(Reader: Jesse Burson) Medical Murderers


Reader Post | By Jesse Burson

On Christmas, 2021, my wife became very ill. She was coughing and exhibited signs of pneumonia. After several days, of not eating and constant sleeping, she became too weak to leave the bed. We took her to the doctor where she was found to have the COVID-19-or at least that’s the diagnosis we received. They gave her no medicines to go home on. No prescriptions. Only orders to go to the emergency room if her 02 dropped below 90. It did , that night before I retired for the evening, I checked her blood 02 and it was hovering 77. I immediately told her daughter to take her to the ER. That turned out to be the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. The first few days, she showed signs of improving. Her 02 was back to normal, and her vitals were great. She was on track to coming home. Then, out of nowhere, she tells me the next day that she had fallen going to the bathroom and that they had left her on the cold floor for hours. Later I was told that in result of the falling, she has gotten some internal bleeding. Although it wasn’t the fall that caused it, it was the Remdesvir that was being pumped into her. They had given her in total, over a few days time, 13 separate injections. Moving on, she had to have a procedure that would stop the bleeding. It was successful, and she started recovering again. Everytime she seemed to get better, something happened. This time she had kidney stones, (from the remdesvir) and had gotten Pneumonia from being kept in an unheated room. They moved her to another room, but it was only a temporary phenomenon, because the plans they had  for her never included being allowed to leave alive. The next day, she was moved to ICU. They were saying her 02 wasn’t getting better and that they needed to try other options. First option, was a bipap, and a “mystery” medicine. No one ever found out what it was. But, for 6 hours, it was working well. Her vitals were back to normal. Her 02 stabilized, and she was going to be weaned back down to normal amounts of oxygen. Then at about 10 Pm, 1/26/22, I received a call that she had gone into respiratory distress and she would have to be vented. That’s a pretty quick turnaround. And without consultation. They had to have given her something to cause it, she was already swollen from the excess amounts of fluids they had pumped into her. No more than an hour later, I received another call, that her body didn’t accept the vent, and she went into cardiac arrest and they were trying to resuscitate her. The last call I got, was the final call, telling me that they had let her go. She had passed on. After 20 days of fighting NOT THE DISEASE, but the medical staff that was actively killing her.There is no such thing as patient rights. My life since has spiraled  downward. I’ve been trying every way possible to find a way to get legal justice. I even contacted  a local news station, with my story. In turn, they contacted the local police who called to tell me not to interfere, or I would be arrested for harassment. They killed my wife. I knew it the entire time. Everytime she fought back, they kicked her back down again. I pleaded with her daughter to remove her from there, but she insisted that all was ok. She was wrong. It is my goal to expose these people for everyone they have harmed and killed. To give justice to the loved ones who like me, have lost someone they loved endlessly. The worst part, they kill these people for money, and then have the audacity to send you their outrageous hospital bills. Not one red cent will be paid to these criminals. I truly hope my story gives you all a sense of awareness. DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES TO A HOSPITAL. It is a death warrant if you do. 

I’ve put together a small fundraiser for my wife. Her funeral was 12,000$ and I still haven’t gotten her a stone. I had to take out loans to pay for it. FEMA was supposed to foot a percentage, but nothing has been heard on the status of the paperwork. Please if you can, consider a small donation or at least share this story with others.


If I can save at least one person from these horrors, it will have been worth it. Godspeed, love and light.


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