9/11CON: The Pentagon and Other important Actions


Hello from way back!

There have been some huge changes in my professional life – mainly my new 9/11-Truth-based organization RichardGage911. So I am reaching out to all in my contacts in order to make sure that I don’t miss anybody over the years who would like to catch up with my 9/11 activities. (If that’s not you, then please ignore and accept my apologies for the bother – I won’t be sending a second such email. And, most unfortunately, I probably won’t have time to catch up with any resulting correspondence until mid-April due to an insane amount of work this month –  so please forgive me for that as well!)

For the rest of you… Greetings! Some of you might be familiar with my recent status – independent of AE911Truth – but most of you will not be because AE911Truth didn’t issue a bulletin about my departure. I am writing to you today to reconnect, to update you on some very important 9/11 events, and to encourage you to sign up for our email bulletins at RichardGage911.org so we can stay connected.
My separation from AE911Truth is quite the story – and you can catch up on it here at my new power-packed website: RichardGage911.org

I have also joined the board of the non-profit Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry as Technical Advisor and we are already embarked on one of the most exciting efforts ever – the film series “9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom – Taking Hard Evidence of the World Trade Center to Court.” Mick Harrison and I will be filmed in a courtroom along with other experts bringing to life the 60 exhibits of the LC911 Grand Jury Petition. We will be presenting our case directly to the Jurors and it will be submitted as a supplement to the original petition. Emmy Award winning investigative journalist and filmmaker Kristina Borjesson (TWA 800) has already begun directing the film:

This is the film series that the 9/11 Truth Movement has been waiting for. They will be able to feed bite-size pieces of professionally presented evidence with explanations of the legal implications for the court, to the public, in their 9/11 activism.
Also, check out our new quarterly conference series 9/11CON!  We start with the Pentagon – in just one week!

We’ve assembled the most dedicated Pentagon researchers in the world – all together in one place and one time – on Saturday March 19, 10AM to 10PM Pacific. It will be livestreamed right to your home, work, or car!

Finally, my wife and assistant, Gail Gage, and I have already stacked up more than 2 dozen high quality video podcasts on our show “RichardGage911:UNLEASHED!” in which we bring high-profile guests from in and around the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Activists are passing these episodes around like hotcakes: Director Massimo Mazzuco, Paul Craig Roberts, Niels Harrit, Graeme MacQueen, psychologist Fran Shure, Barbara Honegger on anthrax and the 9/11 wargames, the LC911 Lawyers, Captain Dan Hanley of 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers, Daniele Ganser on false flags, Scott Bennett on Psy Op’s, experts like Tom Sullivan explosives loader, and many many more!
Coming up we have Professor Leroy Hulsey SE, Foster Gamble of Thrive On, Richard Grove of Autonomy, Aidan Monaghan on remote control of the 9/11 planes, Art Olivier on the film 9/11 Operation Terror, 9/11 author Glenn Zarminov, and “economic hitman” John Perkins!

You can see that we have been extraordinarily busy these past few months since flying solo from AE911Truth. It’s the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life because this is where the rubber meets the road – getting out the TRUTH about 9/11! That’s what we do everyday here now so be sure not to miss anything in this major 9/11 Truth Movement organization. Sign up for our free Bulletins today!

I am so very grateful for you all and the singleness of purpose in our 9/11 Truth mission. We simply have to succeed in precipitating the changes in the world that must be forthcoming!
I remain yours in truth, solidarity, and persistence,

Richard (and Gail) Gage



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