Sources: Ted Mahr videos, Q interviews, Gene Decodes live and videos,, C-Vine News Network, Operation Disclosure, Jared Rand, Before Its News, Michelle Fielding, Zorra of Hollow Earth, Alex Collier, Dinar Chronicles, Q drops, Benjamin Fulford Website, DoD, Era of Light, and Other Live Conference Calls.

3/24/2022 News: Extremely Hot News; Excerpts, Nick Fleming DoD, Gene Decode News with Sarge,3/17/2022, Gene Decode with Patriot Dave 3/23/2022. Articles: Delta Force Seizes Deep State Stronghold, Putin Updates Trump on [redacted] Cleansing & LIVE CAM in UKRAINE, The Balance, Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: What Lies Ahead, Yeshua: God/Love/Source Never Punishes Anyone, Saint Germain: Hold on To the Dream, One Who Serves: New Programming, One Who Serves and Shoshanna: Expression of Love, and PROOF!

Very Hot News: Gene Decode: 3/23/2022: Taiwan take-down is already is going on!! The Alliance is in the DUMB’s. The first DUMB entrance, from Japan to Taiwan. All of Taiwan is a massive DUMB. In Progress!!!! Everything we know about [redacted]: Same thing in the DUMB’s in Taiwan. Child trafficking, Bio-Labs, organ harvesting, and on and on.

We are watching the “OLD GUARD” taken down, some of the illuminati are negotiations in Antarctica trying to make a deal.

In about 2 Days, the [redacted] Good operations against the Bio-labs that were to kill humanity will BE OVER!! Hey!!


Very, Very Hot News, [3/21/2022 9:11 AM] Telegram—The Truth!!

[Forwarded from Q NEWS OFFICIAL TV #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸]

JUST IN – GENERAL CHRISTOPHER MILLER – Secretary of Military and Head of the Provisional Military Government of the United States! To my colleagues from Bulgaria: I understand from your comments that there has been a great fever and commotion in Bulgaria regarding the visit of the US Secretary of Military., concerns that this man will force Bulgaria into war with Russia. I bet many of you joined in later and still believe the Media that the United States has a new government headed by the deceased 3 years ago Joe Biden. I also understand that many people do not read my posts carefully or visit my page by accident. Briefly: US elections on November 3, 2020. were won by President Donald Trump in all 50 states. The Deep State tried to fake them and the Media reported that Joe B. he has won them over. BUT! The official ballot was electronic watermarked, which the counterfeiters were unaware of. So, every vote cast for President Trump was recorded on a quantum server and the fate of each ballot is known. The Military Alliance, which stands behind President Trump, decided to show people how deeply corrupt all government institutions are, and since then, we’ve been watching a movie that really aims to open our eyes and wake us up so this never happens again. So, on January 20, 2021. at 12:00 noon the United States was taken over by a military government led by Secretary of Military General Christopher Miller and Commander-in-Chief, the lawfully elected President Donald Trump. Until the November 2020 elections. General Cr. Miller was Director of the National Counter-Terrorism Service, a student of General Michael Flynn. The role of the fake joe b is played by three actors, I wrote about it and I will not repeat it. Also, his entire “crew” is a cast selected by President Trump’s team. All his ministers are actors whose actions have no legal value. Including this fake military minister who visits Bulgaria and causes such a fuss – Lloyd Austin. All these actors are talking and doing as President Trump and the White Hat Military are telling them to do. This whole show is about waking people up and doing a lot of work behind the scenes. The White House and Capitol and all federal buildings in Washington have been empty and closed as of January 20, 2021. These people have never set foot there, nor have they any access to the Pentagon! They are ACTORS! Hold on to that!

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