Queen Romana Didulo has Fallen from Grace in the Alliance Eyes!



Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 17, 2022

Queen Romana Didulo has fallen from Grace in the Alliance Eyes!!

With that title stated, this is about Queen Romana Didulo. She has given the Canada HOPE and organized the Trucker Convoy. She has done some really good things, with organizing money for people and animals in need. She has given hope for the truthers, especially in Canada. But I have learned intelligence, she has changed and not aligned with the Alliance now and the truthers. It appears she come from nowhere until about a year ago, Gene stated she was an Alliance asset, not a White Hat or Black Hat. Trump and Putin are White Hats.  She was appointed an asset of the “Alliance”, and had a “contract of guidelines” to accomplish.  Also, an ascended master told of her mission, Shoshanna about Queen Romana: “This one you are speaking of has a great mission that she is just now beginning to come into here, just now beginning to form. And it is in the beginning process here. It has so far only been for those that were ready to hear this, that were open to this as a new light, we will say, coming into the planet. First here in this area of Canada, but it will spread from there as well. Not so much this one spread, but the light that she is bringing in.” This proves she was part the Alliance and the big change on the ground, as Gene has stated. But Gene has outlined in different indictments, she has violented. Here is the latest intel from Gene Decode, even though he vetted her before as an asset. She has changed her colors, it does appear, and by video proof.

Basically Gene Listed six Violations of the Queen contract with the Alliance. I will list them:

She has on a Warning Her Contract. Her turths not the Alliance or God’s:

  1. Claiming she would be Queen of Canada until 2051.
  2. Queen of the World, in her timeline.
  3. Declare that there will be Queen and King of the United States. (America has in the orginal constitution that there will be NO Kings or Queens.)
  4. Stating Falsely; that Trump broke his Contract or Covenant with the Alliance and to God. This is NOT true.
  5. Falsely stating: Trump is no longer on Earth, since 2018.
  6. She stated that Jesus was a human construct. Big Problem. Jesus was real!!!

Gene and the Blessed for Service team, will NOT say anything, say now neutral.

Timelines have varied too much, from what Gene says: Timeline Error. Slight variation from the GESARA or the “Book of Sara” timeline. From the Alliance, can use anybody until they are not in service of the greater good. This is an issue going on, with the Queen. What are the issues? First served these speeding tickets or indictments. She was meant to be a holding pattern, until Trump came back in, until the Canada Citizens could have a referendum to put in the leader she wanted. A constitution government. The Votes of the people, is the big thing. Alliance put Queen Romana as an Asset, to create a spark, toward truth. She did create a spark. The Truck Convoy did break the Covid-19 narrative. She did a great job on that.  She was going to be used, until the referendum was done to put in a President of the People’s vote. She was a holding-pattern, nothing more. Her big group 10 people left her “Freedom Tour”, recently.  This exit, exploded on her team, around her. Note: Trump airplane was re-routed to New Orleans the other day, they tried to assassinate Trump. Trump is alive and will come back. It appears the Deep State was responsible again.




From Gene Decode 3/12/2022 quote: “Many of you have asked about Romana Didulo and at this time our official stance is that we neither confirm nor deny her. We remain neutral for now.

To Clarify the situation, I have done a presentation with Rob Mercury that should soon be on his Rumble channel, explaining this in entirety and where things currently stand.

Understand that the timeline has radically changed (The Sarah timeline and Romana timeline have diverged), starting on Thursday morning the 10th.  Queen Romana is NOT currently on The Sarah timeline (God’s highest timeline) due to an indictment served on that date.  I explain this on the presentation with Rob Mercury and Mixx and what that indictment from the Alliance, entails”.

No one is perfect, I am not and the first to admit to it. But I work very hard as Gene Decode does. We clearly want and make a big effort to reveal the truth as best we can. We are with the truth moment and with God.  Clearly, examples and truth that Rob Mercury discloses reveal many “flaws with the Queen’s projected Agenda”, to be the real Queen of Canada: 1) She always stated in every written and video recording that “I am Queen Romano, the Real Commander-in-Chief. Please, real leaders do not have to do that. This is clearly a brainwashing statement, like many commercials on TV, keep repeating the same commercial or the same message to Drill into Your Head. This is not a real leader needs or has to do, it is brainwashing that she is the “Queen of Canada” and she is NOT going to be now 2) She uses Real Patriot donations, nothing from the real government. 3) She commands orders like it is the absolute truth. All cannot be. 4) She always markets her invented flag and name everywhere all the time. Like she is always having to convince people. This is a proprietary brand she is trying to promote: her flag, her name; she being a Queen, like an ad campaign (if you do not agree with me, she says she will have you arrested, not free speech). Real leaders do not do that. 4) she has recently stated on Video, that Trump’s timeline is over, and her timeline is now beginning. Meaning she at least will be the real leader of Canada. Real Leader do NOT have to down other Great Leaders to be one, she is NOT real at this time. Trump Timeline will NEVER go away.

 Here are a few things that Rob Mercury sees too:

Rob Mercury remote views “Queen” Romana Didulo and exposes the true goal of her marketing campaign.

Rob highlights her effective use of anti-social behavior.




Rob refers to her as the Queen of ego and arguments,
and she has her sights on taking over the Canadian truth movement.

Here are Links to two of Rob Mercury’s wonderful videos:

Here is Gene Decode’s video with Rob Mercury & Mixx: The Link:

Whatever happened, has happened. With Queen Romana, looks like the Book of Sara will change back, without her. Queen Romana ego about wanting her timeline and her power is NOT aligned to the new 5th Dimension Era. Queen Romana is still in 3th Dimension power and control old way of thinking. Put your faith in God. We hope Queen Romana goes back in-line with God and the Alliance. But if not, the Alliance will take action.

As Gene and I big note: One needs to align with the one True Creator of all Things, and not put beliefs in just one person. Jared Rand has always stated: that the God’s next step for humanity is a fully Conscious Mind needs to lead themselves, think for themselves, and research themselves for the truth. This is a 5th dimensional being.  This means not to be a Bi-Cameral mind: one who does NOT think for themselves. God’s energy coming in will take us to 5th Dimension and wake up most people that are sleepers now. This is God’s will, to get humanity out of this fake matrix, to see the truth, and bring heaven on Earth, and all as the 5th dimension beings we can be. There will be no wars, no poverty, no hunger. We will have peace, love, compassion, harmony and abundance for all people on this wonderful blue planet called Earth or Gaia. And, so it is!!


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