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What does IMBO stand for?

In my brilliant opinion…

After last night’s Makow article I had an exchange with a few people via email. I further clarified my argument which I shall paste up here. Patrick will post this because he understands the 1st amendment.

Interestingly enough, I am going to paste up the link to the new Kim and Kerry Cassidy interview which sort of drives home the point like a jackhammer proves it is Summer in the city.





Kim and Kerry prove to me that the world has nothing to do with Trump, or white hats, or Putin, or Reptile aliens or Popes or Q or quantum systems or resets or JFK jr.

It does in fact go back to the sentence in the Bible about there being no truth within you. The synagogue of Satan.

Need I point out a couple thousand years from now some guy named Shecky will own the patent?

I have said it many times. The Talmudic mafia runs the world from every county in the world from their synagogues. Thus, the President Putins or Trumps, or General Brasschest or Sidney Sodomite or Kim Ground Control to Major Tom Thumb– are all being played.

I now believe she has been given these 29 computer screens and access to every phone and TV camera in the world because she is a laser pointer to the bullshit illusion, and we are mesmerized cats. Just as Q and telegram and white hats and dinar chronicles are all part of the laser show too. Yes– even Charlie Warped.

I bet you none of the 29 screens in her office are picking up the quiet hushed conversations in the synagogue from Rabbi to Rothschild nephew to Rabbi to General to Rabbi to Mossad to General to commander to hitman to banker to Rabbi to dagger wielding satanist to economic hitman to billionaire software developer to rabbi to movie producer to Frankfurt think tanker to fake space program to WHO to Rabbi to banker to General to CIA to Mossad to CNN to Obama to Rabbi to Pfizer to Rabbi to Mossad to banker.

And when Kerry and Kim try really hard to understand their “contacts” don’t know shit, it is because they are looking for a shadow in a pitch dark closet nowhere near the synagogue.




Spare me the Jesuits. They were created by the Talmudists. Jew Suits.

And spare me the reptile alien Hollywood masks.

Okay so back to my MAKOW points from last night.

Person1 emails me and says: “well written, Henry’s report too. too bad I had not read this 15 years ago because it would have given me more confidence in understanding how so many systems, cities, countries etc. get ‘locked up’ by these bad actors.”

I reply: what’s funny about that is that both Henry and I likely wrote very similar articles 15 years ago… at least 500 times. Interestingly we were both succinct as if we are both finding simpler ways to say it.

After a few more emails from 3 people, I conclude: 

They learned gypsy grifting con artist craft that they kept applying to every money making institution. When they figured out contract law as caveat emptor we were done. And coupled it with money magic, usury banking and what the hell, let’s add to our religion the kol nidre prayer that says hey… we forgive ourselves for everything and anything. Brilliant lol. I’m convinced Kim is working for them somehow. And she doesn’t know it.

Actually the very act of Henry Makow writing these types of articles is an example of closing the loop. They know they have to have some Jews tell as much truth as possible to have the plausible deniability and eventually be a part of the new management when the suckers somewhat awaken.

Henry refuses to admit the holocaust is full of gaping holes. A key nail in Jewish domination’s coffins. Huge lies they still need for a little while longer, like the shape of the earth and space travel prohibitions, just until they reach the depopulation goals. We are plenty dumbed down but still too many of us.

Therefore Makow tells us what they are now willing to admit. Just like it’s now okay to admit many serial killers worked for the CIA. Or the killings were pure theater to sew fear.




Plus illuminati blah blah blah is the snake eating the tail of the eyes wide shut masquerade.

Masks and costumes and media magic is always preferable to con artistry than actual blood. They like blood in controlled settings in locked dungeons just not in public where too many people start asking questions. Fake stuff on TV as a distraction, replaced with more fake stuff on TV before the last last fake stuff on TV has come back from the commercial break asking you to ask your Doctor if some poison is right for you. 

So you see, guys like Makow is positioned as the good concerned Jew who will be invited into the new order as here’s a Jew who always spoke up for us Goyim and being that I agree with the Jews that the Goyim are dumb as farm animals, we will put the fair minded Jew in charge of everything in the new order under new management– Thusly spitting out the snake tail and running another millenia… Oy Vey…
Just for clarity… I want to rerun some of the paragraphs I wrote last night.

Conversion to Judaism is conversion to Judaism. They learned all the secrets to dominate that the Talmudic Rabbis had to teach. One of which is a trick they use over and over again. Creating a collective encircled by a snake that creates a loop. The snake eventually eats its own tail to close off the loop. The Jewish collective then moves on as if they were never there to begin with. The means to do so is changing names, inter-marrying, stealing identities, having fraudulent fronts such as a Christian, Catholic or Muslim take the lead at some point. Think OPEC. And fiat dollars. Rothschild owns 90% of Israel right next to the oil reserves.

The loop closes but they sucked the blood and wealth out of the collective and kept the product under a new and improved management.


The Jews may write Patrick and feign outrage and hurt feelings but really they know I am right and chuckle about it. They are brilliant con artists. This is why there are more Jewish billionaires and trillionaires with the rights to the actual patents than any poser figurehead like Trump or Musk.

No other collective, race or religion comes close to their diabolical premeditated planning. Everyone else on the planet is like the special olympics with their feet glued to the floor.

The Jews don’t have to change a thing. They are already positioning themselves for new monopolies for the new millenia. Or already have with all the world’s wealth pledged to a trust the nice blond lady will sign back to them when the time is right.

Let me be the first to congratulate you on another game well played. Mazel Tov!




So now I shall post the link to pure torture, over two hours of Kim and Kerry confused by the mousetrap.

Even if I am wrong about everything, which I’m not, does this article on a blog really hurt anyone?


It’s just one guy’s brilliant opinion.


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