Patriot Intel Report — March 8, 2022: Denazification



PIR 03-08-22 Patriot Intel Report

Patriot Intel Report
Published March 8, 2022

Space Weather: The Moon enters Gemini at 1:40 pm EST, giving us a window of time that is in effect until Friday, March 11th at 2:25 am.

During this time, the Moon and the Black Moon will oppose the Galactic Center, and Pluto will move to the next degree — ending, for now, the exact conjunction with the US’ Pluto Return.

We could say that the first battle of Pluto’s Return and Transformation will be completed by Friday, and now events move toward the second battle, which comes in July.

So what we see in the macro level of the world theatre and the micro level of our lives through Friday sets up the future.

The foundations of Gemini affect this with communications, information technology, distance, opposites (like east and west), and various forms of rejection, including the rejection of tyranny.




This energy will cause the cabal to respond with tightening the reins of their great reset.

The east is heavily favored based on the Sabian symbols.

Today is 1 Seed, so we follow along and watch the Seed of Liberty spread first in the east and then in the west.

Clif High:
Zero Day?
5 days and counting…

We know now that the 12th of March, five days from today, it’s happening. That’s the day that the telco’s of the west disconnect Russia from SWIFT.

This is why Russia wants all their businesses to be ‘native’, with their IP’s within their geographic boundary by the 11th. So, in a very real sense, the 11th is Zero Day.

Now is it really THAT Zero Day?




We will only know in hindsight.

But we do know that the 11th is a key Khazarian majic day, housing many events in the past, such as Fukushima Nuke Disaster.

This 3/11 may well be THAT Zero Day, but even if not, it is ZERO DAY for the the next phase of the collapse of the Private Western Central Bank Criminal Network.

Their Petrodollar goes to shit on that day.

Their actions, and Putin’s counter actions, have seen to the fate of the PetroDollar. It will not recover from events of this coming week.

On Friday, telephony issues will arise. The Petrodollar starts waning.

On Saturday, problems with international dollar settlements will arise to grow and continue.

On Sunday the Markets, PMs, and FX will get the Big Time Jitters anticipating the opening. Gold learns to dance, while Silver leaps.

No one will know WTF cryptos have been signaling with their over-the-weekend behavior.

It will get really bizarre.




Five days and counting…

China on Bio Labs:

Russel Bentley:

[OpDis Editor Note: Patriot Intel Report provides great insight on the latest economical and geopolitical events.]


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