White Hat Auxiliaries Information Briefing: The Pain in Ukraine Comes Mainly from the Insane



Source: White Hat Auxiliaries | By John2021

Information Briefing #173

The Pain In Ukraine Comes Mainly From The Insane

Time for the Auxiliary to Become the Regular Legion the World needs.

Time for Mankind to Man Up and Stop Bolshevik Barbarism Head On! Or fail as we did with Munich and pay the consequences. Last time we lost c20M within the EU and a further ruthless Bolshevik genocide of c20M plus. Look what they did to the Czar’s family. Savages!

Czar Nicholas II, Family and Retainers Murdered by Bolsheviks

Under Putin, what is now emerging? Did Chechnya and Afghanistan teach them nothing? Even bringing in Chechnya Muslim mercenaries has failed as they have been tracked, intercepted and captured or killed. Drones now watch all. Invisible eyes in the skies. Many weaponized to strike. All under his Leadership, and Napoleon he is not.

Putin Is Being Seen as The Aggressor. He Claims to Act in Defense Against NATO Encirclement.

It’s so sad, because what was coming together with calm and responsible Diplomacy was NATO being prepared not to go into Ukraine; it was all coming good. Now what the hell has been pointlessly unleashed, costing lives, displacing so many people and facing Russia off against the world? We know the root causes of problems, but it was really coming together. It’s so sad to see this mess now. Losers’ moves.

This invasion will accelerate more NATO bases in fear now. Not less. The new Road Map is IEDs everywhere. Why? Russian planes and helicopters are being shot out of the skies. Its tanks and supply lines are being hit by rockets. So many are now dying needlessly on both sides. All lives. All Wrong! This is a complete Russian tactical SNAFU as Putin now rages in his heavily protected mountain lair, as did Hitler with the failing Reich.

If the Ukrainians can just hang in for 10 more days, it then starts to become unwinnable for Russia. 




While MI6 and UK Defense reports indicate Putin may survive between one and 10 more years, simply because he’s dead meat if he doesn’t, he can’t hold Ukraine with 44 million patriots holding Molotov cocktails and tank busters behind every wall and hedge. 

1,000 more anti-tank missiles will ship every few days. More guns, more weapons. While we teach them how to make IEDs, every disabled tank off its tracks, or truck with a wheel blown off, is a sitting duck for the rocket launcher now zeroing in on it. SMGs and ammo magazines are pouring in. Mines will follow. A lot of Russians will be maimed or killed. That IS a tragedy. Truly. Putin is digging himself into a nightmare. He’s failed to capture Ukraine and now every day gets harder. It will get so ugly. His image is in freefall.

Putin and Lavrov are now becoming Untenable as Lepers, as the genocide builds up and hundreds of thousands of innocent Ukrainians are now becoming displaced fleeing Russian atrocities and fear. Another nation displaced. 

Humanity is losing its Soul, as both Putin and Lavrov are now sanctioned as Pariahs on the World Stage. Each will now risk being demonized to live in Infamy.  Disgraced Human Souls. It need not have gone this way. This may become another Chechnya. 

The world looks on aghast. Our world now sees Russia at its worst. Putin is portrayed now as a Ruthless Despot! Lavrov has been unmasked as a snarling Bolshevik Dog. What a pity. He had been the good face of Russia until now. All nations are recoiling in horror from these deaths, and those to come. This is back to Stalin’s era. Russia now owns it. Moscow’s Butchers. Playing for the world live, and Vile. IGNOMINY!

If Putin unleashes Thermobaric Weapons the world needs to recoil in horror and co enjoin to stop this rapacious Bolshevik regime. Now he threatens Finland, Sweden and Poland. We have been here before. How do you negotiate with your head in the Bear’s Jaws?

Do we have to redraw the new European map? The Europeans on one side, and the Russians, Communists on the other. Split. Poland now stands threatened. As do others. NATO, the UK and America have moved in to protect the EU. While the world sleeps, we are as ever, only 48 hours from Nukes if he crosses those lines. Madness of Despots and Fools. The world is ringfencing Putin, Lavrov and the Communists in.




In the UK, all Higher priced luxury Elites’ homes owned by Russians are about to be seized and sold off as proceeds of corruption or crime. They will freak! Their Yachts are being targeted for seizure from Spain to Monaco. Their children at Elite schools and Universities will be declined. 

Putin and Lavrov’s Foreign Assets Are Being Subject To Freezing

All their bank accounts frozen. Their Visas and work permits are about to be cancelled.  In the last 80 years no one has had such mass Global condemnation and Class Action! What hole is he digging for himself now? Ukraine may be his end game. Or more. He now is like Capone with Elliot Ness and the Untouchables closing in, but that is the world recoiling. The System is now gaming him. 

We need a world of calm, and focused professional reasoning. Not fantasizing, rambling garbage of shapeshifting Bloggers. Constructive thinking. Intelligent communicators.

For the last 5 years we have been building plans for meaningful Silk Road Plans tracking from Beijing to Tehran and Beijing to London with Frankfurt in between. Creating new infrastructure along the way for Cities, Industries, Schools and Healthcare. Developing and enriching communities. All the high and real aspirations of the WHs and old OWON team as we all reached for the stars. It still has back catalogues and good thinking as we achieved so much. Rich aspirations. It opened new boundaries. It Blazed a trail. So much creative thinking to ease tensions, share projects between nations, to educate and take care of humankind.  Real aspirations of value putting back. Integrating people and serving their needs. Meaningful thinking. As is pursued by all, and so many good people now at WHA. They equally blaze new trails and have led thinking relating to COVID and so many more issues. Creative minds and sound community values. 

The sites need to be complementing each other as used to be. Not the demonic rants we see. How can a So-Called Jesus Follower call for the callous destruction of Washington, London, NATO, Ministers, and so many of good standing? It has been noted. Also, that OWON has now become sadly, a one man’s Soap Box Hate Site. So much for Jesus’ beliefs?  This is no way forward.

Thou shall not kill… You shall not Covet… Mass destruction of so many? What an ethos.

Hopefully as Putin and Lavrov now realize, the Global repulsion of their standing, and consequential actions they have brought down on themselves and Russians worldwide that they will grasp a meaningful Peace Settlement for the Ukraine as soon as possible. 

We need this year to be a Season for Reason. Is Putin losing the plot? All his Oligarchs are about to lose their Pot. Then see them turn on him. Everyone has turned on Moscow. No one wants this. Stop the Invasion and killings. If he’s not stopped in the Ukraine now it will spread, then how many will be pointlessly dead? This will tear Europe apart. Why not find a way to live, not die together? This is so close to a Flash Fire and then it’s game over. This has put Russia back 25 years or more. Don’t glory in these killings. Now the EU will arm, and NATO will grow. All will want the NATO Umbrella now.

If they hold him off for 10 more days, he’s in trouble. Such a bad move. He’s just unleashed a Wasp’s nest. With 1,000 more Stinger missiles coming any day now. This must not escalate. This is not a game for verbose Keyboard Desk Warriors to mouth off, it’s real people’s lives lost. Thank you, Poland, for helping. Hungary too. More will help. Rockville we are with you. Stay safe. So sorry it came to this. The world is watching all. If he touches those Thermobaric weapons, it’s game over. Barbaric is a NO!

STOP Putin from using Thermobaric BARBARIC weapons against Ukraine. Close Russia down!




Russian Heavy Bomber and Thermobaric Device

Stay tuned and continue to be ready for anything.


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