(Reader: timjoebob) A Piece o’ Cake


Reader Post | By timjoebob

A cake walk; a walk in the park; we got this; easy peezy; no worries; no big deal; don’t stress; don’t fret; it’s cool; it’s all good; we’re 5 by 5; that’s a positive; ready & willing; we have rotation and liftoff; it’s on now; keep on truckin’; wake up the Fat Lady; come to papa; off & runnin’; buckle up Spanky, it’s a hell-of-a ride; letr’ rip; bring it on; let’s see what you got; ride the wave & shoot the curl; boom! right’n the kisser; flat out like a lizard runnin’….did you catch wind of something, Wally?….there’s more, but, at the moment, I’m out of bleeps & phrases.

Even Corey Goode said there’s so much disinformation/misinformation going on that even the alternative media is corrupted. Ya think? He even said that saying that “the war is already won” is not a good thing to be saying. People are being deluged with this kind of hopium. The weak thrive in this kind of bs.

People should be less trusting in what other people are saying. Instead, people should be going inward and listening to their hearts instead of their monkey minds full of fear.

Max Egan said we should “face infinity without flinching.” That’s a beautiful saying and is seared into my memory.

My biggest demons have always been anger, frustration, and the unknown. It’s my path. It’s my karma. Everyone has something to work on…including you…even gurus and masters…it never stops.

When I see people being deliberately ignorant of facts and truth, my blood boils. It’s something I can’t control because it’s a visceral response because I know those people are heavily sedated from mind control and my job is to let that go and let them be on their path. It is no longer my job or your job to wake anyone up because if they’re not awake by now with all of the information available up to this point they’re more than likely to not wake up at this time…and that’s OK. They’re on their path and they have lessons to learn as does everyone.

My challenge is to ‘let go’. Just let go. Leave it. Move onward and upward. Water under the bridge is gone forever except for the karma that is to come from the past flowing down the river that will be come back around to haunt and plague.

Bruce Lipton said something like: (paraphrasing) If we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, why don’t we just stay in the spiritual realm? And the answer was that if you are a spirit in the spiritual realm, can you tell me what chocolate tastes like? We’re experiencing this false reality through the five senses and a sixth sense connection.

OK. So, now, I have to bring up a gentle rebuttal. Have any of you reading this ever had a dream so vivid and real that you could SEE everything in color and you could HEAR things, FEEL/TOUCH things, and SMELL things and TASTE things while, simultaneously, aware that you were dreaming? Those are supposed to be physical realm attributes. How, then, are we able to explain what our dream experiences are like if the only reason to be in the physical realm is to experience the senses? This is completely and utterly absurd to think we’re here just to experience the senses. There’s a train load more of ‘why’.

Now we’re conditioned and acclimated to this false reality. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: the Controllers did their homework this time around and now the so-called good guys are playing catch up because their arrogance of “we got this” caught them far behind the curve. Now, all they can do is offer excuses and reasons for their inability to comprehend the devastating effects of being caught with their pants down.

These so-called good guys would get more respect from people like me if they would just admit that they were just flat out beaten to the punch. So, their excuse/reason now is that we have to experience a NDE to expose what’s already been exposed for decades. This is straight up bullshit. They got played and got beaten. Now they’re playing the exposure game…making excuses for crap that could have been taken care of already a long time ago.

Forgive them because it’s all we can do. Condemnation is not a positive attitude so I’m working hard on that.

Now, you know why I’m so tough on such things. I’m a work in progress or digress. It’s really up to each of us to resolve this matter on our own inner reflection.

It’s a walk in the park.



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