(Reader: timjoebob) Death; the Great Equalizer


Reader Post | By timjoebob

It’s the one thing that everyone and everything that appears to exist in this universe has in common. Whether you live for just a moment or thousands years or millions of years or billions of years, everything will cease to ‘be’ at some point. Evil will die at some point. Good will live forever.

That is enough to put a smile on my face. Evil loses. Boohoo! Waaahhh! Good riddens.

Another thing that puts a smile on my face is the karma that the evil doers should face. If karma is honest and just, I’m happy and grateful to know I’m on the right side of history…this time around. It will be a plus on that side of the ledger…the Account.

The next life might not be so. How the hell would I know, anyway? The stupid system is corrupt. It’s far from perfect. Yes, I’m talking about the universe’s trap when it comes to planet Psycho. It’s corrupted and designed to trip you up every step of the way…apparently by our own making…to teach us lessons.

Excuse the hell out of me, but I already know that if I put my hands in fire I will sense warmth.

Listen up gurus! When my memories are wiped out upon entering this debacle called life on planet Psycho, ALL BETS ARE OFF. I won’t back down. I’ll stand firm. I will not be held accountable for a karmic debt I know zero about. Tell me what my karmic debt is and I’ll take what I deserve with honor. I may not like it but that’s too bad…tough love. At least I would know why and that’s a fair deal…not a corrupted one.

Everything has been corrupted on this planet. Other worlds might not be this way and they might be fortunate enough be informed about negative consequences of doing less than amiable things. Karma can be good or bad or indifferent, but as the saying goes…you know…payback is a real bitch.

We’ve been duped for a half million years. So, for almost 18 cycles of the every 26,400 + or – year’s event of evolutionary changes occurring from the rotation of the Milky Way, we are at the end times, again. It’s the ending of an Era. It’s the end of something and a beginning of something. It’s all linear time, of course.

But, time is an illusion, they say. Who says so? Who cares? On this plain, or realm of fake existence, time is still the great equalizer. Yes, a linear time line has a Grim Reaper and we’re attached to it. So, evil has a time line…but, so do we, or I should say most of us do.

So, during these final days of bullshit, that fertilizer will help germinate the seeds of a new world. Planet Psycho will die and Earth will be born again, again, like all of the previous times. Great changes occur and the cycle starts all over again.

So, the great equalizer will remain intact until it is no longer needed or it is no longer warranted to exist.

The death of the Reaper…

…totally epic and beyond anything imaginable.

Now, that’s a universe I love to envision…until the universe itself no longer appears to exist…uhem, which means we’re fully Awake and Present in Heaven…the true reality where the squabbles of men are forever gone.

Why do you think I laugh every time I hear, “We got this.”

Sure we do, of course.

Popcorn anyone?



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