Demonstrating Love Through Random Acts of Kindness


Operation Disclosure | By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 10, 2022

Demonstrating Love Through Random Acts Of Kindness

As we move into the Age of Aquarius. why not provide a glimpse of what things will be like in the new age, by demonstrating love through random acts of kindness?

In our present world, we are controlled and manipulated by evil people, through their lies, greed (their love of money), and lust for power and control over us. Their agenda is to depopulate the earth to a small fraction of what it is today, using the small percentage of the population that is left to be their slaves. Of course, for those of us that place our love, belief, and faith, in the one true Almighty God, and Heavenly Father, we know their agenda will fail.

We are currently entrenched in a battle of good versus evil. We know we cannot lose because God, is on our side. The war, in fact, has already been won, but there are still remnants of the dark forces hanging on by a thread, which must be caught so they can never attempt to regroup, and make another attempt to bring evil back into our world. The White Hats are making further progress everyday in capturing these remnants of evil. The war in Ukraine, is a major step in taking down the Cabal that that remains. We know how difficult it is to establish timelines, but it certainly appears we are very close to the tipping point in world history, where we move from the darkness into light.

We know about the alliance’s plan, and we are here to support it in any way we can, but the plan we as the children of God can have complete faith in, is given to us in the writings of the Bible where it states: Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy path. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. – Provers 3: 5-7

It will be love and human kindness that will permeate the Age of Aquarius. With there being so much discord between family members and friends, due to the difference in the level of awakeness, why not begin showing your love through acts of kindness?

Here’s a very simple poem (the only type I can write, lol) I just wrote to address kindness.

An Act Of Kindness is Easy to Pay

An act of kindness is easy to pay
Just start with one simple act each day
If your act just gets a stranger to smile
The inch you have given turns into a mile

If the smiling stranger in turn does the same
It could be the start of a new kindness game
As each person passes a kind act along
Before you know it your community is strong

Then from place to place kindness will flow
Discord will vanish and love will grow
As we move to a new age people will see
How wonderful loving kindness will be

With a little thought, I’m certain many of you, could come up with hundreds of small ways to show kindness to others. Let me start you off with examples of some of the simple things I’ve done in hoping to brighten someone’s day.

* When I see elderly people, or women, in a store getting ready to load heavy items into their carts, i.e. cases of water, or if they are in the parking lot trying to remove the item (‘s) from their cart to load into their car, I always ask if I can help. Then I ask if I can return their cart to the cart corral.

* When I bring in my garbage cans each week, I also bring in my next door neighbor’s cans and the cans of  an elderly neighbor across the street.

* If I’m in a restaurant for carryout, I will often times ask the person (‘s) behind me to go ahead an order. I will then then pay for their order as I pay mine. I do the same thing at times in a sit-down restaurant. I always ask the waitress/waiter to keep my identity anonymous. Always do acts of kindness without your left hand knowing what your right hand does. The blessing always comes knowing you were able to possibly bring a little light to someone’s day. If you can’t afford to do something like this don’t give it a second thought, there’s so many acts of kindness that just requires a little of your time and a couple of helping hands.

* You can offer to cut the grass, in the yard of an elderly, or perhaps slightly handicapped person. 

* You can shovel snow to help someone.

* You can offer transportation to someone.

* You can offer to go to the store for an elderly person or someone else that may need a helping hand.

* Standing in line in a grocery store, if you have the means, you could buy the groceries for someone in line near you. Here’s a thought, if you see a well dressed businessman, or woman, picking up a few things, why not pay for their items? Perhaps they have never thought to do something like that on their own, and by doing so you may plant the seed of showing kindness to others.

When I was in business, I was blessed to be able to make major impacts in a few peoples lives. But, whatever you do to show kindness, if you do it with a loving, caring heart, there is no act larger or smaller than another.

The Bible gives us the story of the widow’s mites to clearly illustrate that principle. Kindness toward others show that you have the love of God within you. 

As I wrap up this article I want to leave you with another thought. What about making intercession for random people you don’t know? As an example, just say you are out taking a walk in the neighborhood. Looking at the address of one of the houses you pass by, begin praying for the needs of the occupants of that house. Ask that God will meet all their needs according to his will. God knows them and he knows their needs. You do the same thing with an approaching car as you walk. Maybe you don’t know the make or the model, you just  know the color, so you pray for the people in the gray car that just went by. God is omniscient, he knows who they are, and he knows their needs.

If what we do in our lives shows kindness and love for our brothers, and sisters, as is every man, woman, boy, girl we see, by virtue of all of them being the children of our Heavenly Father, the earth’s vibration will rise and our ascension process will hasten. 

As we continue through this difficult time on earth, praise God for allowing you to be present on earth, to play some small part in the greatest transition in world history, the time when we move from darkness into the light of God. Prayer is our most powerful weapon, please pray in keeping with the LORD’S prayer, that God’s will bed one on earth as it is in Heaven.

May God bless each of you, and may God bless the USA, and the world in which we live.


The best is yet to come!

Thanks for your time,



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