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Reader Post | By Jeff Walker

I have not written in a number of years and took a long winded sabbatical from this movement.  Frustrated by the constant “oh it’s todays” we hear from everyone who “knows’.  It all still to this day puts a nasty taste in my mouth.  However i do see the logic in doing things in such a calculated way as has happened as we so annoyingly waste our time and energy waiting.  Truth be told, who’s to say this STILL is a big load of shit we all are being fed.  

Are we just a bunch of gullible idiots that our friends and loveones know that we are for believing in such a stupid idea of defunct, no longer circulates and trash currencies are going to miraculously spring back to life in some unbelievablly absurd fantasy allowing us to become the “NEW Elites” that are going to repair 1000’s of years of damage?  

Despite how truely stupid I sometime think I have been all these years thinking this was tujally going to be the case…even years of bullshit dates and lies fill this site on a daily basis.  Somewhere deep down insidde there stkll is a stupid spark of hope.  Or maybe it’s an image of “yeah that would be nice”  

Truth also be told though…despide the QFS introduction etc..multiple sites popping up promoting the hope of such a thing.. I have still yet to see any..not a tiny lick of reality in any of this as we’re told it is.  No USN’s tucked away in any one teller’s drawer that I have talked to.  My cheap ass Family Mobile phone is still on the same network.. The same bullshit coming out of the T.V>.. not a single validating fact what so ever.  

No Ides of March either.. Crickets.  

What I have learned and have seed is a bunch of collateral damage to many many people, families, individuals who could be under NDA’s doing some good as we speak and doing our part as we all wish to and signed up to do by taking on this colossal task.  If this is what’s supposed to be.  Many have lost our sanity knowing what we know or think to know to be true in ALLof this and having to sit back and helplessly watch the time tick but.  Some doing our best to wake these people up.. (most of which if not by now will never)  in an almost burned out, indifferent state from exhaustion that has taken  even the drive to help out of some of us..

Enough damage has been done generationally.  Much damage has been done  in sheer hell this plan has put us all through the last few years.  Mentally and Physically and to still be lingering in this helpless lingo knowing the outcome and not allowed to “cash in” and begin building the structures for projects needed.  And Ron is absolutely correct.  You ask for anything other than 1 to 1 on the Zim and settle for !! cents/mil you’re an IDIOT!  Everything..and I mean Everything has to be redone.  And this aint going to happen in a sun flash either.




We all know why we are still here and we should be given the benefit of the doubt for still believing in this after the years of crap rolled down the line daily to us.  We earned this long ago.  .We all know it’s all for the benefit of others.  We know what we intend to do..

The Alliance should recognize the and ..I hate to be a stick in the mud.. They say they are going to give this knowledgeable 4B a little hear start.. ButI doubt it.. And i doubt we will see a fraction of what we’re told.. Love the hope and dream though.. But just in case.. DO NOT COMPROMISE ON ANYTHING THAT YOU NEED TO ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING YOU WANT 1Q0 FOLD GENERATIONALLY!  For the sheer headache alone and having to deal with opaque transparency this entire time.. You aim HIGH and DO NOT COMPROMISE.  These Cabal criminals have huge reparations to make for the TOTAL and ENTIRE deception of this entire civilization..throughout our fake history. 

The Alliance wants  participation.. then get on with it and allow us to do what we are here to do..We can either remain gagged like everyone else.. Or you can step off the pot and get this show front and center for all to see.  We are sick of curtains..we are sick of being idle..and we are sick of ignorance keeping the people studid and asleep.. Time for a wake up call..and I don’t care how much it’s going to hurt.  Ity needs to. 

Jeff Walker


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