Helping Freedom Win: Trump, QR, and Kim Goguen


Who are the Great & Trustworthy Leaders?


We are obviously heading into a new timeline for humanity. It’s the Great Awakening after all. Maybe some day we won’t need a “leader”, but that day is not here yet. In other words, we all need to learn to use our own discernment, but as a nation we are trained “sheep” and it will take a while for the majority of our population to come out of that. In the meantime we need to know who the “good leaders” are.

It’s only right to flow our power to the various good, benevolent leaders and cut ourselves off from those who only say they’re “good”, but who in reality aren’t .

Here are three individuals who say they’re good leaders, but are they? Use your own discernment.

My discernment says: 1) Trump is 100% what-you-see-is-what-you-get (and more); 2) Queen Romana is surely a white-hat, but she needs more power and support to get the job done. Maybe she has it, but I can’t see it so far; and 3) I’m undecided about Kim Goguen. She is perhaps a white-hat, but could also be dark. I just can’t tell from what I see so far. What are her statistics? What has she really done? What does she really do, other than confuse things?

Here’s a brief summary of each, from my limited perspective. If you have other verifiable information, please tell me. (


Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States (corporation) and 19th real president is still legitimately the president. We the people voted him in for a “2nd term”, but due to massive tampering with the election process he is on hold for right now on his public status. The list of good things Trump has done for humanity is way too long and broad for any one blog post. Suffice it to say, he’s been a better president than any other; braver; more loyal to the cause; and more effective in his devastating hits to the deep-state.

I’ve never heard Trump say anything bad about Queen Romana Didulo of Canada, but I did hear him say once that she was doing good things in Canada.

I haven’t heard anything about Kim Goguen out of Trump’s mouth, but according to Kim she offered Trump some sort of deal in a phone call and he refused. My discernment says he refused for a reason. I think he has a plan, a better plan for USA than Kim’s or QR’s, and we should all trust his plan.


Trump is not a covert man. He’s forceful and opinionated, but direct. He doesn’t hide behind any kind of sappy-sweet valence. This is a +++++ great thing. I thank Trump for all he has done and is doing for humanity, and he’s done a lot. His popularity is NOT waning, as both QR and Kim are saying. You may not be able to see where all his true supporters are right now, but from my discernment, they’re there and in force.

Queen Romana Didulo of Canada

I’m listing the queen (QR) second, because I can tell she really is the true queen of Canada right now. Like Trump, she isn’t getting the public recognition for it, but when all is in the open I think this will be publicly revealed for sure.

Queen Romana has been working in the background for decades, and only now is making public appearances to small audiences on her convoy around Canada. She will be coming to the US (every state) in April/May. This is exciting, and I’ll be there to meet her when she comes to Missouri.

One thing I don’t like that QR said about a week ago is that Trump is on his way out, his timeline is ending. That statement is a little tiny “red-flag” to me. Prior to that all I ever heard her say about Trump was, “Trump made untold sacrifices in order to serve the We The People. He deserves the love of the Nation.” Making a cut against Trump, saying he is on the way out, when he clearly isn’t, seems like a drastic break with a person who was a friend, i.e., they were flowing power back & forth to each other for quite a while. The statement serves no purpose, other than to confuse.

US is US and Canada is Canada, and I would think both leaders should be very aware of that and not try to tread on the other, say anything demeaning about the other, or break off affinity in any way.

See my earlier post about QR.

Kimberly Goguen

Kimberly is a whole other type of white-hat/or not. She says she’s in charge of the planet and all the money, yet where’s the evidence???? During a time when no one knows who to believe or not, her statements only serve to confuse.


Kim has criticized Trump heavily in the past, but to my knowledge hasn’t said anything lately. She’s never said anything about QR, which seems odd. She only “reports” things that are either unsubstantiated or that the awakened people already know. (Seeing that she’s only talking to awakened people, that seems unproductive.) She has a super high opinion of her ability to solve all the world’s problems. (Good for her if she can, but I believe we need to all work together under someone other than her as a leader.)

See my earlier post about Kim.

Helping Freedom Win

For me, when I see people being critical of others, my antenna goes up. Sometimes we have only tiny clues of whether someone is good or not, and their critical-remarks (especially unfounded and unsubstantiated ones) are marks against their character in my opinion. It doesn’t damn them, but it does put me on alert about them.

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